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Mian Tufail Mohammad (1914-2009) Passes Away

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Today my post on obituary of Mian Tufail Sahib has published on Pakistaniat.com


Veteran Pakistani politician and eminent Islamic scholar Mian Tufail Mohammad passed away on Friday 25th June 2009 at the age of 95. For fifteen years, during the period 1972-1987, Mian Tufail Mohammad served as the Ameer (Leader) of Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan. He was the second Ameer of the party, following the founder of the Jamaat, Abul Ala Maududi.

Mian Sahib was born in 1914 in Kapurthala district Jalandhar, East Punjab in a farmer’s family. He was the only brother of eight sisters. His parents wanted him to be an educated person and in 1935, at the age of 21, he received his B.A. (Hons) in Physics and Mathematics from Government College, Lahore, with distinction. Later, in 1937, he completed his law degree (LL.B.; specializing in witness and land laws) in 1937 from the University Law College, Lahore securing second position.

He started his career as a lawyer, working as junior to Justice Mohammad Sharif in 1938 in Julandhar, but moved to his native town Kapurthala after one year. He was the first Muslim lawyer from this princely state. In 1942 Mian Sahib got married, and he was father to 8 daughters and 4 sons; all now married and settled in Pakistan.

In the late 1940s he encountered the workss of Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maududi and, on the advice of Syed Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari, he met and became close to Maulana Maududi.  When the Jamat-e-Islami was formed as a religious political party on August 26, 1941, Mian Tufail Muhammad was one of its 75 founding members.

He left the legal profession in 1942 and joined a business house of his relatives in Lahore. His zeal for the Jamaat-e-Islami movement soon made him rise in the ranks of the party and in the All India Convention (Ijtima) of the Jama’at e Islami, in March, 1944, he was appointed the first permanent Secretary General (Qayyam) of the party. He immediately abandoned his business and moved to Darussalam in Pathankot, East Punjab. From that moment on he was always in company of and a close confidant of Syed Maududi. Except for the periods when he was put in jail, he worked as Secretary General of the Jama’at till 1965. From January 1966 to 1972 he was Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami West Pakistan. In between, he also assumed the position of Ameer-e-Jama’at of Pakistan when the occasion so demanded, particularly when Maulana Maududi was ill or was in jail and or on leave.

When Maulana Maududi resigned as Ameer-e-Jama’at in October 1972, for health reasons, Mian Tufail Mohammad was elected as Ameer for five years. He was also elected for two more terms. In 1987 he declined further service in the office because of his long ailment. Consequently Qazi Hussain Ahmad was elected to the top position. Mian Sahib confined himself to research work and joined Idara e Ma’arif e Islamia (Islamic Research Academy) in Mansoora, Lahore.

On several occasions he was invited by world leaders such as Gamal Abdul Nasser (President of Egypt) to advise on political conflicts and mediate with Ikhwanul Muslamoon (Muslim brotherhood) as he was widely respected. He also led the first delegation of Muslim World Leaders to Tehran after the formation of the Islamic government there. At that time, Pakistan was the first country to recognize the new Iranian regime after the fall of Shah of Iran. Imam Khomeni presented him with a specially engraved marble Quran. This Quran was originally a special gift from the then President of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Yasser Arafat presented to Imam Khomeni.

Although Mian Tufail’s political responsibilities took time away from his literary activities, some of his works are widely hailed. The Urdu rendition of Kashaf-ul-Mahjub and Dawat-e-Islami and Its Demands’ (Urdu) co-authored with Maulana Maududi and Maulana Amin Ahsan Islahi, are the prominent pieces. His articles and interviews to press are numerous and cover most scholarly and political topics.

The strong organizational structure of today’s Jamaat e Islami owes much to Mian Sahib. Some may disagree with his political ideology, especially his soft tilt as a strategy to achieve high goals towards Gen. Zia-ul-Haq military government. For this he was criticized both within and outside Jamaat circles. But his personal sincerity, dedication and piety were widely respected. As Secretary General and then Ameer of the Jamaat, he has reportedly given preference on character building over political activism. Even the opponents of his policies and party acknowledge their respect for his person.

