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Americans – Innocent or Stupid

In America on May 31, 2009 at 7:26 pm

A common American is innocent or stupid, this is  debate topic which we are going to discuss.  It has proven that american-flag-2aAmerican administration & its think tanks are superb planners & successful in turning the tables of world politics in favor of USA.

Simultaneously, on the name of war against terrorism, USA forces are engaged in crusade with Muslims in many countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan etc. but it looks that the  common Americans are not aware with what their Govt. is doing in various parts of the world.

The attached video is very good example of their non involvement & indifferent attitude about world problems. fallen-muslim-american-soldier Random American’s are picked off the streets to answer general knowledge questions, what were their answers you can find here.

I can’t say this is general population representative or not. But as a nation  I am proud that a common Pakistani is not like them, at least they are aware with what is going on around them. Kindly review it & provide your valuable comments.

Thanks for Madam Saima Qamar for forwarding the link of video.

Current National Humanitarian Crisis & Ministry of Culture

In Govt. on May 28, 2009 at 5:45 pm

Yesterday night I received a call from a lady who was extremely shocked, angry & surprised on the program “Sindh Sargam” which is organized by Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) a body which works under the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of Pakistan & the president of Pakistan is the chief patron of this ministry. The venue was Karachi Arts Council.

The program Sindh Sargam continued for three days, from May 26 to 28th (Keep in mind May 28th is Youm-e-Takbeer)Sind sargam where renowned Pakistani classical music singers performed.

I totally failed to understand the logic & purpose of any musical fun program in the circumstances where Pakistan is in a war like situation. Military action is on. Thousands of my own countrymen are now becoming IDPs & living in camps in extreme conditions. We are listening to the news of blasts & associated casualties every day, yesterday the victim was Lahore, today it is Waziristan & Peshawar. Daily we are observing the funerals of our soldiers who lost their lives in Swat. TV channels are telling the inside stories about miseries happening in Swat & Bunier.

The brutal fact is that Pakistan is facing very serious geo-political threats & national crisis now days. We are seeing the painful humanitarian crises in our beloved country. In the condition where we should demonstrate a serious attitude these type of programs convey a different message to those who are facing suffering & problems.

Shameful fact is that this program is co-sponsored by Jang group & GEO network which are media leaders; they should show a serious attitude & behavior.

This program simply conveyed the message that Ministry of culture is indifferent in this whole situation of crisis. We strongly condemn this attitude.

Allah Knows – A Thought Provoking Nasheed by Zain Bhikha & Dawud Wharnsby Ali

In Nasheed on May 28, 2009 at 7:21 am

This thought provoking, wonderful  Nasheed is a duet of Zain Bhikha & Dawud Wharnsby Ali.

For new listeners of Nasheeds it will be good to know who these guys are. Here I am giving their brief intro.

Zain Bhikha, born August 9, 1974, is a South African Muslim singer-songwriter, who has achieved fame as a zainperformer of nasheed songs. Bhikha may best be known outside of the Muslim community by his performance with a drummer and several backup vocalists who are most famous for being the African singers in the famous Disneycartoonmovie The Lion King

Bhikha’s music almost exclusively follows Islamic themes, with only voice and drums being used. His voice is unmistakable; it is high and sweet, with an overall feeling of gentleness. He has mastered the art of harmony, and is proficient as both a lead vocalist and as a singer of backing vocals.

As his visibility as an artist in South Africa grew, other artists seeking to reach Muslim youth with music came to be familiar with his work, including world-renowned musician and prominent convert to Islam, Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens).

Dawud Wharnsby Ali : Dawud Wharnsby Ali (former David Howard Wharnsby -born June 27, 1972) is a DawudWharnsby_3Canadiansinger-songwriter, poet, performer, educator and television personality. He is best known for his pioneering efforts in the musical/poetic genre of English Language nasheed.

In 1993, David Wharnsby embraced the teachings and philosophy of the Qur’an, changing his name to “Dawud – the Arabic form of “David” – and adopted the name “Ali” (Arabic: علي‎) ‎to his surname.

