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Understand Pakistan – Consumer Insight – Part IV

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 71% Favor Punishing General Musharraf, 15% Oppose, 14% gave No Response in a National Opinion Poll
Pervaiz Musharaf Majority (71%) of a nationally representative sample of Pakistanis support giving harsh or mild punishment to the former President General Musharraf for his unconstitutional steps on November 3, 2007; 52% favor harsh while 19% support mild punishment, 15% favor no punishment and the remaining 14% did not give a view.


 Perceptions on Pakistan’s Progress
 Paki powerPerceptions of the average Pakistani, education tops the list of various fields in which the country seems to be progressing. Pakistan\’s progress in education was rated as Good or Very Good by 36% of a nationally representative sample of men and women who were asked to rate the performance of various national activities.Education is followed by economic progress (29%), progress in public morals (23%) and law and order progress cited by 21% of the respondents.Interestingly, a proportionately higher percentage of ruralites have a positive opinion about the progress of Pakistan in these various spheres of life. On the negative side, 33% of the national sample rated progress in Education as Bad or Very Bad. The comparable rating for other fields is: Economic Progress (40%), Public Morals (41%), and Law and Order (54%).


 Two Thirds of Pakistanis (66%) Claim Obscenity on Television Has Increased  
Pak channels  Two thirds of all Pakistanis (66%) believe obscenity on television has increased, 18% feel it has decreased and 16% think it has remained the same. Forty two percent (42%) said they sometimes feel that there are certain programs which can not be watched with their families because of their content, 41% often feel like that where as 11% claimed to have never come across a program which is not suitable to watch with the family. Six percent (6%) of the respondents do not watch TV with their families.


 66% of Pakistanis Fear Animals/Insects and Ghosts
fear  Most feared creatures by two thirds of all Pakistanis (66%) are animals/insects and devil/ghosts.The remaining respondents claimed to be either scared of darkness (18%) or height (12%).percent (4%) said they are not scared of anything or gave no response. While more men are fearful of height and darkness, a higher number of women are scared of animals/insects and devils/ghosts.


 Perceptions on Bribery
bribery  More than half (54%) of all Pakistanis are against public servants accepting bribes under any circumstances, 16% find it acceptable under compulsion.The remaining 30% said they were unable to make up their mind on this subject.The data also reveals that 46% of the respondents believe paying bribery to any public servant in order to get some work done is wrong and objectionable while a significant 27% consider it acceptable. The remaining 20% were unsure.


 68% Pakistanis Listen to Music on Cassettes; 55% Listen to Music on CDs
(68%)Music Majority of Pakistanis (68%) claimed to listen to music on cassettes a significant 55% of the respondents also claimed to listen to music on CDs. 49% claimed to buy cassettes of Pakistani songs,41% buy cassettes of Indian music, 5% said they buy cassettes of English songs or some other kind of music. 39% claimed to buy Indian music CDs, 24% buy CDs of Pakistani music, 11% buys English songs CDs and 7% buy CDs of some other kind of music.


 Two Third of Pakistanis (77%) Take Fair Amount of Interest in the Country’s Politics
 pakistan PoliticsMajority of Pakistanis (77%) claimed to take a lot of or some what interest in the country’s political affairs while 23% are not at all interested in politics. Fifty one percent (51%) try to stay informed and seek information regarding the country’s current affairs,27% discuss and analyze political affairs with other people where as 21% of the respondents actively take part in the country’s politics.


 40% Conserves Electricity and Gas Due to Environmental Concerns 
SuperStock_2109-2075 Majority of Pakistanis claim to make conscious efforts to keep the environment clean. Forty percent (40%) of the respondents claimed to conserve gas and electricity at home to protect the environment, 27% claimed to recycle and hence avoid wastage, 20% use less water, 12% use sprays that do not damage the ozone layer, 9% use public transport due to environmental concerns, and 3% use rechargeable batteries for the same reason. Twelve percent (12%) said they do nothing to help in keeping the surroundings clean where as 7% gave no response.