May Allah rest Mian Tufail’s soul in peace.

Update on July 1st : My cyber mujahid brother Adnan Siddiqui also wrote about Mian Tufail sb


Understand Pakistan (Part II) – Insights of Pakistani Consumers

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This is the second episode of our efforts to provide the basic knowledge about Pakistani consumers daily habits & practices. Hope you will not only read it but also introduce this facts to others in your debates & discussios.

Source : http://www.gallup.com.pk/index.php

More Than Half of All Pakistanis Are Cricket Fans; 5109_215068700423_822130423_7218221_4818836_n

More than half of all Pakistanis (55%) take interest in sports, just as many like cricket in particular.


Honesty is Perceived as the Top Most Quality in a Leader

Honesty is the most important characteristic for a good leader as majority of the Pakistanis (59%) ranked it number one out of eight options.

It was followed by 18% who think piety and 10% who think a good education are the most important qualities.

66% Believe Human Rights Are Observed in PakistanEVERYHUMANHASRIGHTS_thumbTwo thirds of Pakistanis (66%) believe human rights are observed in Pakistan to a great or some extent, but only six in ten believe there is equality before the law.When the respondents were read out a list of human rights it was seen that majority believe that all of those are followed in Pakistan: Right to Freedom of Religion (90%), Right to Freedom of Expression (78%), Right to Marriage with consent of the intending spouses (78%), Right to Freedom from Torture (64%), Right to Just and Favorable Remuneration (65%),
Two Thirds of All Pakistanis Serve Cold Beverages to their Guests During Summers cold-drinks-BLUEMore than two thirds (78%) of all Pakistanis prefer to serve cold beverages, such as syrups or carbonated soft drinks, to their guests in summers.Only 19% of the respondents claimed to serve tea. The remaining 3% either serve some other kind of beverage or do not serve any drinks.
Perspective on Respect for Women in Our Society in Accordance to Islammuslim-woman-and-childMore than half of all Pakistanis (59%) claim that women are not given their due share of respect as taught in Islam,40% believe that the women in the society are given high level of respect or the right level of respect as prescribed in the Holy Book, or perhaps even more than that.
56% Pakistanis Prefer Private Schools; However 70% Send Their Children to Government Schoolspakistan-schoolMajority of Pakistanis (74%) have one or more school-going children in their households.Although more than half of the respondents (59%) claim to prefer private schools, a higher percentage of people (70%) have enrolled their children in public/government schools.One of the main reasons for this is affordability; nearly half of all Pakistanis (49%), across all income groups, believe schools charge exorbitant amount of fees…
Majority of All Pakistanis Prefer Doctors and Teachers as Neighbours Neighbours
More than two out of three Pakistanis (78%) would like to have doctors or teachers as their neighbours; these two professions have traditionally enjoyed a high level of respect in our society.On the other hand, very few people are amicable towards having jewellers, tailors and barbers as neighbours; only 7% would like to have them in their neighbourhood, showing a lower level of social status and prejudices or stereotypes about these professions.

Heat Intensity Is Perceived to Have Increased Over the Past Few Yearssunshine_6

More than half of all Pakistanis believe that the heat intensity in their areas has increased over the past few years,

According to 25% of the respondents the heat intensity has remained the same while 17% think it has decreased.

Support for Pak-India Combined Media Productions Declinespak-india-flags1_0

Although in the past few years Pakistan and India have produced numerous dramas and films together but support for such combined media production has fallen since 2007.

Twenty six percent (26%) support the idea of Pakistani artists working in India down from 51% support in 2007. Similarly, 27% favor the idea of Indian artists working in Pakistan down from 55% in 2007. A possible reason for this change in attitude is increasing security tension between the two neighboring countries.

