Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Two Videos Dedicated to Our Shaheed Sister Marwa – Shaheed atul Hijab

In Hijab on July 9, 2009 at 8:44 am


Hijab is a religious obligation or traditional is a debate which broke by confused minded liberal facist. My Cyber Mujahid & Bhai like friend – Adnan Siddiqui forwarded me a thought provoking link in this connectionwhich I am sharing to you people to enlighten yourselves.


Here, I am sharing two videos to you which are very inspiring, first one is monologue & other one is an impressive nasheed by Dawud Warnsby Ali on Hijab. Hope you will enjoy


  1. The First video is kind of funny. So she is questioning and answering herself!

  2. I was looking for you article on Shoman’s Khuda ke liye… could you give me the link to it? I can’t find it on your blog via search.. I hope the article was in english?

  3. Assalamoallaikum,

    is it necessary to post her photos? after all she was martyred for wearing hijab. Why show the world her face when she wouldn’t have liked it in her life?(although she didn’t practice full hijab but still the question remains)

    Just a friendly advice.


    • Well brother first of all she had a public life, she was the Egyptian Hand Ball player in Egyptian National Team. Having said that, she has become an Icon is this matter. If we understand and follow what is going on in Europe and what Muslim women are facing in Europe as relating to HIjab, we would find it the best act. It is just our Eastern perspective on these issues that women pict should not be publicized.

      Looking at the western perspective, this is the best thing everyone can do, infact the more the better. She has become an icon by the grace of Allah in the Hijab movement now, when French President is striving to ban HIjab on Muslim women because he think it is oppressive. Please read in a little detail what I wrote


      Now we need to organize a “World Hijab Day” in order to remember her as a Martyr and convey the message to the Muslims and non-muslims to bring awareness.

      • Right and keep making na-mehram men look at her face again and again. Bravo!

        • if that was really something to be concern about why she was a Hand Ball player in the Egyptian team???

          Our women need to come out and contribute to the welfare of the society, they can’t sit at home now, at least not in the West.
          Probably thats why we are seeing more and more Muslim women in the West demanding and fighting for their right to wear Hijab where as our women in the East in general do not care even when the supposedly Muslim country bans it!!

        • also non mahram men got other fahsh things on Internet to watch, no body would watch Hijabi pictures for lust. Thats it the whole point of HIjab, it minimizes the lust.

          • We’re responsible for our deeds, not hers. Whether or not she played hand ball is irrelevant now as she’s not able to defend herself. In fact, we may be all the more responsible for showcasing her photo for the world to watch. One should ask himself whether he’d want to do it for his real sister as well.

            My point is, we could be much better off without displaying her picture. Rest is your own choice. You’re not answerable to me, but to ALLAH (swt).


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