 One Third (31%) Pakistanis Are Aware of Geneva Convention; 61% Believe it Decreases Civilian Casualties
 Geneva1One third of all Pakistanis (31%) are familiar with the Geneva Convention where as 57% claimed to have no knowledge about it.Amongst those who are unaware of it, 24% believe it protects civilians to a great extent, 37% said to some extent and 19% believe Geneva Convention has a very little affect on the number of civilian sufferings during wartime.Five percent (5%) of the respondents think that Geneva Convention does not protect civilians in any way and 15% were unsure.


 Majority Feel Proud of Pakistan; Nuclear Capability and Improvement in Education are Top Achievements in past Six Decades


Nuclear BombSeventy nine percent (79%) Pakistanis feel proud of their national identity and heritage and the biggest source of this pride is achievement of nuclear capability and improvements in the field of education.


 43% of Pakistanis Visit Market Places only On Need Basis
 zeb-flea-marketOne third of all Pakistanis (33%) frequently visit the market place and 24% said they go to the market once in two weeks or once in a month.The remaining 43% of the respondents visit marketplaces on need basis. A proportionately higher percentage of ruralites (22%) than urbanites (16%), and more men (22%) than women (14%) claimed to visit the markets almost daily.


 79% of All Pakistanis Are Fond of Drinking Lassi
 lassiMajority of Pakistanis (79%) claim that they or someone from their household drink Lassi (A traditional sweet drink made out of yogurt and water), while 21% do not.The survey shows that 91% of the respondents drink home-made lassi and the remaining buy it from the market or gave no response.Amongst those who claimed to buy lassi from the market, 64% said they buy unpacked lassi.
 12% of Pakistanis Claimed They Did Some Voluntary Work in the Past One Year
 PakTwelve percent (12%) Pakistanis claim to have volunteered at non-profit organization in the last one year where as 67% did not.Twenty one percent (21%) gave no response.A higher percentage of urbanites (15%) as compared to the ruralites (10%) claimed to have done voluntary work in the past 12 months.


 13% Pakistanis Claimed to Have Full-Time or Part-Time Domestic Servants
  domestic servantAround 5% of all Pakistanis use full-time domestic helpers while 8% claim to have only part-time servants at home.Majority of Pakistanis (85%) do not have domestic servants to help them with the household chores.


 Majority (75%) Put Their Household Purchases in Plastic Bags
 Plastic bagsMore than two thirds of Pakistanis (75%) put their household purchases in a plastic bag. Bags made of cloth are used by (15%), whereas only 6% make use of paper bags.An even lower percentage of respondents (4%) stated that they use a basket.



Fifty Two Percent (52%) Own a Wrist Watch; 50% Claimed to Wear it All the Time
Wrist Watch More than half of all Pakistanis (52%) claimed to own a wrist watch as compared to 34% who said they do not.A higher percentage of men (63%) than women (37%) own a wrist watch. Amongst those who own a wrist watch, 50% wear it all the time, 23% wear it when they go out, 15% claimed they seldom wear wrist watches, and 5% wear it when they leave for work. Interestingly 6% said they do not ever wear it.Thirty five percent (35%) said they use a wall clock or some other time piece to check the time, 32% use their wrist watches, 14% use their mobile phone, 8% just ask someone else, and 11% seldom need to know the time or gave no response.



57% Pakistanis Believe Law and Order Situation Has Deteriorated In the Recent Times; Only 38% Feel Safe
Law & order More than half of all Pakistanis (57%) perceive law and order situation to have deteriorated since the current government came into power.According to 36% it has remained the same while only 7% feel law and order has improved.Regarding personal security, majority (61%) claimed they feel safe to a very little extent or not at all while 38% think they are safe to a great or at least some extent. 1% did not give any response.


 Majority (84%) Use Untreated/Regular Water in Their Household For Drinking
tapdrinking waterThe overwhelming majority of Pakistanis (84%) use untreated or regular water for drinking. Only 16% claim to use a different source of water for drinking.Amongst these, the majority at 64% get their drinking water from a trusted source outside their homes, 21% get their drinking water from a tube well and 11% buy it from the market.


