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I am feeling “guilty” on praising Dalda

In Advertisement on May 10, 2009 at 7:27 pm

Today I wrote a column on Mother’s day & praised Dalda on their recent campaign of “Expert Mom” ( Viewhttp://kashifhafeez.com/mazameen_large.php?path=2009-05-10&img=kh_articles/large/2009-05-10.gif ). My whole idea was that Dalda is promoting good advertising practices  where without getting help from dances, songs & vulgarity like other brands in the same category , they (Dalda) are positioning themselves in a respectable manner .

But on the evening of May 10 Dalda presented a program on Haji sb. TV channel (ARY) which was full of all these idiot elements.

I feel extreme guilty why I praised Dalda today. These Western minded, materialistic brand & advertising people didn’t care about values & traditions of society  & above of them clear instructions of all mighty Allah. I am disappoint with Dalda team  Dalda & ashamed on my column. Please forgive me.Believe me struggle to resist vulgarity & obscene on media will continue. (Inshallah)

 PS : Upadated on Friday May 15 :  Please read my latest column on same topic, named “Sharmindagi”


  1. Dear Kashif;

    Somehow, I was against commercialization of the relation “Maan”. I refrained from being in front of TV on 10th.

    Somehow, you are promoting “Dalda”.

  2. I personally believe that the whole concept of Mother’s , Father’s etc Day is western by its very core.

    They want to just celebrate one day for these great people and let them live in old homes for the rest of the year.

    Islam teaches us to celebrate our parents EVERYDAY by respecting them, taking care of their needs etc. Even when they’ve departed from this world we can pray for them.
    “Rabbir ham huma kama rabba ya’ni sagheera”(whether your parents are with you or passed away)

  3. Its ok…..I couldnt read the column,,,lakin aap kis kis ko rooy gaay?
    is sal tu mother day ko buhat hi ziyada project kiya gaya..
    rahi baat vulgarity ki,,,tu konsa aisa tv add ya drama nahi hay jis mai ye sub nahi ho raha hay”? recently……….HUM TV say ek drama khatam howa hay,,named MULAQAT….u cant imagine,,,k us mai wo kiya kiya dikha chukay..
    tv actoresses k dresses dekh k lagta nahi hay k ye Pakistan hay,,,,,

  4. I did not watch these stupidities so unable to comment. The concept of celeberating different days is more an advertising gimick cleverly used by those who ape west. We as a nation lost our way and dont know where to go.

  5. Dear Kashif

    One evening, when I came back to home, and my son told me that some one from Dalda came to his school tell them a beautiful story and also asked children to write story about his mother. He spent his whole week end writing the story. I was really feeling happy, seeing my 12 years old son also feeling gratitude for Dalda.
    After a few days, on my way to my office I found a hording telling about the Mothers Day Show on ARY.
    I told all my colleagues in office and my family members to watch the show…

    And the day came, my whole family was sitting in the TV Lounge, waiting for the show to start.
    The show started…

    ooops….what the hell was that, dance, actors, models…actresses as expert mothers…..


    Now I am also passing thru the same feelings like yours.
    Its all to sell the things…. in Pakistan no industry is seriously ready to play its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) role.

    Saeeb Asad

  6. Dear all,

    only one way left to condemn these, kick out TV from your home.

    can anyone promote this struggle.

    Muhammad Nadeem

    • @Nadeem

      A very good idea Nadeem. Cars cause accidents, lets throw them out of our country. The Sun causes hot weather, lets throw that out as well. Books enlighten the girls and then they ask all sorts of questions from parents. Lets throw the books out, bomb the schools and keep the girls all locked up in the homes.

  7. Dear Friend,

    I am really feeling ashamed of all of us, we never give respect and position to our mothers rather letting them inside the home for whole her life and never let her to come out and feel proud on her role that she has played growing geniuses and giants like we are.

    I’ve seen many ppl like you watching Miss World contest, IIFA award, Lux Style award and other award ceremonies of the same kind and seen you praising them to promote actors, actresses, Cricket stars and all that.

    I am feeling proud of the mothers that has won and Dalda has recognized them from different cities and putting them in categories where they can be judged and do well for their growing childrens.

    Gana Bajana tu her gher mei aam hei aap apney gher ki misal he lelijiye…

    There is nothing to mind in this. “Charity begins from home.”

    We should support Dalda in this by providing them suggestions if we don’t like the way they projected it rather being negative and putting ppls against it.

    Aap he bataiye ajtak Dalda k ilawa apney kabi socha k Mother’s day per apni Maa k liye kuch Khas kia jaye usko kisi restaurant mei lejakar treat dedijaye ya sirf Itna he boldiya jae k ammi “I Love You”…. Kabi nahi…

    Tu agar koi ye ehsas dila raha hei k Maa kia hei tu despite taunting join them, support them and put effort in making them the way Pakistani ppl want them to be…

    Friends your comments will provide me support… and correct me if I’m wrong…

  8. As a child my 1st eduaction was “heaven is under the feet of mothers” and Mr. Ali Jaffri needs a mothers day to realize this. Todays women are not proud of being mothers and this marketing gimmick has suddenly woke them from slumber. For me and millions who always knew what a mother is we need no dhol tamasha to pay respect to our mothers.