Majority (74%) Finds Common Ground; Only 23% Believe Islam and Democracy are at OddsDemocracy1More than two thirds (74%) of all Pakistanis believe that democracy is an important tenet of Islam or at least are compatible in some situations.Twenty three percent (23%), however, argue that Islam and democracy have nothing in common with each other.

Public is Unanimous on Islamabad Being the Cleanest Cityfaisalmosque-islamabad

Almost equal percentage of respondents claimed to like Lahore (33%) and Islamabad (33%),

while Karachi is liked by 18% of the respondents. Islamabad is the cleanest city according to the majority (65%).

Pk flagPolitical Parties Need to Tend to Their Image; 60% Perceive Them as Highly Corrupt60% Pakistanis think the level of corruption in political parties is high or very high, followed by Parliament (57%) and Private/Business Sector (41%).It is interesting to note that Religious Organizations are perceived to have little or no corruption by 58%, followed by the Pakistan Army (41%) and Media (32%). It must be noted that we are dealing with perceptions which may or may not match reality.

Those seen as cleanest might have the most compromised behavior and vice versa. Our data only deals with ‘as Pakistanis perceive them to be’.

Majority of Pakistanis Like Moderate Amount of Spices in Their Food; 23% Prefer Strongly SpicedIndian_SpicesMajority of all Pakistanis (50%) like to have normal amount of spices in their food as compared to 23% of the respondents who claimed to like very spicy food.Twenty six percent (26%) prefer to have less spicy or bland food. Interestingly a higher percentage of respondents from Sindh (31%) and ruralites (24%) showed a preference for hot and spicy food.
Smoking_LogoMajority (85%) Believe Smoking is Injurious to HealthAn overwhelming majority of all Pakistanis (85%) believe smoking to be detrimental for health,75% believe it is equally precarious for men and women and majority supports a complete ban smoking in all public areas.

But despite widespread public disapproval, no significant decline has been found in the incidence of smoking tobacco in the country.


52% Believe Decrease in Rainfall is Caused by Global Climate Change; 45% See it as Divine Penancehands+in+rain

More than half of all Pakistanis (53%) believe that overall Pakistan received less rainfall in the past one year. While the majority of people (52%) believe it is a product of global climate change, a significant percentage (45%) thinks it is due to the God’s wrath (45%). Although most respondents (57%) did not expect scarcity of rainfall to affect their income, almost half of rural respondents (47%) were worried that their income will be affected.

unkleNearly Two Thirds of All Pakistanis Purchase Grocery From General Stores; More Urbanites Go to Utility StoresMajority of all Pakistanis go to general stores to purchase grocery items such as rice (64%), Pulses (69%), Sugar (66%), Wheat (68%), Soaps/Detergents (73%), and Cooking oil (68%).A higher percentage of urbanites buy groceries from utility stores and wholesale shops, as compared to ruralites who mostly purchase these items from general stores.
Majority Use Only Fans to Cool Their House; Air-Conditioning is a Luxury Which Most Can’t AffordimagesMajority of all Pakistanis (45%) can only afford to use fans to cool their house in the summers. Air coolers are used by 23% followed by additional fans (14%), and air-conditioners (8%).The remaining claimed to sprinkle water or do not do anything to cool down their house. To stay away from the scorching heat, respondents stay at home (33%), cover their heads (27%), eat cold things (26%) or use some other method to fight the heat. The remaining does not do anything.
rupeesMore Than Two Thirds Claim that Inflation Has Increased in The Past Three MonthsMore than two thirds of all Pakistanis (78%) believe that prices have increased in the past three months while according to equal percentage of respondents (11%) there has been a decrease or no difference in the inflationary trend. To over come this increase in inflation, people reduce their expenses (55%), get their income increased (22%), or buy cheaper products (20%). Sixty nine percent (69%) blame the government for such an increase in inflation.
womanViews On Women’s Legal Share According to ShariahThe  views are divided on whether women in Pakistan get their Islamic right of share in property.While 56% believe they do, 44% believe women do not get their proper in family property
RefrigeratorsMajority Use Refrigerators to Cool Drinking WaterNearly half of all Pakistanis (52%) use refrigerators to keep the water cold during summers. Some other methods which the respondents have claimed to use are: Water coolers (28%), Mud Utensils (11%), and Electric Coolers (4%). The remaining respondents use some other means of cooling water (3%) or do not drink cold water (1%). It may be noted that not all those using refrigerated water own a refrigerator. Some use the facility with a neighbor or a relative.