 Majority (65%) Believe the Water they Drink is Safe
 tap waterTwo thirds of all Pakistanis (65%) believe their drinking water is safe.Consequently, 67% do not use any method to purify their drinking water. However, 25% think the water they drink is unsafe since it has a bad color, odor, taste and causes infections.


 Views on the Reasons for Load Shedding Are Divided
 load sheddingPublic’s views on the shortage of electricity in Pakistan are divided between those who believe it is artificially created (42%) so that the more influential people can get more electricity than their share, and those who believe otherwise (40%).


Chief Justice’s Decisions Continue to Enjoy Popular Support: 69% Believe Executive Order on Oil Process was in Contempt of Court; 74% Oppose President’s Ordinance Against Chief Justice’s Decision
Iftikhar ch Chief Justice’s decisions continue to enjoy popular support amongst the public, 69% of whom believe the presidential ordinance against the Chief Justice’s ruling was in contempt of Supreme Court. Judicial activism by the Chief Justice on gasoline pricing is widely approved. As compared to 74% who opposed, only 12% supported the executive decision to nullify court ruling on oil prices.
 fathers dayAlmost Two Thirds (64%) of Pakistanis Find it Acceptable to Celebrate Mother’s or Father’s Day  Almost half of all Pakistanis (57%) have heard about father’s day and mother’s day celebrations, and 35% claim to have read about it. Majority (64%) is in the favor of, or find such special occasions celebrations acceptable. Twenty three percent (23%) believe it is a western custom and hence should not be copied by Muslims where as 13% were unsure about their stance.


 Good Education (29%), Good Standard of Living (28%) and a Good Job (21%) Are the Top Priorities Parents Have For Their Children’s Secure Future
 EducationMore than two thirds of Pakistanis (78%) perceive good education, good standard of living, and good job to be the most important things for their children’s future.The remaining respondents believe living in a terrorism-free country (9%), religious education (8%) and good health (5%) to be the most essential.


 SATISFACTION WITH PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SERVICES: Both Public and Private Education and Health Score Well. Electricity, Roads, Sewage, and Safety Sore Poorly
.Pakistan FlagThe Pakistani public appears to be very satisfied with private sector’s facilities such as private educational institutes (58%) and health services (58%).They are also satisfied with the public educational (46%) and health facilities available (48%) in their areas.However it is noticed that other services provided by the government for which the public is not required to pay any amount, enjoy less satisfaction level; such as availability of roads (31%), sewerage and drainage (31%), and cleanliness (26%).



More Than Two Thirds (72%) Believes Government Charges Them Unfair Amount of Taxes
taxes Majority of Pakistanis feel the government is charging them unfairly high taxes, as cited by more than two thirds of the respondents (72%); Twenty seven percent (27%) seemed to be supportive of the government’s taxation policy.


 Although Not Many People Come Out to Protest Against Load Shedding, Views Are Divided on Protests, Majority (56%) Favors Them, 44% Are Opposed
 KESC RiotsMore than half of the nation (56%) is in the favor of protesting against load shedding, which has become one of the most crucial problems Pakistan is currently facing, while 44% are against such protests. The findings show that although a lot more people support coming out on the streets and protesting, only 18% have admitted to have actually protested in one or another form, where as the majority (82%) claimed to have not. Majority of the public believes the government is not performing well in order to eliminate load shedding and the respondents showed very less hope that this problem can be tackled by the government anytime soon.



Half of the Nation (53%) is Deprived of Electricity For More Than Eight Hours a Day
load sheddingLoad shedding has become one of the most serious problems Pakistanis seem to be struggling with in this scorching heat, as majority of Pakistanis (83%) have claimed to be affected by this to a great or some extent. As the mercury level rises, the time slots of power outages have also increased. Half of the nation (53%) has claimed to live without electricity for more than 8 hours in a day, 28% said 6-8 hours, 12% said 3-5 hours while 8% seem to be without electricity for 1-2 hours every day.

