Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Is this ad war having any end???

In Advertisement on June 23, 2009 at 12:06 pm

No doubt Zong launched an impressive & marvelous entry in the telecom advertisement world & changed the whole Mobile servicesadvertisement scene. Zong changed the telecom sector advertisement theme from the ads full of dances & vulgarity to decently talking well mannered interactive young chaps.

Once again they take the first mover advantage & they highlighted the (already available but not focused ) advantage of “number portability facility” & came up with an aggressive campaign against competitors which surprised all advertising & marketing Gurus.

Ufone’s team of brilliant young comedians retaliated in a hard manner. But Zong responded even harder than their attack.

I want to raise few questions to all readers especially to marketers

Is it a healthy advertising trend?

Should it continue or now the time has come to ask for intervention by telecom sector authorities?

Looking forward for your comments

  1. Whatever advertisements reach to us today, they all become words of our mouth, used in our sitcoms and wordy examples. They interact and have mass effect to our day to day dealing with people.

    Ufone and Zong are fighting like ‘kukkar’ (cocks). This fight will end or not or a third ‘kukkar’ will jump in, but the consequences will be faced by our youth. This is just like ‘Rasme Hina’ where sometimes Antakshri ends up with a fight and loss. I have known some marriages were never made due to this ‘Mehndi Competition’ thing.

    I think this and all other like this are coming only from one ‘hole’, that is media. We, as a nation, are responsible to modify this ‘hole’ using a filter, at least for the people around us. In the meantime keep other informed about this. And you are doing a remarkable work for awareness.

    Let’s wait for a ‘call’ for our Labbek.

    Pewasta Reh Shajr Se, Umeede Bahar Rakh…

  2. I’d rather see it as natural evolution. It has happened all around the world if there is a fierce competion in a category. Examples of Cola Wars, the burger wars, sports gear wars are there. What advertisers need to realize is:

    – Though controversy sells (a proven advertising phenomenon), the need to know are they crossing the limits to outplay there competition? Ufone’s ad is disrespectful to the consumers who are using Zong network (ultimately these are the potential consumers who are also prime target of Ufone)

    – Zong’s response was perfect and in line with its positioning that’s how a challenger, smart, intelligent and a brand full of surprises is expected to response. They also did not try to insult consumers. U fone really need to rethink there tactics

  3. This is nothing new in the world of marketing & advertising. Pepsi & Coca Cola are the oldest example I can recall – but it must’ve been happening before them as well. Then there was Wheel & Bonus and to a certain extent Surf & Ariel.

    One, Zong called for such a response when it directly targeted other networks by literally using their code schemes in their ad. It was but natural for someone to hit back. If it had not been Ufone, it would’ve been some other telcom player. Two, what should rather be commendable is that the regulatory authorities refused to put Ufone ad on air/TV. Because if they did, it would’ve given rise to a never ending series of retaliating ads and probably others would’ve also tried to ride the bandwagon. So it was a wise step. Three, both these ads by ufone & later by zong, got popular via viral marketing. They released them on Youtube & the word started getting out. Whats the difference? You can NOT opt what content/ads u want to watch on TV, but u can certainly do so on the internet. So its not by force that these ads were watched/got popular but by choice of the viewers themselves.

    I personally think that more than a duel between two competitors, its a rather brilliant example of ‘Viral marketing’ and ‘viewing adverts by choice’.



  4. The insult advertisement is nothing new. America has already gone through this phase. You bring two equal competitors against each other, they forget all formalities and get into personal attacks.
    It is important that the Pakistani Authorities, who ever, is incharge of this sector should do something about it. Competition is good and rival advertisement is also good. But when it gets into the phase of insults, the Government intervention should take place.

    Except probably it is not going to happen because we are talking about Pakistan. But we should always be optimistic. If enough people raise voice, then probably it can happen!

  5. good to see the competitions between these companies.i wish this war could lead us to the call of 5 paisa per minute on eny network on any time:))
    but i wonder what is going on.
    we are living in a freaky system where luxuries are getting cheaper and easy to get while basic necessaties are becoming difficult to get day by day.

  6. If i am not wrong these adz just show the depositioning in which u try to change the image of your competing brand in the customers mind but one thing the bombardment of advertisements annoyed us we cant recognize a single one

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