Watching TV is a Favorite Pastimetv view

Majority of all Pakistanis (63%) have a lot of or at least a little free time and 36% of the respondents claimed to have no free time. Amongst various activities, watching television was preferred by 40%, followed by meeting friends (24%), doing some other activity (15%), resting or sleeping (13%), and going for outings (3%).

PIAInsufficient Income is Perceived to be the Main Reason for Pakistanis to MigrateInsufficient income (61%) is the major reason for people to look for jobs outside Pakistan and settle there.Less salary packages (19%), insecure future (15%), and lack of law and order (5%) are some of the other cited reasons for people to migrate in search of better jobs abroad.

Indian Cricket team is being humiliated not by any other but by the Indian Media itself

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When ever two teams enter into a ground. One will be the winner & the other will be the looser. Passion is good but any game should be treated as opportunity for fun & enjoyment; it should not be the matter of life & death.

I take Indian media as immature & unethical because they sensitize the issues unnecessarily . The fact is that Indian Media always  created idols & set unrealistic high expectations but in case of any failure they start abusing & cursing. We have seen the Indian media hype on many occasions e.g. before world cup they commercially presented Indian cricketers as “super man” but in case of any failure the situation was otherwise & even we observed homes of cricketers were stoned by crowd who are psychologically motivated by the Indian media.

We as a Pakistani understand that Indian team is good fighting cricket side. Cricket 2Yes due to old traditional rivalry with India we are happy that India was out from the tournament at an early stage but we do understand that Indian team is one of the good cricket team of the world & they have very talented top class players of the world. No one lost their match by their own will; it’s the part of the game.

We believe that Indian media is exaggerating the situation in below video ( no 01). Another video is a very good example of commercial promotion & usage of Indian Cricketers for the sake of sale of their products, which fire back most of the time to none other than the cricketers themselves.

Is this ad war having any end???

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No doubt Zong launched an impressive & marvelous entry in the telecom advertisement world & changed the whole Mobile servicesadvertisement scene. Zong changed the telecom sector advertisement theme from the ads full of dances & vulgarity to decently talking well mannered interactive young chaps.

Once again they take the first mover advantage & they highlighted the (already available but not focused ) advantage of “number portability facility” & came up with an aggressive campaign against competitors which surprised all advertising & marketing Gurus.

Ufone’s team of brilliant young comedians retaliated in a hard manner. But Zong responded even harder than their attack.

I want to raise few questions to all readers especially to marketers

Is it a healthy advertising trend?

Should it continue or now the time has come to ask for intervention by telecom sector authorities?

Looking forward for your comments

Stand up for the Champions

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Wow !!! What a glorious moments we have seen in our lives once again. Celebrations, jubilation , happiness, enjoyment every where, across all the sections of society & chanting only one slogan

Pakistan –  Zindabad

So, we should all together-  Stand up for the Champions

Lays Chips Controversy Continues …

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Lays Chips Controversy Continues …

Yesterday I come across a parody of Junaid Jamshed (JJ) recent Lays TVC. This parody was developed by team of “4 man show” on Aaj TV. May be its fun for them but I personally feel that they have crossed the limits. They directly attacked & presented JJ character as financial benefits seeker, which is not admirable.

I personally feel that this is totally wrong & 1000% disagreed with this accusation.  I believe that JJ intentions were not wrong. He was misguided by the  Information provided by Pepsi Cola & Interflow.