 Majority (54%) Wants No Quota System in Educational Institutions 
 quota system Majority of all Pakistanis (54%) believe that merit should be the only criteria for entry in all types of educational institutes and all reserved seats for the influential or others should be abolished as it deprives well-deserving, but perhaps from poor or less influential families.Twenty four percent (24%) are still in the favor of such quota system where as 22% are unsure.


 Majority (79%) Claims The New Budget Has Affected Their Daily Lives
 bazar pakistaniMajority (79%) of all Pakistanis claimed that the new budget decided this year has affected their daily lives to a great or some extent, where as 14% said that it has had a very little affect and 8% claimed it has not affected them in any manner. A higher percentage of urbanites (87%) than ruralites (73%) feel they have been affected by the new budget.


 Majority (77%) Have their Hopes High for the Pakistani Cricket Team after T20 World Cup
 Pakistani cricketBy winning the recent twenty-twenty cricket world cup, Pakistani cricket team has inspired high hopes in the hearts of the general public.The data findings show that more than two thirds of all Pakistanis (77%) believe that the cricket team will win future matches to a great extent as compared to 7% who have little hope or 9% who have absolutely no hope for Pakistani team. Higher percentage of men (82%) as compared to the women (73%) believes to a great or some extent in the ability of the Pakistani team to win the future cricket matches.


 Beef is The Most Used Meat as Cited by 50% of Pakistanis
 BeefHalf of all Pakistanis (50%) said cow meat is the mostly consumed animal protein in their household. The next in line are chicken and mutton claimed to be used by 39% and 9% respectively. Two percent (2%) of the respondents said they use some other kind of meat. A proportionately higher percentage of ruralites (53%) eat beef as compared to their urban counterparts (43%). A higher number of respondents from Balochistan eat mutton while beef is more popular in NWFP.


Very Few Pakistanis (13%) Claim to Have Tried Dieting motapaLess than a quarter of all Pakistanis (13%) claimed to control their diets while the majority (87%) has never dieted. Reducing Weight (67%) turned out to be the most common reason for people to cut down their food intake followed by Doctor’s Suggestion (12%), To control Cholesterol (9%), and To control Sugar/Diabetes (4%). The data reveals that (37%) of the respondents who claimed to have been on a diet, try to avoid fatty foods, 29% said they exercise/walk and 26% try to just balance their diet. Only 5% of the respondents claimed to go to a gym or slimming centres.  

Source : http://www.gallup.com.pk/index.php


For the ‘Mutants’ of Ahmediyat cum Liberalism

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There are two types of extremisms which are moving side by side, parallel to each other. One is well known due to the Swat issue and the behavior of Taliban, i.e., ‘Religious Extremism’. On the other hand there is Liberal Extremism”—an enormously fatal and dangerous one in its own kind.

This liberal extremism is the output of the liberal, materialistic and secular (read anti-religion) Western education system. The primary objective of this system is to produce mentally & ideologically slave generations which will not only be helpful but also become tools in spreading their own Western agendas.

This generation is definitely good in English but unaware of Muslim values and culture. It seems that insulting and abusing religious people is a fashion for them.

After reading several English newspaper articles and internet blogs, I have noticed the following stereotype aproaches with minute differences whenever these liberal extremists are challenged:

I am an expert of ‘Pakistan History’.

I have God gifted understanding of Jinnah’s views the knowledge of others about Quaid-e-Azam is doubtful.

 • I have all the rights whatever I want to write but YOU are not allowed to disagree with me.

I have the right to use whatever abusive language about YOU because you deserve it.

 • I am a certified patriotic and YOU are an enemy of the country since maulvis opposed Jinnah before Partition.

 • I am open minded, liberal, enlightened and YOU are closed minded, backward Mullah

I am champion of secularism and YOU are a religious fascist

 • I am at peak of intellectuality and YOU have even no intelligence.

 • I know everything and YOU know nothing.

• I am an authority on all subjects if YOU dare challenge me then you are an idiot.

