Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

یوم اقلیت اور قانون تو حید رسالت

In pakistan on August 11, 2009 at 6:08 am


  1. Assalam o allaikum kashif bhai!
    first of all i must salute you on touching the gojra issue and qadiyaniat issue in a balanced and calculated way. your article is simply impressive.
    however i want to congratulate regarding maligning campaign of qadiyanis against you because i believe the height of a personality can only be measured by his emenies and reason of animosities.
    in your case your conviction and determination led the disgusting and cheap attacks on your personality on “PAK TEA HOUSE”. i tried to post my comment in pak tea house but they already know me and my problematic ip address.
    may Allah(swt) give you more energy and strength of writing on these issue.
    best regards

  2. well writen. we need the stuff like this. pls keep it up. Is it possible for u to generate the english version of same. but a little “short”

  3. What an idiot.

    • Ladies & Gentelmen,

      We welcome “Mian Yasser Latif Hamdani” (a.k.a.YLH)to Kashifiat.

      Mr. YLH is very popular amongst “Ahmadies” due to his aggressive advocacy for their faiths & unconstitutional rights.

      He has unique & amazing expertiese in changing the clear facts of history.

      His another quality is “Zero level tolerance” , he will become mad if you disagree with him & will ask editor to block other guy, where ever he has controls like Naseeb & Pak tea House, he did it.

      He believes that those who are not agreed with him are “Idiots” but what he is debatable, we are doing research with the help of psychologists about this sort of human species.

      He claims that he is the person who understand the Jinnahs views in Pakistan, all others (like me) have no knowledge & depth about Quaid-e-Azam sayings -By the way as he is badge mate of Quaid-e-Azam so he always call him “Jinnah” not “Quaid-e-Azam”

      Inshallah we will provide the more intro of this unique & one of his own kind personality soon.

      In the end we will ask YLH to keep continuing the visits & posting comments, as we are nor the pseudo intellectual like you & neither have zero tolerance level who blocked / edited / deleted opponents comments.

      Welcome again 🙂



    • Allow me to Add, Mr and Mrs. Hamadni who runs Naseeb networks sites like Naseeb.com and Rozee.com, are pretty much fond of pigs. Not sure whether their views are same after Swine Flu or not.

      Kashif Good work to make that wannba Jinan Specialist sleepless.

  4. pakistan is really a very unfortunate country because the person who is supposed to be behind the bars or under the grave occupies highest position in the governament.
    and fundo who must have a cell reserved in a psychiatric hospital talks about knowledge and gives the doses of intellect.

  5. “all moral shortcomings that are dislike in Islam are also disliked by them” i.e., Ahmadis (and others) are decent human beings. Now compare it to the sentence where it is asserted that Ahmadis and Christians want to abolish the blasphemy laws so that they can do whatever they please.

    If the author expects all, sirkari muslims, muslims, non-muslims to behave in an ethical manner then why is he so scared of their behaviour in the absence of blasphemy laws.

    Blasphemy laws are nothing but the product of an illiterate, insecure clergy who think that anyone who disagrees with their belief is committing blasphemy. Deobandis and Brelvis have been blaming each other for blasphemies since forever. Wahabis and Shias are also blasphemers. The fact is, that every single sect of muslims commits blasphemy in the eyes of other sects. Similarly, every single muslim sect is also committing kufr in the eyes of others.

    Maudoodi has been guilty of lacking in logic and common sense in may issues, but his take on definition of a muslim and Islam as a political force is a particulary good example of his confusion.

    The fact is that Ahmadis have not been given the same room and space as all others who call themselves muslims but hold the honour of fatwas of kufr against them because they have been silencing all with their logical and reasonable interpretation of Islam. Mullah’s greatest fear is losing his congregation to a tolerant, pacifict and educated Islam, which condemns violence and defends Islam with reason and force of conviction. This Islam is not acceptable in Pakistan, that is why you see the present state of affairs.

    • Well we can find ignorant every where, regardless of the race, religion or a school of thought. That doesn’t change the fact that now those days are getting over and Sunni Shias, Deobandis and Barelwis and all other Muslim School of Thoughts are coming together understanding each other opinion and working together towards a common goal, which had been common even when they were fighting.
      No room of Qadianis, you ask Why??? Coz Qadianis are not Muslims. Its neither a school of thought, nor a sect. It is the faith of those people who follow the Kazah Ghulam ahmed Qadiani. So don’t cry that Qadianis are not getting any room!!!