But here there is a learning for JJ also. He should & must be careful & should do a through research across the board & should consult with subject specialist  before appearing in any endorcement type ad.

Today I find an advertisement in Daily Ummat where they are provding more proves tomorrow. For readers reference kindly read their statements

UMMATInshallah , tomorrow I will provide the complete article of great researcher Dr. Abdullah Khan for our honorable readers.

Now, my message to all those my respectable friends who become the  sentimental advocate of Lays chips & their info source is just based on the falls information provided by Pepsi Cola. We should have a capacity to learn that all claims made by any MNC are not right & we should not follow them blindly 🙂

But now my question to you is that what do you understand

Kia dal main “kuch” kala hai – Ya

Poori dal hee kali hai 🙂

PS : New findings



The Reality of Lays Chips Controversy !!!

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The controversy about “Lays” turned into a new shape after the recent launch of Junaid Jamshed (JJ)’s new TVC where he is endorsing Lays brand as free from any suspicious ingredients in Islamic Perspective. In TVC he is talking about “vegetable oil” where as issue is entirely different. Pls see that TVC

Before his impressive conversion towards Islamic perspective & lifestyle,  JJ was supposed to be a brand ambassadorJunaid JamshedTahir Khan for Pepsi. He has a strong relationship with Tahir Khan who is owner of Interflow, the advertisement agency of Pepsi Pakistan.  According to my sources JJ was contacted by Tahir Khan & he pushed him to come up in the TVC. Considering his long relationship with Tahir sb & proofs presented by Pepsi, JJ was convinced that Lays are Halal. Basically he was the person who advised Tahir sb to take the advise from South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA).

But when the TVC went on air someone informed him about daily Ummat researches. So he personally contacted to ummatUmmat office  & Saeed Ahmed Abassi (who had done the research),they clarified him about the whole scenario. He was worried & said that he will see what he can do now, but he left for Morocco with tableeghi Jamaat.  I don’t know when he will come back & what he will do. But before appearing in any ad he should have consulted with some reputable scholars regarding the issue.

It looks that now it’s the direct unmatched competition between a multinational company (which has huge promotional budgets with a very active advertising agency(Interflow) that has its own radio station & two TV channels , PR agency & many more ) &  Daily Ummat (who has the second largest reader base of Karachites only ) who is leading the story against Lays.

In search of reality I came across many websites & blogs. Interestingly most of the websites & specially blogs have the same information which is provided by Pepsi company itself.     E.g.                                                                       http://www.pakfactor.com/lays-halal-certificates.html http://mukalma.blogspot.com/2009/05/no-pig-fat-in-e631.html, http://pakmediablog.net/brands/follow-up-lays-100-halal/ http://www.zaheerspeaks.com/2009/05/19/lays-chips-haraam-propaganda-or-truth/

Here, at one blog I also see the image of Amir Liaquat Hussain in which he is eating Lays in IDP camps


But what is the reality? Is it still controversial? see the following

1) The controversy starts from the code “E631”. Pepsi claims that                                                                                                                 (Source :  http://i41.tinypic.com/20shs5.gif )                                                                                                

“In fact the E-631 used by LAYS Pakistan is derived from TAPIOCA STARCH, a plant based raw material which has been certified Halaal.”

2)      But research shows us that,

Disodium  Inosinate (E631), chemical formula C10H11N2Na2O8P, is the disodium salt of inosinic acid. It is a food additive often found in instant noodles, potato chips, and a variety of other snacks. It is used as a flavor enhancer, in synergy with monosodium glutamate (also known as MSG; the sodium salt of glutamic acid) to provide the umami taste. It is mainly found in animals like pigs and fish.