Wharnsby makes a strong differentiation between the application of Qur’anic teachings to his life-style and what he perceives as a general misconception that he “converted” from the “religion” of “Christianity” to the “religion” of “Islam” in 1993.

Wharnsby-Ali currently resides in Canada, where in addition to his work with Sound Vision.Com, he also oversees an Islamic Information Service, directing several study groups and youth discussion circles in Southern Ontario. Wharnsby-Ali travels extensively throughout the world and, although he still shuns public concerts and live performances of his songs, he is frequently called upon to address gatherings of all ages with his motivational lectures and social activism

Source : Wikipedia

Classified Ads : Something special for you

In Advertisement on May 25, 2009 at 6:22 pm

Courtesy : KMB & MB http://karachi.metblogs.com/2009/05/21/only-rich-ladies/

Ishtiahar 2

2) Courtesy Brother Salman Shaikh


Karachi – Disturbed again

In Karachi Karachi on May 23, 2009 at 4:34 pm

Yesterday night I left the office very late around 12:00 mid night. During my wayback to home I found the roads of the city calm & cool. But after kk1reaching home when I turned on the TV I saw the terrible news that a bus has been set ablaze near Garden & a few passengers were stuck with in bus. Then all of a sudden some more news of blazing buses & firing came scrolling on various news channels.  Later I came to know that  a mother of 11 kid’s had expired in this incident.

In the morning I wokeup a little bit late. My wife asked me to bring bread  for my mother,but when I reached to the local area market, I was shocked & surprised to see that all shops were closed & shopkeepers were sitting along with the closed shutters. On my inquiry one of the shop keepers told me that ‘Bhai loag’ asked them to shut down their shops DSC01298immediately & the reason according to shop keepers was IDPs of Swat.

I was confused & failed to find any link between IDPs & today’s strike  & couldn’t get any clue until I read the today’s newspapers. The newspapers told the story that Jeai Sind Qauami Mahaz – JSQM called for strike because they believe that IDPs shouldn’t come to Sind. JSQM’s stance is supported by Bhai loag also. The details are here http://www.ummatpublication.com/2009/05/23/lead1.html

I also read another bad news about the attitude of Sind Govt. Officials. IDPs coming from Swat are blocked at DSC01300Kashmore Sind . The details are here,  http://www.ummatpublication.com/2009/05/23/lead2.html

One day before other Sindhi nationalist parties also demonstrated outside the CM house to stop the IDPs arrival  in Sind & demanded to restrict IDPs to NWFP. Details are here


Bhai loag  are also at the same pitch with JSQM , see  http://epaper.dawn.com/ArticleText.aspx?article=23_05_2009_113_004


The latest news is that, since yesterday midnight around 13 buses had been set ablaze & 3 persons were killed in the city.  Reference:  News website http://thenews.jang.com.pk/updates.asp?id=78401

The fact is that I am very depressed & disoppinted. Which type of mean approach our politicians have?  After military operation citizens of Swat have displaced from their own houses, lost their roofs, left their land & are facing desperate problems regarding basic needs of lives. Even well to families are with bare foots  at road side in camps. We are also reading attached link stories where some culprits are kidnapping young girls DSC01302


This is the scenario where IDPs are looking for safe place. In this tragic condition what our politicians & nationalists are doing, despite of supporting them we are demanding to block IDPs & making them strangers with in their own country Pakistan. So shameful for us.  What type of Pakistanis, we are? What type of Muslims we are?  Has racism blocked our eyes?  What do you think what will be the result of this type of act, nothing less than the production of more Taliban.

Since last disturbance in the city just one month back, almost all Pathan’s tea shops in Central district of Karachi are closed, all cobblers have gone, and all night watchmen have vanished from Urdu speaking areas. Who harassed them & what the police are doing? Who is responsible? Who are these culprits? Federal miniters are also speaking in the same tone. I am astonished to see the disrespect of humans in our society & in nationalist / racist political parties.


The answers of all these questions are not a mystery but no one amongst us can answer. This nationalist /racist mafia is acting deliberately against the unity &  existence of Pakistan.