 • If an Ahmadi officer dies in Swat Operation then he is a hero. For the several Muslim soldiers who got martyred, it was simply their duty.

 • Irshad Manji (a lesbian), Asra Noamani (a lady having son without wedlock), Ayan Hirsi Ali (an atheist –co-producer & writer of film Fitna), Amina Wadud (who lead the mixed gender prayers drama) are their icons whereas Dr. Israr Ahmed and Jamaat-e-Islami people are criminals and can’t be tolerated at any blog.

I am are reading and observing the above again and again from liberal & Ahmadi mouthpieces for the last few years and the fact is that now I am sick and tired of all these bhashans. Liberals and Ahmadies are living in their own utopia and fool’s paradise.

They have no understanding of common Pakistanis’ problems. They always want to raise non-issues for their own vested interests and want to malign Pakistan’s image internationally.

What do you think what are the real issues of common Pakistanis, Blasphemy laws? Hudood Ordinance? Religious extremism?

No sir, a common Pakistani is facing the problems of day by day increasing Inflation and price hike, law & order, less salaries, lack of education, discrimination in education system, political instability, US intervention in Pakistani politics and state affairs, etc.

 The problems which are portrayed by these so called “Liberals” are their own “mental blocks”. No common Pakistani has any concern with them. In the latest IRI survey religious extremism not even amongst the top 5 problems faced by the common Pakistanis. But these drum beaters always shout like a crow.


These liberals are short sighted people and just want to present and discuss what they want. They don’t give a damn about what others think and believe. They have no interest in common Pakistanis’ miseries, troubles and problems. They have their own agenda.

This “Mummy Daddy – Burger Group” tries to present themselves as intellectuals. Their hidden agenda is promoting vulgarity amongst Pakistani and Muslim youth. The evident example is www.naseeb.com

where they developed the villages of Gays & Lesbians – Shame on them! This website is a mutation of so-called Liberalism and Ahmadiyat.

They have zero level tolerance against criticism. The use of abusive and indecent language is common by these liberal fascists and interestingly they believe that their opponents deserve this language, which shows their sick state of mind.

In the name of human rights they become Ahmadi mouthpieces. They even used Gojra incident in favor of Ahmadies. They portray that every practicing Muslim wants to kill Ahmadies but the fact is that every Muslim is in favor of protecting their rights under the Constitution of Pakistan and unanimously approved resolution of the national assembly in 1974, where they are protected as minority.

If someone wants to call them Muslim on the name of human rights then it’s not acceptable under the Constitution and for us, the people of Pakistan. Ahmadies are clearly non-Muslims but we believe that they should enjoy each and every right as a minority.

The mutation of Ahmadiyat and Liberalism is also evident from some blogs which could not be considered as mere ideological garbage centers. In these blogs and websites they promote all those values and norms which are against the teachings of Islam. Even some “poor couple”  raised the questions like why Pig is haram? Why one should keep a beard when Gillette exists.

 They want to prove themselves as champions of “Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan as an inclusive, liberal and secular state” but totally ignore the Quaid-e-Azam view of Pakistan become a test lab of Islam. See Quaid-e-Azam views about relationship of Pakistan & Islam in my following post


My submission to these mutants of Ahmediyat and Liberalism is that now kindly stop calling your opponents as terrorists, mullahs and fitnas. There is a need to develop an atmosphere of tolerance. We can live and tolerate each other in a civilized way. Both sides can visit each other blogs and post healthy comments and criticism.

 Shayad kai utar jai, teray dil main mari baat

Women Rights & Hindu Poets (Urdu)

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کیفر کردار

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کیفر کردار

﴿عالم اسلام میں پیدا شدہ کشمکش دین و مادیت کے درمیان ایک طبقے کا طرز فکر﴾

یہ کس نے الاپا ہے یہاں نغمئہ الہام؟

یہ کس نے سنایا ہمیں اسلام کا پیغام؟

                        پکڑو انھیں! یہ کون ہیں سرگشتئہ اوہام!

