Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Glamorous World & Concept of Loyalty

In Advertisement on July 6, 2009 at 3:36 pm

In the world of glamor & fame, do amongst so called “celebrities” any loyalty factor prevails or not?

This question telenor 1arises after a dramatic shift  (just like a change of shirt) of  brand ambassador of Telenor – Ali Zafar (AZ)  a popular young model / singer having image of play boy, in a single night from Telenor to Mobilink.   Pak media Blog correctly called this as “Loyalties down the drains”


Just couple of weeks ago we have seen AZ in a triple character role in a tvc of Talkshalk -Telenor &  couple of days back he sold his loyalties to Jazz – Mobilink  & now appearing in competition ad campaign.

I think in marketing perspective its Mobilink blunder because AZ is still has carrying over effect of Telenor. It’s not an intelligent marketing move by Mobilink decision makers.

A renowned marketing strategist Yasir Riaz stated this move as “Mobilink Marketing Strategy is actually Advertising Strategy. Using Ali Zafar is purely an advertising strategy decision and by no standards could be categorized as marketing strategy.” In my own perspective hiring of ZA will also damage the overall image of Mobilink .

But this advertising move of AZ has no ethical & moral background. Yes, one can give lot of international examples but they are not milestone for a honest personJazz

The message is clear that one can’t expect any loyalty & commitment level with these hip hop celebrities. They are loose character persons & can do any thing just for money.

I am really sorry it will be too hard but I didn’t find any suitable word better than “prostitute” for these celebrities who sold their identity for little more pennies only. This is the outcome of Western materialistic approach where every thing is fine in love, hate & marketing.

What’s your opinion???

  1. completely agreed.
    this is an obvious blunder. when is saw the ad,i said what the hell he is doing here!!
    the immidiate impression i got that this man (ali zafar) has no common sense.he was stacking his career for immidiate benefits.
    in the society where loyalities still considered a valuable quality this act will leave no good impression

  2. Not agreed
    If AZ contract has finished with Telenor then its his rite decision to make a new contract with anyone…….He sells his fame and services to Companies whichever gives more he shifts there…I thnk he has not breahced a contract to move from Tele to jazz.

  3. Dear Kashif,

    I disagree with the later half of your post. If you are offered a better job by a competitor of your current organization, you are entitled to making a decision to switch. AZ did not make this switch while being in a legal contract with Telenor. He started working with Mobilink after his contract with Telenor expired.

    The same applies to the customers of these telecos in the prepaid market. Once they are offered better rates and service from the competition, they switch sims.

    Whats really a point of concern in a situation like this is why the masses of our population blindly follow these celebrities. Its the weakness of character at the mass level which lets people like AZ rule over the hearts and minds of Pakistanis at large!

  4. Dear Umair, Thanks for your note.

    What do you think job switching & role of a brand ambassador will be the same?

    Might be possible he changed after fulfilling legal contractual requirements but what about carry over effect of a brand of a same category.

    I need your enlightened guideline to readers as a adverting grue

  5. Dear Kashif

    The dilemma with our marketing brains is they often end up calling tactics a strategy. Mobilink first made mess of their master brand identity by changing its logo and visuals few years back. Then we came across absurd tactical Jazz campaigns (the one having Shoaib Malik and Afridi). Celebrity endorsement and making some body a brand ambassador are two different things. In this recent AZ saga, i thought the horrible mistake is at Mobilink’s end. Celebrities like AZ know their fame is for a limited period of time and they want to capitalize it fully. It is upto the marketers to realize what is good or bad for their brand health.

  6. I am amazed of this post!

    Lets see!

    We are talking about:
    1. Media! — Courtesy ‘The West’
    2. Concept of brand ambassadors — Courtesy ‘The West’

    How come you expect someone to follow the eastern pattern of loyalty……… You are talking about AZ… the popstar……. the icon of Pakistan’s westernization…..

    if you have seen his songs and Ads…… you are guilty of watching vulgur material for the sake of research……. which is as lame as your argument of AZ becoming a prostitute……..

    The surge of westernization demands AZ to take up things on contract basis…. he will continue to do so…… and will become example for many…… Don’t blame him for becoming a prostitute……. he is just trying do what he is supposed to do, in accordance with the western ideology that resides in his heart and soul.

    Let him be! he is just doing his job, and he is doing it perfectly.

    Don’t you have things to write on other than Media sir……… people dying in northern Pakistan… you are commenting on AZ’s whoredome! come on

  7. i totally agree with ahmed abdullah

  8. xyz, and ahmed abdullah….

    i have no idea how much “vulgarity” is allowed for the sake of research.

    but i do know that a person who lives disconnected and out of touch with reality, such a person is looked down upon as being irrelevant, “Jahil”, “living in their own world”, and unworthy of their opinions being heard since they have no clue about the facts of other people’s lives and what goes on in the rest of the world.

    i’m not advocating vulgarity in any way, neither am i vouching for kashif because this is the first time i’m on his blog so i haven’t formed much of an opinion about him. but while i myself make an effort to stay away from crap on TV or the internet, a cursory glance at headlines and ads on the internet are all i need to “stay in touch”, and hence make sense to the rest of the world. i don’t need to delve into “vulgarity” to understand that it’s happening. it’s presumptious of you to assume that anyone who comments on westernized ideals is being hypocritical and self-engaged in vulgarity.

    it seems that no matter what they do, people who advocate the truth will always be shot down as unworthy of stating their opinions. maybe some people just have an inherent bias to truth-advocators, and should recognize their own narrow-mindedness.

  9. Ali Zafar had the full right to choose any of the offers, including a re-contract term with Telenor or a new contract with Mobilink, once his contract ended. And that’s what he did.

    Have you seen the way Mobilink have backed up Ali’s concerts, and the launching of his album? Maybe the newer management at Telenor weren’t giving him those benefits.

    At the end of the day, Ali didn’t breach any contract, and it’s his right to choose any brand to represent. He wanted to move on, so he did. He wanted a contract with better benefits for his career… at the end of the day, he’s primarily making his living, and living his life, as a musician.

    What I don’t get is, Ali’s was picked on for being “unethical” for doing something so simple- his contract ended, he took a better one from a new company. Yest, these mobile network ads pile dirt and insult on each other aaaaallll the time!!! Yet no one thinks that is unethical, it’s just entertaining. What hypocrisy!

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