Amrica ka jo yar hai – ghaddar hai ghaddar hai

Billboard Pollution – by Group of Concern Mothers

In Advertisement on May 21, 2009 at 12:16 pm

A couple of years ago I met with a group of women. They called themselves the “Group of concern mothers”. They were worried, disoppinted & disturbed due to “Billboards Pollution” (an interesting term!!!) .

Surprisingly these ladies belonged to the upper tier of society, where concepts & practices of liberal, progressive, BB11enlighten moderation are common, but those ladies were different.  I can easily call them ‘Young mothers’ who have kids between ages 6 to 12.

Broadly speaking in marketing there are two types of promotional activities. ‘Above the line’ (ATL) & ‘Below the Line” (BTL) activities. Bill boards advertising is considered as BTL. However this medium is also not following any ethics & enjoying the benefit of absence of any ‘code of conduct’.

After July’ 2007 deadly storm, when almost 50 innocent citizens lost their life. CDGK PAKISTAN-WEATHER-STORMstrongly pushed the implementation of ‘rules & regulations’ but there is not a single rule about what to show to the masses or not. I wrote about this issue in ‘Toofan kai baad’ for reference:  http://kashifhafeez.com/mazameen.php # 47

‘The group of concern mothers’ is a clan of highly committed, highly educated & highly motivated ladies. They are focused & have clear target in mind.  In 2007 they started a bb6signatory campaign & collected thousand of signatures & submitted to city Nazim & cantonment areas responsible administrations. I admired them on my column ‘Maon kee pareshani http://kashifhafeez.com/mazameen.php # 9

What ever results appeared against that sincere efforts of those young mothers, but their endeavor was highly impressive & admirable.

Now a days we are observing once again bill boards with objectionable pictures of female models every where in city & you are forced to see them. This is a different type of terrorism.

Bill Boards Pollution

We strongly believe that the male & also some female liberal fascist are using young females unnecessarily for these bill boards  as objects, as show pieces, as tissue papers & violate the basic woman right.

Crude fact is that males always misused woman on the name of glamor, fashion, fame & so called fantasy of being PAKISTANcelebrity.  But the most gloomy & dark part of the story is that women rights organizations are silent on this women exploitation. Why? Because they themselves belong to same psychological approach with the slogans of “I will sing” “I will dance”.

Kindly read the excerpt from the broucher shared by the group of concern mothers.  You will find here the feelings of a mother who is careful for her next generation.

The following letter was sent to various advertising agencies by this group.

I am a mother

I am concerned

My children are being raised in a world full of images.

These images are not benign.

They shape their minds and influence their behavior.

And that concerns me.

Indecent, lewd images can be somewhat avoided through parental supervision when watching television or buying magazines or when surfing the net.

Unfortunately, unlike other forms of advertising.bb8

They are everywhere and in our faces.

They crowd our environment and clutter our minds.

They are for all to see, like it or not!

Would you not agree that outdoor advertising should be designed with the youngest audience in mind?

They litmus test:  Is it appropriate for a child to see?

I am confident that this is an achievable goal.

But only when you and others like you will support this.

Let me raise my children with values that will help them become decent and productive members of society, not victims of delusion caused by irresponsible advertising.

Each one of us has a social responsibilityPakistan Violence

I request that you consider this the next time you design a billboard or approve of one.

Thank you.

Understand Pakistan – Pakistani Consumers Insights, habits & practices

In Understand Pakistan Series on May 19, 2009 at 10:42 am

Some hard core facts about our nation – Pakistani people.  Let’s see what they think & how they behave.

Source :http://www.gallup.com.pk/weekly_polls.php

50% of Pakistani Men are Tobacco Users:xgo11103271537.hmedium

50% Pakistani men use tobacco in the form of cigarettes or Hukka (tobacco pipe), Naswar (a local sniff) or Paan (a special leaf with blended tobacco and other ingredients). However, nearly 50% smokers want to quit.

More than 50% of Pakistanis prefer meat:

52% Pakistanis would prefer meat, 37% would choose vegetables, and 10% would like to have pulses if the financial constraints were removed and price was kept constant. Chicken has maintained its position as the largest source of meat consumption in Pakistan.