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

فرسودہ سی اک بات نکالی ہے انہوں نے

مذہب میں سیاست بھی ملالی ہے انہوں نے

کیوں رنگ میں بھنگ آکے یہ ڈالی ہے انہوں نے

                        ہر قول پہ تعریض ہے، ہر فعل پہ الزام !

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

ہر چھلنی میں چھانے گئے افکار ہمارے

سوچھا جوں میں پھٹکے گئے کردار ہمارے

سوکانٹوں پہ تولے گئے”شہکار”ہمارے

عزت کے گریبان ہوئے تار ہمارے

کیوں بزم میں کھولے گئے اسرار ہمارے

                        ہم لوگوں کی توہین جو کرتے ہیں سرعام!

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

یہ لوگ ہیں مست مئے پندار تقدس!

کندھوں پر لیے پھرتے ہیں انبار تقدس!

جیسے کہ یہی لوگ ہوں معیار تقدس!

سوڈھنگ سے کرتے ہیں یہ اظہار تقدس!

                        جو بات یہ کرتے ہیں ہمیں لگتی ہے دشنام!

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

جیسے کہ بہت اچھے مسلمان نہیں ہم!

جیسے کہ قتیل غم ایمان نہیں ہم!

جیسے کہ پیمبر﴿ص﴾کے ثناخوان نہیں ہم!

                        تنقید کریں لوگ تو ہم ہوتے ہیں بدنام

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

یوں دور نبوت کو ہمیں یاد دلانا

قرآں سے ہمیں چھانٹ کے آیات سنانا

خورشید کو یوں لے کے دئیے تارے دکھانا

                        سودائی ہیں یہ لوگ ! یہ سودا ہے بڑا خام!

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

جیسے کہ میں کچھ حق تعبیر نہیں ہے

اپنے لیے یاں منصب تفسیر نہیں ہے

جیسے کوئی گنجائش تغییر نہیں ہے

اسلام ہے ملاؤں کی جاگیر نہیں ہے

                        گستاخ سناتے ہیں ہمیں معنئ احکام!

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

یہ اپنی کسی بات پہ”آمیں”نہیں کہتے

آمیں نہ سہی! ایسے میں چپ بھی نہیں رہتے

جو آتی ہیں کہ جاتے ہیں ہر ظلم کو سہتے

پھر پیروجواں سارے اسی رومیں ہیں بہتے

                        اس طرح سے ہوجاتی ہے فتنے کی وبا عام

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

دراصل یہ ہم لوگوں کی تکفیر ہے لوگو!

خود اپنے سوا اوروں کی تحقیر ہے لوگو!

ملت کی تباہی کی یہ تدبیر ہے لوگو!

                        یہ جن کی بھی تدبیر ہے ، کردوا سے ناکام!

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

ہم لوگ قدم آگے بڑھائیں تو گناہی!

کلچہ کی کوئی بزم سجائیں تو گنا ہی!

مینا کو پیالوں پہ جھکائیں تو گناہی!

ناچیں تو خطار ہیں، گائیں تو گناہی!

“لیڈیز”کو میدان میں لائیں تو گناہی!

جمہور کو تہذیب سکھائیں تو گناہی!

مذہب سے سیاست کو چھڑائیں تو گناہی

اسلام پہ گر وعظ سنائیں تو گناہی

جو دل میں ہے وہ لب پہ جو لائیں تو گناہی

                        کم ظرف ہے کس درجہ یہ ملاؤں کا اسلام!

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

تسلیم ہے! مست مئے افرنگ سہی ہم

تہذیب میں اغیار کے ہم رنگ سہی ہم

ماحول کے فتنوں سے ہم آہنگ سہی ہم

                        یہ لوگ سمجھتے نہیں کیوں رتبہ حکام!

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

بس بزم سیاست میں ہے اسلام خطرناک

یہ نام خطرناک ہے ! یہ نام خطر ناک

اس نام سے ہوتا ہوتو کام خطرناک

                        اس نام سے جو لوگ کریں کوئی بھلا کام!

