Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Reality about South Punjab Conspiracy – Wrong Perception(Urdu)

In pakistan on July 31, 2009 at 6:37 pm

South punjab

  1. The government might use these incidents as a propaganda thinking that hey we are fighting against Talibans and Extremists, however, they don’t see that by doing so they are sending a hollow but strong message, that Pakistan nuclear arsenal is not safe because The Extremists are every where, they are killing, bombing, attacking every one and every where.

    It further afirms the neo-cons rhetoric that Pakistan is a failed state and military action should be taken.

    Humaray hukmaranoon ki pata nahi ghas charnay gai hoi hai, woo apni aqal kun nahi istamaal kartay!
    Aur hamaray media walay bhi is zulm mein bara bar key shareek hain.

    These propaganda makes it hard to differentiate b/w where is the real threat and where are just mere same old criminal activities. Criminals and Terrorist are 2 different entities and when gov + media shows them as Terrorists, then what else can we expect from International media !

  2. also people need to ask the government, where their loyalties lies. Is the seat of the Parliament, PM, President, Governorship, City Nazims etc or their loyalties lie towards Pakistan.
    For how long this propaganda would continue at the expence of the threat of the stability of the State and its masses!!!

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