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We condemn the Gojra killings; Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalapuri, Ameer Almi Majlis-e-Tahfuz Khatam-e-Nabuat, Karachi

In pakistan on August 10, 2009 at 9:08 am

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“A very unpleasant incident of Muslim Christian’s riots took place in Gojra, a place near Faisalabad, on Friday, 31st42-23021375 July 2009. Seven people were killed and several others injured while 40 houses were set ablaze. Indeed maximum condemnation of this incident becomes insufficient as it was the duty of Islamic state [of Pakistan] to protect the lives and properties of Non-Muslim citizen of the state.” This is the intro of article by Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalapuri, Ameer Almi Majlis-e-Tahfuz-e- Khatam-e-Nabuat Karachi which he gave me for reading before the interview. Both the English and Urdu version of article “Saniha-e-Gojra, Pase Parda Muharekat” will be published on my blog soon inshaAllah.

After reading the intro of article, I cut short the list of my questions and asked who has committed this heinous crime? Is there any hand of Khatam-e-Nabuat in this incident?

The humble Maulana Saeed smiled despite my blunt questions and replied: “Islam doesn’t allow any individual or group to take law in his hand. We can’t tolerate that our worker would take law in his hand. Khatam-e-Nabuat doesn’t believe in fanaticism. We have a long list of martyrs but you can’t name a single killer in our ranks. We haven’t killed a single Qadiani even, leave alone the Christians. We are struggling in the frame work of the state Law and will keep our struggle continued peaceful. We have neither taken law in our hand nor will we do it in future.”

Then who is behind it? As it is alleged that the “fanatic” of Khatam-e-Nabuat has done all this? I repeated the word fanatic.

“The violent activities which have taken space now days are the act of powers who want to denounce Islam and TAJMuslims. They prepare the people who apparently seem to be religious but in actual they work for the enemies of Islam who want to clear the way for their notorious activities against Islam. These people who pose and show to be religious may also claim to be part of a certain sect or may claim to have got their education from a specific Mdarassa but in fact they have been trained to defame Islam and pave ways for scraping out Islamic Laws.” Maulana Saeed Replied to my question.

If it is proved that the Christian has committed the act of blasphemy? I asked.

_167820_pakistan300Maulana Said, “If it is proved then a case should be lodged under the blasphemy Law but at the same time we would demand for sever punishment for those who have attacked the Christians and tried to defame Islam, the only religion which has guaranteed human rights and rights of minorities.”

It is claimed that the blasphemy Law is misused. How would you respond to this question? Talkhaba asked.

islam_christian“Maulana Saeed replied, “The forces working against Islam are attacking the law on the pretext of such incidents. It is propagated that the law is a tool of suppression, it is against the human rights, and it is used to suppress the minorities. All this is rubbish. In fact the blasphemy law set a limit for those who hurt the human being by transgressing the limits. It protects not only the prophet of Islam and Quran but it is also for the protection of other prophets of Allah including Hazrat Essaa (Jesus) [AS]” Maulna enlightened Talkhaba.

I told Maulana Saeed that “I will repeat the same Question. The law is misused. For example if some one has personal enmity with a person he blames him as blasphemer.”

Maulana informed me, “Which Law is not misused? What do you think all cases registered under 302 are true? How 1238277422809much accused are proven innocents? If a person charged for killing another person is proven innocent then it means that there should be no law altogether? Please note that under any law the culprit remains the accused until and unless he is proven to be culprit. This is the case with blasphemy Law. It is the duty of Judge to analyze the evidences and give verdict on merit. No punishment is given at the spot. You have the process of court proceeding for every case anywhere in the world and so is the case with blasphemy Law. Had the blasphemy Laws asked the people to attack the Christian? In fact we not only condemn it but demand that justice should be done in this case. But if you abolish the law then it simply means that you give people the right to take decision at their own, which will give birth to Lawlessness and anarchy.”

Back on my way to office I thought I would ask my friends to research as why did a secular Jinnahjinnah1 fought the case of Ghazi Alam din Shaheed who had killed a blasphemer in side the court room. I thought of double standards we have. We get provoked if someone abuses our girl friend but we preach that people should be given the right to insult the beloved prophet of millions of people. At Last I would advise my friends to at least try to know the version of whom you are alleging.

For Any further or follow-up question you can contact at Talkhaba@gmail.com or can directly write to Saeed Jalalpuri Sahib at editorkn@yahoo.com


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