Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Americans – Innocent or Stupid

In America on May 31, 2009 at 7:26 pm

A common American is innocent or stupid, this is  debate topic which we are going to discuss.  It has proven that american-flag-2aAmerican administration & its think tanks are superb planners & successful in turning the tables of world politics in favor of USA.

Simultaneously, on the name of war against terrorism, USA forces are engaged in crusade with Muslims in many countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan etc. but it looks that the  common Americans are not aware with what their Govt. is doing in various parts of the world.

The attached video is very good example of their non involvement & indifferent attitude about world problems. fallen-muslim-american-soldier Random American’s are picked off the streets to answer general knowledge questions, what were their answers you can find here.

I can’t say this is general population representative or not. But as a nation  I am proud that a common Pakistani is not like them, at least they are aware with what is going on around them. Kindly review it & provide your valuable comments.

Thanks for Madam Saima Qamar for forwarding the link of video.

  1. Americans I have found that they are more aware of their government than people in Pakistan are of their own government. Simply because of the strong educational system that teaches them history, civilization and government of US and Europe. However, they are very unaware of the US gov intervention and are naive to understand the causes of anti-american sentiments- media doesn’t bother to show either. They are netiher innocent nor stupid, they are just very busy in American football and basketball, like Pakistanis can’t think beyond cricket.

  2. Truly a de-politicised society!!!

  3. oh, really, ??

    I think its because the “suspicious ” two party rule
    which is very near to two party dictatorship is
    relatively easier to remember, rather than 43 major political party’s jungle of Pakistani political scenario, but lets be realistic !
    Pakistani general public knows to which party,
    their President & PM belongs and which party has its
    day to day running business offices situated in London !!! atleast !
    Americans have the same problems as Pakistanis have,
    Zero Social Health
    Zero free medical
    No Pension funds,
    Housing ! 2.5 millions homes siezed by bailiffs
    Banks looting around freely, the holes left behind
    filled by USA Fed Reserve Funds (Israeli State owned).

    USA,a Bankrupt country according to IMF & World Bank’s
    rules and general conditions,
    a failed Govt. with 3300 trillions US$ Budget deficits, begging money from China lending it to Zardari,
    living on monthly 254 millions US$ per month cheque as emoluments & daily expenses etc for rent-an-army,
    ” frachises ” from KSA, UAE, Kuweit, and in addition, Afghan drug monopoly of monthly 296 millions of US$ revenue enjoyed by CIA along with FBI’s ” drug detectors”. God fearing trusting their GOD !!
    hallelujia !!!

  4. Stupid.

    they are sending there sons in the hell(Iraq and Afghanistan)
    They have no idea what they are doing but damaging world peace

  5. uff…

    They must’ve picked world’s MOST dumb people to ask all those questions.

    I liked one answer which could be true is that “Al Qaeda is a wing of masonic order “

  6. niether innocent nor stupid….just selfish.
    many americans know very well the crimes their govt has been committed. they chose to be silent and absorbed in the luxuries of provided by american govt.this is a silent agreement betwenn american state and its citizens.
    look at the anti war demonstrations in america.
    anti war americans run the campaign solely based on possible casualities of american solidiers. they do not say that our govt is commiting crimes by waging a unjustified war and millions of innocent people may be killed by our forces.because they know very well that its a fear of death of the american soldiers which can instigate the anti war sentiments, not the loss of millions of innocent lives of the other countries.

    • ummm actually we do you just don’t see it on tv. As for Americans only caring about U.S. dead as the only reason NOT to go to war, thats just naive. People are beaten and arrested here, we had soldiers kill college students, and politician after politician pulled from their promises by the power of corporate interest. But still, I will concur that the general malfeasance of the government is the responsibilty of the people that it governs IF it is a true democracy. But we are not. we are more like a corporate plutocracy. The vested interests that be make sure that the average joe,stays dumb, stays in line and puts himself into credit serfdom. That’s not even the bad part! The economy is in tatters, and the world will shortly stop doing transactions in dollars. Partly thanks to the terrorist pig dogs. When they do that and the US economy collapses and the dollar gets weaker, all of the stockpiled cash that is in the treasuries of all the governments of all of the world, what will happen then? The pakistani govt, is propped up by us. Why do you think we send drones into your airspace with impunity. Where do you think Pakistan got it’s nuke arsenal from? The stealth subs are from France. (I read about it in Popular science. Cool stuff.) I digress, the world economy is dependent on the US. The financial meltdown in our country was the final act of a financial coup d’etat. The corporations took over, finally and for good. We ended up with the govt we deserved as free people who generally are nonactive civilly. But govt isnt everything and we have some really good, smart folks, handling a bunch of big problems. Even now we have small bank movements to take money out of the big banks, fervent anti-war groups critizing Obama for being too slow to stop these wars. You really should be mad at Glenn Beck. total A-hole.

      Greetings from Texas y’all!

  7. @ Jawwad: Well yea, do you really think that we being Muslims actually care about what atrocities our own kind commits??? In Sudan in the name of Islam, girls are circumsized! In Chechnya, Russian forces brutally suppress Muslims- we stay silent! In Kashmir, our public now says why can’t we just give Kashmir away- because they get water to waste all day!

    Today now when our Jawans are dying, now everyone is pointing fingers at America! Pakistanis should be thankful to US for sending all this tons of money despite of US economic crashdown just to bail out Pakistan, but as unthankful we are!

  8. umersultan!
    plzzzzzzzz.do not insult the intelligence of other people.

    • no brother I didn’t mean to. But Pakistanis want to blame everything on “the west” and their leaders. The truth is we Muslims in general do not look what we are doing to our selves!
      I am proud Muslim and I am from Karachi. I love Pakistan as much as any regular person does. Since I live in US now, I have and been seeing things from a different spectrum, and now things are never simple, as it was before.
      It is just the path where Pakistan is heading. The whole path is wrong, youth is anti Islamic or radical islamist, have no clue what so ever about Islam or about Pakistan. It just hurts. Sorry if it seemed like I am ridiculing someone, i never intended to do so.

  9. brother umersultan!
    sure we have many many issues.we as a nation is also guilty of many crimimanl negligiences and corruption which have begotten many many huge and complicated problems.i am not denying that.
    but the topic was about americans and my comments are specifically directed towrads americans.

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