  9. Sorry dear Ali Jafri,

    Mairi ammi don’t want such celebrations, and I think no ones want.

    “we never give respect and position to our mothers rather letting them inside the home for whole her life and never let her to come out and feel proud on her role that she has played growing geniuses and giants like we are.”

    what does these words mean. like other women do you want to bring mothers in market.

    please don’t think like this.

    after bringing them to market they will not be mothers, they will be MODELS.

    Muhammad Nadeem

  10. you are right sir!
    the whole world has become a bilboard.
    sell any thing by any mean.but pakistani media has gone one step farward.it is trying to seduce rather attract the masses.
    keep highlighting these issues.best regards

  11. kashif Bhai you’re right in your assessment But I wonder that those making these ads and arranging such program don’t have their families or they belong to the class where all this is part of family life? There should be resistance to all this. We should become the voice of 98 percent who don’t like all this but have kept quiet because they don’t know how to show their dissenting voice.

  12. Dear Kashif

    I have been reading your articles for the last year or so and can imagine the guilt and pain you are going through. Two points I would like to emphasize here:

    1. Those who regret and repent on there mistakes are liked by Allah SWT. You need not to worry because Allah SWT is Kind and Raheem and he will forgive you (Insha Allah)

    2. As a marketing professional, I myself experience and encounter such ideas and concepts. Believe me any X,Y OR Z brand promoting Mothers, Fathers or for that matter crap like Valentine’s day are doing this assuming that they are doing brilliant “Brand Activations”. There is no element or even thought of promoting good values in their minds. Dalda is a struggling player in a highly saturated market and want to break the clutter. They made a mess of it by showing moms that dont exist in houses of 99% Pakistanis. Hats off to Dalda people for screwing up themselves !

  13. We need to find a balance between customs/traditions and religion. There is a difference between the two and i feel that both are important for individualistic and nationalistic identity. Mother’s Day (and Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.) have become part of our lives mainly due to the excessive marketing and promotion of these days. There is no harm in celebrating these days, in whichever way you feel like celebrating (be it through singing, dancing, playing games, going out for dinner, etc.).
    Everybody is entitled to their opinions and their freedoms to do what they want, but that freedom should not infringe on the freedom of others. If someone does something on TV that you don’t agree with or don’t like, you always have the option of changing the channel or switching the TV off. If people want to celebrate Mother’s Day with singing and dancing let them. God will not ask you why Dalda, a brand you use everyday, celebrated Mother’s day with singing and dancing.

  14. @tariq!
    good point!
    but what about the questioning, protesting and resisting wrong doings of others especially if “others” have the ability to penetrate in our houses and bedrooms. every civilised society practice its right to do so according to their religion,moral and ethical values.
    yes we can change the channel but first we should protest against these cheap and disgusting display of vulgarity.
    best regards

  15. Dear All:

    I mean why are you criticizing a brand when it has done wonders. I mean it had the guts to take the step ahead and take it further. This is how brand break clutter.

    I think Dalda does deserve aplaud for all their hard work in getting the event to succeed a bit. If this brand continues next year I am ensuring all of you that all who are criticing would atually feel negative.

    Please being a pro it is important to understand their perspective to enter and grip a larger share. They have done a great job. When I say they have done a great job this actually goes true.


    and Best Regards.

  16. Guys … what the crap … If banks charge interest why do you deposit your money there? Majority of you here must be working and they must be having a bank account. then why not move away from it?

    Uzma said about dramas and i think she is right to an extent … but the major problem of our nation is that on the upside we criticize but we do all that stuff ourselves … then because of guilty we take out all the that energy criticizing .. duh …

    How many of you who “Criticize” dalda awards have stopped using dalda? i bet non …

    yes since our childhood we are thought that heaven lies under mothers feet but what do we do honer our moms? – virtually nothing compared to what she does in upbringing us giving us best of everything …

    I am not at all against Dalda awards .. If you want to do something better in life stop criticizing and start acting … thats the delima of our nations … we barkofy barkofy and just barkofy and say du chillax … ALLAh hai na … thats what i hate about ppl these ppl they are just fake … nothing else …

    kashif sahb if you want to break the western lobby you need more than criticism … you need economy that rules … brands that sells and thinking that speaks about solutions not beat around the bush ….

    Sorry about my comments but i am very straight forward and blunt and that what our religion teaches us … think research and hard work … not criticize ..

    Jazak Allah

  17. what is the matter with you guys!
    we just protested on cheap display of disgusting vulgarity.is something wrong in it?
    who is talking about boycott?
    is there something wrong in demanding modesty and pudency?

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