More than 90% of Pakistanis prefer tea over coffee:teamen2

Pakistani households black tea is the most preferred type of tea with 91% of the people liking it, whole coffee is only preferred by 8%. However green tea has a higher percentage of liking; 19% Pakistanis prefer green tea.

Only 15% of Pakistanis exercise regularly:

Although majority of Pakistanis unanimously agree on the importance of exercise or walk for health (83%), only 54% of them actually incorporate exercise routine in their lives.

Enthusiasm for Basant kite-flying declining:PAKISTAN-FESTIVAL

There has been a significant decrease in interest for kite-flying in 2009. The percentage of respondents who take interest in kite-flying has fallen to 31% in 2009 from 41% in 2008. This decline in enthusiasm for kite-flying is explained by rising fear of accidents caused by steel wires used to fly kites. 51% respondents were of the view that Basant should be celebrated as a Spring Festival. Only 14% insisted on including kite-flying in celebrations

61% Pakistanis Consider 0il to be Better than Ghee:

Majority of Pakistanis consider oil to be better for health as compared to ‘Ghee’, in most of the households (66%) ghee is still used for cooking food.

Most Pakistanis Seek Religious Information from Religious Leaders;Masjid Gallup

Imam Mosque and Family Elders Rank Next Pakistanis are more inclined towards those whom they see as religious leaders (Ulema) for seeking information about religion as compared to learning from Imam of the local Mosque and family elders who rank second and third respectively. Thirty Seven percent (37%) of the Pakistanis say “I listen to Ulema in matters relevant to religion.

Majority of Pakistanis say they are Emotional:PakistanFlag-1

Most Pakistanis say they are governed by their emotions, as 54% of the respondents claim “In my view I am emotional to a great or some extent.” When asked if they follow their heart or their mind when making decisions, 43% say it depends on the situation.

High Blood Pressure is Top Most Issue in Pakistan:

High blood pressure is top most health issue prevalent in Pakistan with 47% of the Pakistanis suffering from high blood pressure.

Limitation on Wedding Feasts is Welcomed by 67% : wedding dish

Decision of the Punjab Government to restrict weddings dinners to one-dish events is welcomed by two-thirds of Pakistanis. Sixty seven percent (67%) are in the favor of limiting weddings feasts to one-dish only.

More Than Half of the Pakistanis are Content; 74% Say “I am Satisfied With my Life” :

74% of the respondents claim to be satisfied with their lives. The majority of Pakistanis are happy with their income, relationships with others, health, profession, and relatives; but worsening law and order situation in the country is a source of concern.

More Than 25% Pakistanis Say “Reading is my Habit”; Most Like Informative and Religious Books:

27% of Pakistanis read books apart from those prescribed in the students’ syllabi. The majority of them enjoy informative and religious texts. These figures are an encouraging indication in a country with a low literacy rate.

70% Say Load Shedding is A Serious Problem:load shedding

Less Than 10% Use Generators or UPS. Views are Divided on Government’s Ability to Address the Crisis Overwhelming majority of Pakistanis (70%) are facing serious load-shedding problems in their areas. While some people can tackle this problem by using Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Electricity Generators, most people have to use cheaper substitutes such as gas lamps and emergency lights.

More Than Half of all Pakistanis Believe Media is Un-biased;various_tv_channels_from_pakistan

Almost Two Thirds Want Media to Work Free of Government Control Most of the Pakistanis are struggling with financial issues in their lives. Forty five percent (45%) of the respondents claim that financial problem is the most important problem of their personal lives. Employment and Law & order issues come next in line.

Pakistanis Perceive Nepotism to be One of the Top Most Causes for Unemployment;

Rate of unemployment, according to more than half of all Pakistanis (69%), has increased in the last few years. They believe it is caused not only by poverty of the economy but is also a result of the existing culture of nepotism (Sifarish) Socially, unemployment is also considered to have a negative affect as 60% claim that it increases crime rate. Increase in poverty, lack of law and order, delayed marriages, and migration for jobs are some of the other cited effects of unemployment on the society.