C. Please also visit http://www.exploreenumbers.co.uk/E-Numbers-with-Animal-Origins.html

where its clearly mentioned that E631 is extracted from meat , read the following

“E Numbers Purely Derived from Animal Origins

  1. I. These are the numbers that are derived purely from animal origins:
    1. E120 Cochineal – This crimson red colour comes from the crushed shell of the cactus insect, Dactylopious coccus.
    2. E542 Edible bone phosphate – This originates from animal bones.
    3. E631 Sodium 5’-inosinate – This comes from meat extracts and sardines.
    4. E901 Beeswax – This comes from the honeycomb produced by bees. Many people may think of it as being naturally produced, but people who are strictly avoiding all animal-derived E numbers may prefer to avoid it completely.”

The problem is clear

  1. Pepsi (Miss Saima Arshad- R&D Manager) is claiming that E631 (which produces flavors in Lays Chips) is extracted from TAPIOCA STARCH plant.
  2. Wikipedia is saying that this is a flavorless plant, so how  a flavorless product can produce flavor in chips.
  3. Wikipedia also confirmed that E631 is extracted from bovine sources specially from pigs & fishes.
  4. So the situation is clear Pepsi management is misguiding the people

3)      Pepsi also claims that they get the ingredient from International  flavor & fragrance Inc.” .iiff

I visited their website & failed to find any info about E631 there, You can also visit  http://www.iff.com/Internet.nsf/HomePage!OpenForm

I read the word “Kosher” there but not halal. Kosher means

Kosher foods are those that conform to the rules of Jewish religion.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosher_foods

4)      According to daily Ummat IFF, Pakistan chapter office which is located in Kashif center – Karachi (near Hockey club of Pakistan) denied any supply of any thing by the name of E631 to Pepsi.

“Central  Islamic committee of Thailand” works under  the ministry of culture in Thailand.                                            There are three 1states where Muslims are in majority i.e.  Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat. In 2005, muslims in Southern Thailand madtHAI mUSLIMSe up 30.4% of population above the age 15, while less than 3% in other parts of the country.

Muslims in Thailand used the products of Indonesia & Malaysia as the Thailand administration  encouraged pig farming. Muslims of Thailand have doubts on the products, so to tackle this issue Thai govt. developed that institute but most of the Muslims don’t trust on that body.

5)      Jamia Ashrafia is  also refuting from issuing the certificate of Halal products to Lay’s. According to them “A Acadmic_BlockConditional Certificate had been issued that “If there is no Pig Particle added in the products, then it is Halal otherwise it is Haram and according to Jamia Ashrafia, “Lay’s Company is misusing that conditional certificate. You can see the written clarification issued by their Publication Secretary

Source: http://www.mesmarty.com/2009/05/lays-chips-jamia-ashrafia-denied-of-lays-authenticity-being-halal/ .


6)      Company is also giving the reference of “The South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)”.      I am really surprised why Pepsi is not giving any reference of local authority.

So the conclusion is that every thing is not “clear” from LAYS & we have a few ”doubts”. They need to clear theirscan03 position. As far as I am concerned, PBUH advised us that “leave those things which have doubts” & doubts are clearly open & obvious for LAYS chips.

Our World – A Nasheed by Zain Bikha

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Zain_Bhikha2From the album Our World by Zain Bhikha.

A song that asks us to question our intention


look at ways to better our lives for ourselves and others. Listen & enjoy

Apple Sidra – Maza & Style ???

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Apple Sidra – No way, I will not drink that brand” Atif said confidently & everyone in the room was surprised & shocked. “But why?” Zeeshan asked who was totally confused with Atif’s firm attitude. “Have you seen their vulgar & obscene billboards which they recently launched in city? They have crossed all the limits. I can’t support them”

APPLE SIDRAAtif cleared his position. This reaction on Apple Sidra didn’t come from any Madressa student or Molvi sb. Atif is a clean shaved, 24 year young executive. He is an MBA from IBA & has strong educational background. He is well aware with all marketing dynamics & strategies & concepts of brand positioning.

