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Billboard Pollution – by Group of Concern Mothers

In Advertisement on May 21, 2009 at 12:16 pm

A couple of years ago I met with a group of women. They called themselves the “Group of concern mothers”. They were worried, disoppinted & disturbed due to “Billboards Pollution” (an interesting term!!!) .

Surprisingly these ladies belonged to the upper tier of society, where concepts & practices of liberal, progressive, BB11enlighten moderation are common, but those ladies were different.  I can easily call them ‘Young mothers’ who have kids between ages 6 to 12.

Broadly speaking in marketing there are two types of promotional activities. ‘Above the line’ (ATL) & ‘Below the Line” (BTL) activities. Bill boards advertising is considered as BTL. However this medium is also not following any ethics & enjoying the benefit of absence of any ‘code of conduct’.

After July’ 2007 deadly storm, when almost 50 innocent citizens lost their life. CDGK PAKISTAN-WEATHER-STORMstrongly pushed the implementation of ‘rules & regulations’ but there is not a single rule about what to show to the masses or not. I wrote about this issue in ‘Toofan kai baad’ for reference:  http://kashifhafeez.com/mazameen.php # 47

‘The group of concern mothers’ is a clan of highly committed, highly educated & highly motivated ladies. They are focused & have clear target in mind.  In 2007 they started a bb6signatory campaign & collected thousand of signatures & submitted to city Nazim & cantonment areas responsible administrations. I admired them on my column ‘Maon kee pareshani http://kashifhafeez.com/mazameen.php # 9

What ever results appeared against that sincere efforts of those young mothers, but their endeavor was highly impressive & admirable.

Now a days we are observing once again bill boards with objectionable pictures of female models every where in city & you are forced to see them. This is a different type of terrorism.

Bill Boards Pollution

We strongly believe that the male & also some female liberal fascist are using young females unnecessarily for these bill boards  as objects, as show pieces, as tissue papers & violate the basic woman right.

Crude fact is that males always misused woman on the name of glamor, fashion, fame & so called fantasy of being PAKISTANcelebrity.  But the most gloomy & dark part of the story is that women rights organizations are silent on this women exploitation. Why? Because they themselves belong to same psychological approach with the slogans of “I will sing” “I will dance”.

Kindly read the excerpt from the broucher shared by the group of concern mothers.  You will find here the feelings of a mother who is careful for her next generation.

The following letter was sent to various advertising agencies by this group.

I am a mother

I am concerned

My children are being raised in a world full of images.

These images are not benign.

They shape their minds and influence their behavior.

And that concerns me.

Indecent, lewd images can be somewhat avoided through parental supervision when watching television or buying magazines or when surfing the net.

Unfortunately, unlike other forms of advertising.bb8

They are everywhere and in our faces.

They crowd our environment and clutter our minds.

They are for all to see, like it or not!

Would you not agree that outdoor advertising should be designed with the youngest audience in mind?

They litmus test:  Is it appropriate for a child to see?

I am confident that this is an achievable goal.

But only when you and others like you will support this.

Let me raise my children with values that will help them become decent and productive members of society, not victims of delusion caused by irresponsible advertising.

Each one of us has a social responsibilityPakistan Violence

I request that you consider this the next time you design a billboard or approve of one.

Thank you.

  1. Interesting read!

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