Most Pakistanis Prefer Spring Season; Summer is the Most disliked Time of the Year:

More than half of all Pakistanis (58%) like Spring the most; a season associated with color: Just as many (51%) dislike Summer’s hot and humid weather. Winter is the second most liked season amongst Pakistanis with 28% preferring it. Autumn and Monsoon are each liked by 5% of the respondents.

Perspective on Local Health Facilities;

Majority of Pakistanis are Unsatisfied More than half of the Pakistanis (56%) are not satisfied with the health facilities available in their local areas. In times of sickness majority (47%) behave practically by going to the nearest accessible doctor. Although opinions were split on the question of whether competent doctors are available only in private hospitals or in both public and private facilities, the majority of Pakistanis rate the over all standard of government hospitals as good (21%) or average (33%).

For 40% of Pakistanis, Practicing Religion is Very Important in Their Lives:namaz

Majority of Pakistanis consider practicing religion as the most important thing in their lives. Forty percent (40%) of the respondents ranked ‘Practicing Religion’ number one on a ten point scale. It is followed by ‘Finding Employment’, ‘Getting Education’, and ‘High Standard of Living’ among many other things that are perceived to be important in one’s life

45% Believe Women Can Drive Properly :women driver

Pakistanis believe women to be good drivers, as 45% of the respondents claimed that women drive properly. Only 25% think women do not drive properly and 30% did not give any views. It is interesting to note that in almost 90% of all car-owning households the designated drivers are exclusively men; in 9% car-owning households women drive as well.


Majority Links Wealth and Poverty to Inheritance Majority of the Pakistanis do not attribute wealth disparity to hard work, illegal means or education. More than 40% people believe a person is rich or poor because he/she was born into a wealthy or poor family. While 28% attribute poverty to bad luck, less than 20% think the rich are well off because they chose to use illegal means. Less than 5% think education is a reason why people are rich or poor.

66% Would Help an Accident Victim, But Half Prefer not to Inform the Police :

Pakistanis claim they would behave compassionately if they witnessed an accident. Sixty six percent (66%) of the respondents stated that in case of an accident they would help the injured person(s) with or without informing the police. Only 17% say they would stay away.

Majority Want their Children to Choose a Profession of their Own Liking :

(57%) believe their children should adopt a profession of their own choice instead of forcing them to pursue a career of their parents’ choice. Medicine is parents’ favorite profession for their children.

Pakistanis Perspective on Factors Contributing to a Happy Marital Life;PAKISTAN-POLITICS-VOTE

Poll Finds Similarity of Views across Gender and Age Groups Loyalty is the key factor for a blissful marriage, as 97% of the Pakistanis claim it is an important factor for marriages to be successful. It is followed by mutual respect (96%), understanding (93%), good income (91%), sharing similar interest (89%), a nice house (88%) and doing household work together (87%).

Majority Support Street Vendors;

Perceived Economical Selling food and other items on wheel barrows is quite common in Pakistan as the majority of respondents (74%) claim that vendors come to their areas. The most commonly sold items by these vendors are fruits and vegetables. Despite concerns of congestion and safety, majority of the respondents do not want these vendors to be abolished.

Majority of Pakistanis have Occasional Headachesheadache

Majority of the Pakistanis (70%) claim to have had a headache Moreover, the survey also shows that anxiety and lack of sleep are the top most causes for a headache.

66% in Pakistan believe Global Warming Affects them Personally

Two thirds in the country perceive that Global Warming has a serious impact on the area where they live (66%), Moreover, the survey also shows that 81% of surveyed people declare they are taking measures to protect the environment.

Perspective on Influence of Religion on Pakistanis:

People of Pakistan are equally divided between those who think that influence of religion is increasing among Pakistanis and those who believe it is decreasing.

Perspective on Gender Roles:

Majority of the Pakistanis believe, both males and females have different roles to play in the society. In the recent years although women’s role has broadened beyond being a housewife, many people still give priority to men in politics, education, employment, and related walks of life.

Majority of the Pakistanis are Against Using Force to Get their Demands Fulfilled:

Majority of the Pakistanis believe that using violent means to get one’s rights/demands fulfilled is improper, while peaceful strikes and taking out rallies are acceptable.

