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Readers’ Poll:Which is the Top Most Corrupt Institute / Section Of Pakistani Society

In Opinion Polls on June 10, 2009 at 12:23 pm

The word “Corruption” is the synonym of dishonesty, bribery, fraud etc. etc.  Unfortunately Pakistan is also a victim oftransparency_international1 corruption mafia. According to the Transparency International (TI) press released issued on September 24th 2008

“Transparency International(TI) on Tuesday launched its corruption perception index 2008 (CPI), which indicates that Pakistan is still bogged down in the vicious circle of corruption, being the 45th most corrupt country of the world”

Another finding of the report was following

“Assessment of the Pakistan Infrastructure Implementation Capacity (PIICA) which was carried out at the request of the GoP, jointly by World Bank and Planning Commission of Pakistan and report released on 8th Feb. 2008, it has beenCorruption report confirmed that about 15 % of Pakistan Development Budget of 2007-8 is the cost of corruption in procurement alone. This amounts to over Rs 150 billion.”

On June 2009, TI launched a world wide report on corruption with the title of “Global Corruption Barometer” . The survey was compiled after collecting opinions of 73,132 persons from 69 different countries across the globe. In Pakistan this job was done by Gallup International Pakistan
According to the survey, 40 per cent Pakistanis are of the view that the government departments are the most corrupt ones among the six institutions listed above, while 14 percent consider judiciary and law enforcing departments as the most corruption haunted organizations.

Almost 12 percent Pakistanis think that the worst corruption lies in the private sector and in political parties, while 8 percent mark media as a corrupt institution.
The survey also says that according to eighteen percent Pakistanis either they themselves or their family members had bribery_and_corruptionto pay bribe during the last twelve months.
Besides, 51 percent think government’s steps to eliminate bribery and nepotism as ineffective, while only 25 percent say that such moves are effective, thus showing that a overwhelming majority is unconvinced of anti-corruption efforts by the state.
The survey also reveals a growing distrust of big businesses and corporate sector, which according to more than a half of the respondents is trying to maneuver the state polices, laws and regulations by using graft and other tactics as it main weapons.

Here we want to conduct a small survey amongst readers about most corrupt institutes/ sections of Pakistani society. According to your experience, understanding & judgment, you have to rank just top three most significant corrupt institutes of Pakistan

  1. pakistan army is the most corrupted institute of pakistan.irony is that many people do not know about that.

  2. in my youth when i thought that army man is the most honest person in pakistan.one day i expressed my feeling in front of my uncle who is govt contractor in PWD. he laughed at my naive notion and told me that army man is double in corruption comparing the civilians and gave me some examples of aome construction works done by army men but i didn’t believe that time. but things are different now.people have greater access to the information.even though most of paksitanis are less aware of the coruuption in pakistan army especially at brigadier to general level.

  3. What is coruption??

    By definition corruption is : an “impairment of integrity, virtue or moral principle; depravity, decay, and/or an inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means”

    When we speak of security, Humans are the weakest link. They let slip the passwords or boast the procedures of some important tasks, things that most social engineers exploit. Same is the case everywhere else. Thus we, humans, are the source of corruption.

    It would not be out of context from my point of view if I qoute Suratul Asr here.

    In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

    1. By the declining day,
    2. Lo! man is a state of loss,
    3. Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance.
    – Pickthall Translation

    Submission is the only way to avade corruption. when you don’t stand against the immoral, you would be counted amoungst them, since you are not against them. This is why the least degree of emaan is to feel bad about a sin.

    I would say one thing to conclude, the prime corruption is when you, as an, individual start living a life that is against the defined guidlines of Shariah, as laid by Rasulullah Sallallahu Elaihe Wasallam, and later followed by Sahaba Karam (RAA). The more you are away, the more you are corrupt; and afterall, it is indeed you who end up being part of the corrupt system, and a corrupt society.

    Hayya Elal Falah!

  4. Army is on top and molvies comes next bcz they are supporters of army in any stage.

  5. Besides social, moral, (environmental) and political disorder and corruption that were rampant in pre-Islamic societies and now in present day Muslim world, the intellectual corruption trumps it all.

    30:41. Disorder and corruption has prevailed on land and sea owing to the evil (deeds) which people have wrought. The result will be that He will make them taste (in this world) the fruit of (some of) their misdeeds so that they may return (to the right path, giving up their evil ways)

    Next time they teach Pakistan Studies in school, they should boldly add a chapter on the rampant corruption, only then maybe seeds to un-corrupt the society may be sown.

    The seats of Intellectual corruption are in plain sight namely the pulpits in your mosques and their effect which influences the majority in the country:

    36:8. Surely, We have put shackles (of customs and prejudices) round their necks and they are (reaching right) up to their chins, so that they have become stiff-necked (due to their pride and false notions of superiority).

    36:9. And We have placed barriers (of their stubbornness rendering them unable to look forward to the bright future of Islam and rise to eminence by accepting it) in front of them, and barriers (of their prejudices) behind them (thus rendering them unable to look back at the doom of those who rejected the truth in the past). Thus We have kept them behind the veil so that they cannot see (so have become totally devoid of spiritual light).

    36:10. And it is all the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe (for they have deliberately shut their eyes and ears to the truth).

    Clearly, the majority of the country wants corruption, else it would not happen. e.g. majority did not want Musharraf, so he left. Majority wanted Justice Chaudry, now he is back.

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