Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Karachi – Disturbed again

In Karachi Karachi on May 23, 2009 at 4:34 pm

Yesterday night I left the office very late around 12:00 mid night. During my wayback to home I found the roads of the city calm & cool. But after kk1reaching home when I turned on the TV I saw the terrible news that a bus has been set ablaze near Garden & a few passengers were stuck with in bus. Then all of a sudden some more news of blazing buses & firing came scrolling on various news channels.  Later I came to know that  a mother of 11 kid’s had expired in this incident.

In the morning I wokeup a little bit late. My wife asked me to bring bread  for my mother,but when I reached to the local area market, I was shocked & surprised to see that all shops were closed & shopkeepers were sitting along with the closed shutters. On my inquiry one of the shop keepers told me that ‘Bhai loag’ asked them to shut down their shops DSC01298immediately & the reason according to shop keepers was IDPs of Swat.

I was confused & failed to find any link between IDPs & today’s strike  & couldn’t get any clue until I read the today’s newspapers. The newspapers told the story that Jeai Sind Qauami Mahaz – JSQM called for strike because they believe that IDPs shouldn’t come to Sind. JSQM’s stance is supported by Bhai loag also. The details are here http://www.ummatpublication.com/2009/05/23/lead1.html

I also read another bad news about the attitude of Sind Govt. Officials. IDPs coming from Swat are blocked at DSC01300Kashmore Sind . The details are here,  http://www.ummatpublication.com/2009/05/23/lead2.html

One day before other Sindhi nationalist parties also demonstrated outside the CM house to stop the IDPs arrival  in Sind & demanded to restrict IDPs to NWFP. Details are here


Bhai loag  are also at the same pitch with JSQM , see  http://epaper.dawn.com/ArticleText.aspx?article=23_05_2009_113_004


The latest news is that, since yesterday midnight around 13 buses had been set ablaze & 3 persons were killed in the city.  Reference:  News website http://thenews.jang.com.pk/updates.asp?id=78401

The fact is that I am very depressed & disoppinted. Which type of mean approach our politicians have?  After military operation citizens of Swat have displaced from their own houses, lost their roofs, left their land & are facing desperate problems regarding basic needs of lives. Even well to families are with bare foots  at road side in camps. We are also reading attached link stories where some culprits are kidnapping young girls DSC01302


This is the scenario where IDPs are looking for safe place. In this tragic condition what our politicians & nationalists are doing, despite of supporting them we are demanding to block IDPs & making them strangers with in their own country Pakistan. So shameful for us.  What type of Pakistanis, we are? What type of Muslims we are?  Has racism blocked our eyes?  What do you think what will be the result of this type of act, nothing less than the production of more Taliban.

Since last disturbance in the city just one month back, almost all Pathan’s tea shops in Central district of Karachi are closed, all cobblers have gone, and all night watchmen have vanished from Urdu speaking areas. Who harassed them & what the police are doing? Who is responsible? Who are these culprits? Federal miniters are also speaking in the same tone. I am astonished to see the disrespect of humans in our society & in nationalist / racist political parties.


The answers of all these questions are not a mystery but no one amongst us can answer. This nationalist /racist mafia is acting deliberately against the unity &  existence of Pakistan.

Amrica ka jo yar hai – ghaddar hai ghaddar hai

  1. we all know who is behind this dirty game.
    blood thirsty altaf kala and his subordinate mischievers.
    they are very loyal to their american and indian masters.

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