Most Pakistanis Like to Stay at Home in the Evenings:main

Pakistanis like to relax in the evenings by staying home while others like to watch television/listen to music, visit friends, do another job for extra income and etc.

More than 50% Pakistanis Take Pride in their Work:

Pakistanis are proud of what they do as 53% of the respondents say they take “A lot of” or “Somewhat” pride in their work.

55% of the Pakistanis Get Angry Quickly:

More than half of the Pakistanis say they get angry quickly or very quickly. Fifty five percent (55%) of the respondents claimed to get angry quickly or very quickly while only 16% said they do not get angry at all.

Oil, Shampoo, and Soap are the Most Used Hair Care Products Among Pakistanis;

Henna, Eggs, And Herbs Come Next Pakistanis use a combination of traditional methods and modern products to take care of their hair. Oil is the most used hair care product as 86% of the respondents claimed to use it to take care of their hair.

Pakistanis Think Finances are the Biggest Problem in Their Lives:2230310422_29dbf7ef65_o

Most of the Pakistanis are struggling with financial issues in their lives. Forty five percent (45%) of the respondents claim that financial problem is the most important problem of their personal lives. Employment and Law & order issues come next in line.

“Da’wah Books” – An Impressive Book shop in DHA

In Books & literature on May 18, 2009 at 10:52 am

Yesterday, along with my very good friend, I got the opportunity to visit a very impressive & unique book shop in Khadda market phase 5 DHA Karachi. The name of the book store is “DA’WAH BOOKS”. Dawa Books

The uniqueness of this book shop is that they only keep “Islamic Books” & most of the books are in English language with beautiful collection of various renowned & leading Pakistani & International Muslim scholars & intellectuals.

I also found a very, interesting, exciting, attractive & colorful collections of books & games for the kids of all ages.  Additionally, there is also a good audio cassettes collection of speeches & lectures delivered by Dr. Farhat Hasmi & others.

Another interesting point which I noted in the shop is a beautiful collection of Islamic books in English, for young girls & adults which is the need of the time. In the whole Khadda market you will not find these type of books, collection & products. The ambiance of the shop is also very impressive & soothing.

This shop is run by a couple residing in same locality & understand the needs & wants of lacality. The owner is a lady which is  fine arts graduate from Lahore College of Arts. She is a committed & hardworking woman & have pain  & feeling for Ummah. The aesthetics & ambiance of the shop reflects her expertise & taste. You will always find a fragrance of natural flowers which is the passion of store administration.

This couple opened this shop just before last Ramadan. The objective is not to earn money from this shop. They are more interested to facilitate the residents of Defense & Clifton to get the Islamic literature in English language at their door steps.

Alhamdullilah, “Dawah Books” is successful in securing good repeat customers base. People from all walks of life & from all ages visit here. They purchase the books for their loved ones as a gift & for themselves also.

I would request you to kindly visit this shop & ask others to visit there. Hope you will find that place worth visiting.

Location : Shop # 2, Plot 29/C, Stadium Commercial Lane 4, Phase 5, DHA, Near Masjid Abdul Aziz, Karachi,  Ph.no 021-5342335

Timing : 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, Sundays, 2:00 pm to 10:00pm

Why No – Parking ?

In Karachi Karachi on May 14, 2009 at 6:06 pm

We have seen many time the sign of No parking along with roads & footpaths , but it’s all from official govt. level management & authorities. 600px-Noparking.svg

But some time we observed the placement of illegal no –parking  boards & instructions from private institutes on public property.

You can observe best example of this practice at Nissan Chevrolet showroom ( See picture #1) just opposite the Awami Markaz, where management of showroom has placed numerous  illegal boards of NO-PARKING along with the footpath or green belt (See picture # 2&3).

Although show room have own “Customers car parking area” (See picture # 4)but they are forcing you & me (if we are not thier customers) don’t park  any car not only beside the showroom –  as it’s their property  ( See picture #2) but also in-front of their showroom on public place (See picture #3).

Which govt level authority allowed them to placed these boards? Are they legally placed? Traffic sergeants and police officals are performing their duties just on the distance of 100 yards but they totally ignored this illegal placement of boards.