Apple Sidra is supposed to be a local company brand (Mehran Bottlers) but it looks as if they are also in search of “Short Cuts” & their creative agency “brilliantly“advised them to promote their brand with Western lifestyle . Creative agency didn’t care about values, norms, culture & tradition.

But like many others consumers Atif has failed to link & associate “maza & style” with the sleeveless bold style lady.applesidra Yes, definitely “maza” which is shown in the billboard is strongly associated with all evil drives & initiatives.

 A brand manager should have a capability to envisage that this type of BTL (Below the line) activities as it may create a negative association with the brand which can harm the brand image & give adverse results in sales.

We call this type of vulgar forced advertisement as “Billboard Pollution”. Forced – in the way that you have no option other than to see. When we move in the city our children are also exposed to this “Maza” & we have no option to save them. Many of us feel ashamed when we come across these boards on roads with our families specially when we are with our mothers, sisters & kids.

 Might be possible that this “Awareness campaign” can increase the sales of the Apples Sidra but what will happen when Mehran Bottlers owners will face Allah one day & Allah will ask about their “ maza & style initiative” in reference with following verse of Soura-e-Noor (19 & 21)

19 . “Verily, those who love that indecency should spread among the believers deserve a painful chastisement in the world and in the Hereafter. Allah knows, but you do not know.”

21. “Believers! Do not follow in Satan’s footsteps (let him remember that) Satan bids people to indecency and evil.”

Can anyone amongst our readers convey “Consumer Voice” & “Allah’s Message” to the brand management of Apple Sidra that please remove these vulgar hoardings & come up with some thing “Creative”.

Vulgarity & nudity can’t be considered as “Creativity” its some thing else. Creativity needs efforts, sincere efforts not just cheating 

Readers’ Poll:Which is the Top Most Corrupt Institute / Section Of Pakistani Society

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The word “Corruption” is the synonym of dishonesty, bribery, fraud etc. etc.  Unfortunately Pakistan is also a victim oftransparency_international1 corruption mafia. According to the Transparency International (TI) press released issued on September 24th 2008

“Transparency International(TI) on Tuesday launched its corruption perception index 2008 (CPI), which indicates that Pakistan is still bogged down in the vicious circle of corruption, being the 45th most corrupt country of the world”

Another finding of the report was following

“Assessment of the Pakistan Infrastructure Implementation Capacity (PIICA) which was carried out at the request of the GoP, jointly by World Bank and Planning Commission of Pakistan and report released on 8th Feb. 2008, it has beenCorruption report confirmed that about 15 % of Pakistan Development Budget of 2007-8 is the cost of corruption in procurement alone. This amounts to over Rs 150 billion.”

On June 2009, TI launched a world wide report on corruption with the title of “Global Corruption Barometer” . The survey was compiled after collecting opinions of 73,132 persons from 69 different countries across the globe. In Pakistan this job was done by Gallup International Pakistan
According to the survey, 40 per cent Pakistanis are of the view that the government departments are the most corrupt ones among the six institutions listed above, while 14 percent consider judiciary and law enforcing departments as the most corruption haunted organizations.

Almost 12 percent Pakistanis think that the worst corruption lies in the private sector and in political parties, while 8 percent mark media as a corrupt institution.
The survey also says that according to eighteen percent Pakistanis either they themselves or their family members had bribery_and_corruptionto pay bribe during the last twelve months.
Besides, 51 percent think government’s steps to eliminate bribery and nepotism as ineffective, while only 25 percent say that such moves are effective, thus showing that a overwhelming majority is unconvinced of anti-corruption efforts by the state.
The survey also reveals a growing distrust of big businesses and corporate sector, which according to more than a half of the respondents is trying to maneuver the state polices, laws and regulations by using graft and other tactics as it main weapons.

Here we want to conduct a small survey amongst readers about most corrupt institutes/ sections of Pakistani society. According to your experience, understanding & judgment, you have to rank just top three most significant corrupt institutes of Pakistan