Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Indian Cricket team is being humiliated not by any other but by the Indian Media itself

In Miscellaneous on June 24, 2009 at 7:50 am

When ever two teams enter into a ground. One will be the winner & the other will be the looser. Passion is good but any game should be treated as opportunity for fun & enjoyment; it should not be the matter of life & death.

I take Indian media as immature & unethical because they sensitize the issues unnecessarily . The fact is that Indian Media always  created idols & set unrealistic high expectations but in case of any failure they start abusing & cursing. We have seen the Indian media hype on many occasions e.g. before world cup they commercially presented Indian cricketers as “super man” but in case of any failure the situation was otherwise & even we observed homes of cricketers were stoned by crowd who are psychologically motivated by the Indian media.

We as a Pakistani understand that Indian team is good fighting cricket side. Cricket 2Yes due to old traditional rivalry with India we are happy that India was out from the tournament at an early stage but we do understand that Indian team is one of the good cricket team of the world & they have very talented top class players of the world. No one lost their match by their own will; it’s the part of the game.

We believe that Indian media is exaggerating the situation in below video ( no 01). Another video is a very good example of commercial promotion & usage of Indian Cricketers for the sake of sale of their products, which fire back most of the time to none other than the cricketers themselves.

  1. I agree to you kashif
    They are suddenly acting like INDIA is holland
    Well its just a bad luck this time and probably indian players didnt put their 100 percent but this is over humiliation

    India media is taking it over seriously

  2. Well this shows that India/ Indian Media is waging a full fledged attack on Pakistan. After the isolation of Pakistan, their Media can’t digest the fact that Pakistani Cricket team can win after all the craziness that Pakistan is going through!

    May Allah save Pakistan, and save the honor of Indian Cricket team.

  3. […] watching this video, we can clearly notice the tone of the woman. As Kashifiat puts it When ever two teams enter into a ground. One will be the winner & the other will be the […]

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