This all I believe is the power of relationship  of the showroom management with the top notch of the city. Nissan is selling expensive large cars & automobiles to the influential factor of the society & by taking advantage of weak administration they have self imposed no parking near the vicinity of their showroom & no-one in this town need to check this.Nissan car parking

No individual has the right to place illegal no-parking boards or sign any where in the city but I think here “Might is right” formula exist & practice.

I strongly condemn this practice & demand to town management that they should remove these boards which are  illelagal &at same time un ethical as well.

Latest Opinion Poll -Released by IRI

In Opinion Polls on May 12, 2009 at 8:37 pm

The International Republican Institute (IRI) – Background:

IRI History : “Let us now begin a major effort to secure the best — a crusade for freedom that will engage the faith and fortitude of the next generation. For the sake of peace and justice, let us move toward a world in which all people are at last free to determine their own destiny.” These words by President Ronald Reagan in a 1982 speech before the British Parliament were the inspiration that led to the establishment of the International Republican Institute (IRI).

What is IRI? Established in April 1983, the International Republican Institute (IRI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide by developing political parties, civic institutions, open elections, good governance and the rule of law.

What type of work does IRI do? For 25 years, IRI has been helping to spread democracy through trainings by volunteer experts from all over the world on political party and candidate development, good governance practices, civil society development, civic education, women’s and youth leadership development, electoral reform and election monitoring, and political expression in closed societies.

How many countries does IRI work in? IRI has conducted programs in more than 100 countries and is currently active in 67 countries. When IRI began programming in 1984, the year after it was established, the institute worked in five countries – Bolivia, Colombia, Grenada, Guatemala and Portugal.

Where does IRI get its funding? The International Republican Institute (IRI) is a 501 (c)(3) and does not receive any money from the Republican Party. IRI is funded by U.S. tax dollars. The funding comes primarily from the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. State Department, and the National Endowment for Democracy. IRI also receives grants and donations from individuals, corporations and foundations. IRI

Survey Details :

IRI  released its latest survey of Pakistan public opinion.  The poll, conducted March 7-30, 2009. The randomly selected sample consists of 3,500 adult men and women from 216 rural and 134 urban locations in 51 districts in all four provinces of Pakistan. The margin of error for the national sample will not exceed + 1.66 percent in 19 out of 20 cases.

Key Findings of March’09 wave :

  • 81% understand that Pakistan moving towards wrong direction (Drop 7% from previous wave in Oct’08)
  • 18% claimed that their economical condition improve in past year ( This is 7% increase in comparison with last wave)
  • In Oct’08 just 17%  believe that Pakistani Economic condition will improve but in March’09  wave with the increase of 12% this believe  is 29%
  • In comparison of last year wave with the increase of 19% , now more than one third (38%) of respondents feel secure
  • Just 10% of the respondent perceived that terrorism is any issue fro the country. According to the survey Inflation (46%) followed by unemployment (22%) are  the key issue for country.
  • Absolute majority (74%) agreed with the given  leading statement that “Religious extremism is the problem” (what about liberal fascist extremism)
  • Almost half (52% ) of the population does not support the Army offensive in NWFP & FATA
  • Majority (72%) of the respondents don’t support role of USA military incursions in tribal areas
  • Two third (61%) opposed the idea about support of Pakistani Govt. to USA in war against terrorism
  • 72% of the respondents supported the peace deal.
  • Over whelming majority (80% ) of the respondents support the implementation of Sharia laws
  • Against USA will & perception majority (74%) of the respondents believe the deal will bring peace in region
  • 42% of the respondents believe that Raw/ Indians are responsible for Mumbai attack.
  • 74 % are not ready to accept that Lashkar-e-Taiba planned or involved in Mumbai attacked
  • 73% respondents believe that Army has no role in civil govt.
  • More than half (55%) respondents supported Nawaz Sharif as leader, his closest competitor is president Zardari with 9%
  • As a party ML-N is enjoying largest support of 62% of the respondents  where as PPP have 17% support
  • The survey was conducted with 3500 respondents in March’09
  • http://www.iri.org/newsreleases/pdfs/22009 May 11 Survey of Pakistan Public Opinion, March 7-30, 2009.pdf