Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Why No – Parking ?

In Karachi Karachi on May 14, 2009 at 6:06 pm

We have seen many time the sign of No parking along with roads & footpaths , but it’s all from official govt. level management & authorities. 600px-Noparking.svg

But some time we observed the placement of illegal no –parking  boards & instructions from private institutes on public property.

You can observe best example of this practice at Nissan Chevrolet showroom ( See picture #1) just opposite the Awami Markaz, where management of showroom has placed numerous  illegal boards of NO-PARKING along with the footpath or green belt (See picture # 2&3).

Although show room have own “Customers car parking area” (See picture # 4)but they are forcing you & me (if we are not thier customers) don’t park  any car not only beside the showroom –  as it’s their property  ( See picture #2) but also in-front of their showroom on public place (See picture #3).

Which govt level authority allowed them to placed these boards? Are they legally placed? Traffic sergeants and police officals are performing their duties just on the distance of 100 yards but they totally ignored this illegal placement of boards.

This all I believe is the power of relationship  of the showroom management with the top notch of the city. Nissan is selling expensive large cars & automobiles to the influential factor of the society & by taking advantage of weak administration they have self imposed no parking near the vicinity of their showroom & no-one in this town need to check this.Nissan car parking

No individual has the right to place illegal no-parking boards or sign any where in the city but I think here “Might is right” formula exist & practice.

I strongly condemn this practice & demand to town management that they should remove these boards which are  illelagal &at same time un ethical as well.

  1. another example of “jis ki lathi uski bhens”.
    i believe we can amend this proverb like ” jis ki lathi usi ka sir”

  2. Dr Jawwad is very much right.

    Thanks alot for highlighting this issue. For sometime now i had this topic in mind for KMB but was waiting for a good pic.

    We need to raise this issue as much as possible and i guess the mainstream media should also jump in now.

  3. […] more case of jis ki lathi . . . . . Kashif blogs a story about Nissan Chevrolet showroom that placed personal NO PARKING notice for citizens. We would like to know the clause in our law […]

  4. باپ کی جاگیر سمجھ رکھا ہے ہر ۔۔۔۔ نے اس ملک کو

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