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

محبوس تھا کل اپنی روایات میں اسلام

اب ٹانگ اڑاتا ہے ہر اک بات میں اسلام

خطبات و تقاریر وبیانات میں اسلام

خبروں میں، صحافت میں، مقالات میں اسلام

فریادوں میں اسلام، شکایات میں اسلام

افسانوں میں ،شعروں میں حکایات میں اسلام

تعلیم و تمدن کے ادارات میں اسلام

داخل ہوا کلچر کی عمارات میں اسلام

آپہنچا محل تک کے مضافات میں اسلام

گھسنے کو ہے محفوظ مقامات میں اسلام

                        اب روک لو اسلام کے “دیوانوں”کا اقدام

                        __________انہیں دار چڑھا دو !

Anti America Move of Bloggers

In America on August 21, 2009 at 1:06 pm

Source: http://talkhaaba.wordpress.com/2009/08/20/bloggers-to-start-go-america-go-campaign/

A newly formed blogger network of Pakistani Bloggers namely Union of Patriotic Bloggers for Sovereign Pakistan (UPBSP) has started Go America Go campaign which aims at confining US to its diplomatic role guaranteed under the international law. The other aim of the campaign is to compel Pakistani rulers to act as sovereign Pakistan dreamed by Alama Muhammad Iqbal and hundreds of thousands of Muslims who had given sacrifices with the hope that their next generation will live in a sovereign and independent Muslim State.

It is impetrative to mention some of the criminal activities of world Terrorist No-1 and rogue state, United State of America.


The top most and recent of which  is the notorious act of recognizing Balochistan as an independent state by assigning a separate checklist to Balochistan against the “Country of citizenship” column of Immigration Form for non US national. This is the infamous effort of changing the dream of Free Baluchistan explained in Blood Border into reality as also pointed out by Awab Alvi.

Ahmed Qureshi’s website provides much stuff about the Blackwater’s activities in Peshawar. The construction of US Castle in Islamabad and suspicious activities of US marines near the brigade headquarters of Pakistan’s Special Operation Task Force (SOTF) in Turbilla are well exposed by Saleem Shehzad in Asia times online. 

We have no objection if US embassy in Islamabad and its consulates in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar work in the frame work of International Law. However, unlawful activities in the name of the so-called war on terror and expanding relationships are unacceptable and will be resisted through peaceful struggle which may also culminate in the end of the present regime.

We also urge the present government to act as the real government and not as agent of US. We

assure that the patriotic youth will stand by our government and army if they resisted to the US expansionistic designs.

The schedule for rallies and demonstrations will be announced shortly.

Any Pakistani Blogger can join the network by simply showing his consent through email at upbspakistan@gmail.com

Please send your resentments under subject “Go America Go” at the following address.

Richard Snelsire

Press Attaché and Country Information Officer

E-mail Inquiries


Welcome Ramadan -A Nasheed- Zain Bhika

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Welcome Ramadan -A Nasheed- Dawud Warnsby Ali

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Dialogue & Manners – Urdu Article

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An Open letter to Mr. Raza Rumi about usage of indecent language at PTH

In pakistan, Uncategorized on August 19, 2009 at 8:01 am

Raza rumiDear Raza Rumi,

You are an educated, well mannered & visionary person, According to your About, you claim that you believe on “revive the culture of debate, pluralism and tolerance.”. But truth is bitter & different, we completely failed to find anything  at PTH which we can relate to your claim.

 Contrary to your claim we are continuously observing  frequent usage of abusive & indecent language, harsh behavior, insulting attitude, lack of tolerance & absolute lacking of ethics & violation of moral practices at Pak Tea House.

Your whole philosophy of debate & tolerance has been drained into flush by Ahmadi extremists. They are destroying & damaging the image of your website. By using abusive language they are repeating the history when Mr. Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani used the same bad language for his opponents.

Apparently, it also seems that now PTH has been converted into a sectarian promotional web portal. Every second post is representing the Ahmadi point of view.

I believe that many women also visit your website & there are some words which are supposed to be abusive &  never to be used by any decent person in presence of ladies. But here at PTH we are looking at the frequent usage of these third rated vocabularies by your honorable friend. Just think, what message these ladies will carry for you & your website.

At Pakistaniat, Dr. Adil Najam has set some rules for comments (Although here also most of the time we don’t see the practice of these rules, but at least he has defined the rules of the game). pAKISTANIAT Please see below what’s happening at PAK TEA HOUSE. Mr Yasser Latif Hamdani is doing the same job  at PTH which has been done by Gorbachev in UUSR. It means you should search for the “Enemy within” . The most ridiculous joke is that YLH is  defining the rules of “Editing” at PTH.

1Now, lets see is he applying the same rules upon himself ? 🙂  


Lets see another Master piece of indecent language,


What we observed on daily basis that your web portal has been turn into sectarian portal & become involved in Ahmadi religious extremism. YLH is using third class, uncivilized & street language about Elders, see the prove


YLH is really schizophranic & used-to to EDIT all comments which Exposed his tall claims & lack of knowledge. See few proves here



Your website visiters are also getting upset due to his attitude. see


Another visiter of PTH shouted, read


Dear Raza ! We have warned you that your efforts have been destroyed & hijacked by Ahmadies. They are even using most indecent , vulgar, abusive words of  third class society at your website.  They have turned & using your website for their religious preachings.

Kindly be careful & be aware of the “Enemies within” .



قبر اقبال سے آرہی تھی صدا

In pakistan on August 17, 2009 at 7:26 pm

By Aagha Shorish Kashmiri

پھول لے کر گیا آیا روتا ہوا،Iqbal 2

بات ایسی ہے کہنے کا یارا نہیں،

قبرِ اقبال سے آرہی تھی صدا،

یہ چمن مجھ کو آدھا گوارا نہیں۔

شہرِ ماتم تھا اقبال کا مقبرہ،

تھے عدم کے مسافر بھی آئے ہوئے،Iqbal 3

خوں میں لت پت کھڑے تھے لیاقت علی،

روحِ قائد بھی سر کو جھکائے ہوئے،

کہہ رہے تھے سبھی کیا غضب ہوگیا،

یہ تصّور تو ہر گز ہمارا نہیں۔

سرنگوں تھا قبر پہ مینارِ وطن،Iqbal 4

کہہ رہا تھا کہ اے تاج دارِ وطن،

آج کے نوجواں کو بھلا کیا خبر،

کیسے قائم ہوا یہ حصارِ وطن،

جس کی خاطر کٹے قوم کے مرد و زن،
اُن کی تصویر ہے یہ مینارہ نہیں۔

کچھ اسیرانِ گلشن تھے حاضر وہاں،

کچھ سیاسی محاشے بھی موجود تھے،

چاند تارے کہ پرچم میں لپٹے ہوئے،

چاند تاروں کے لاشے بھی موجود تھے،Iqbal

میرا ہنسنا تو پہلے ہی اک جرم تھا،

میرا رونا بھی ان کو گوارا نہیں۔

کیا فسانہ کہوں ماضی و حال کا،

شیر تھا میں بھی اک ارضِ بنگال کا،

شرق سے غرب تک میری پرواز تھی،

ایک شاہیں تھا میں ذہنِ اقبال کا،

ایک بازو پہ اڑتا ہوں میں آج کل،

دوسرا دشمنوں کو گوارا نہیں۔

یوں تو ہونے کو گھر ہے، سلامت رہے،

کھینچ دی گھر میں دیوار اغیار نے،Iqbal 5

ایک تھے جو کبھی آج دو ہوگئے،

ٹکڑے کر ڈالے دشمن کی تلوار نے،

دھڑ بھی دو ہوگئے در بھی دو ہوگئے،

جیسے کوئی بھی رشتہ ہمارا نہیں۔

قبر اقبال سے آرہی تھی صدا

یہ چمن مجھ کو آدھا گوارا نہیں۔