      Blasphemy Laws are intended for Qadiyanis, yea for you guys so that we can know which is an Actual Masjod and which one is the temple of Qadianis.
      Christians were never intended. Infact both Muslims and Christians used this law to ban Da Vinchi Code in Pakistan.
      Oh I forgot Sir Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani loved bashing the character of Jesus and Mary (mother of Jesus).

      • No one denies that Qadianis are not Humans!!!!!

        So stop saying that Muslims don’t think that you guys are not Human. If you keep your believes to yourself and do not encroach on our religion and our identities, then you all had not even been condemned Non Muslims in the Pakistani and South African Courts.

        So leave us me with our religion and stop harrassing us by trying to change our Islam. Stop using our terminologies, our identities and you won’t have a general problem.

        You guys can’t stop defaming Prophet Jesus, Mary, Prophet Muhammad, Aisha and many others. and then you guys cry about hate crimes. Mind me please, I am not justifing those hate crimes, coz they should go through the court and that why we have Blashpemy law to officialy endict these culprits who believe is blashphemy and incited hatred in the society.

  6. How many cases of blasphemy against Jesus (as) have been brought up by sarkari muslims against Ahmadi muslims? Please give me an example.

    • Well that’s a nice suggestion. Let’s start with you, shall we??

      Lutf Saab, your question has the answer in itself. Desecrating the personality of Hadhrat Isa (AS) will not only be “less fruitful” in Pakistan, but also your donors in the US and India will find it hard to fund you after this. You’ll lose precious PR mileage that you get after every such incident.

      We believe that people of Pakistan let any person live with his beliefs except when he fiddles with their beliefs or when their leaders mislead them into behaving like this.

      Ahmadi Muslim sounds like hot ice, or cold fire to me! They’re poles apart mister! You calling yourself Muslim doesn’t make you one, just as a zebra doesn’t become a tiger by painting his white stripes yellow 🙂

    • I gotta elaborate a point here that I made, it’s my personal opinion.

      The basic rule of forensic sciences is finding out who benefits most from a crime, and that’s your prime suspect.

      In cases of Blasphemy, the prime beneficiaries aren’t the christians or Hindus, but you. Each time an incident happens, Syncophants like YLH or Pervez Hoodbhoy jump the gun and start chanting “REPEAL the Blesphamy law” just like a mindless artcile on your PTH i saw today.

      So I think any forensic expert investigating incidents of Blasphemy “might” find secret hands working from somewhere called Rabwah.

  7. Let me bring to your attention a few guaranteed cases of Blasphemy and Apostacy. Please go ahead and pursue these in the land of the pure.

    According to the last section of this article, Deobandis, Barelvis and Wahabis all have committed blasphemy.


    Anyone reading the books of the said authors or claiming to be their follower, student should be charged with blasphemy straight away.

    Even graver evidence of Blasphmey.. I wonder what will stop a God fearing muslim like you from killing these kafirs…


    Please see the second half of this article. I will be interested to find out more about your sentiments about these sects of sarkari islam.

    • Dude your Kazab Prophet Ghulam clearly wrote in his writings about the prostitution of Mary and that Jesus was not born through a miracle (without father). He also wrote that Joseph was the father of Jesus, and Mary without marrying Joseph had Jesus.

      So stop using your own Ahmadiyya website as an argument in defense. It is a folly argument.

      Because of your writings and your usage of the name of Islam, I have come across many Christian websites, who say that Muslims hate Jesus and say bad stuff and then they cite all your Kazab prophet writings.

      So who is oppressed. ME. My religion is being misused. At one side buch of crazies pick up arms and only know stuff to blow up, on the other hand we got people like you, PTH and others who make stuff up in Ahmadiyyat and call it Islam.

      • I think that you will find any references provided on Ahmadiyya official website are 100% accurate. Stop this ranting and give me a proper answer. Will you try the followers of these people for blasphemy? Will you declare them non-muslims in parliament?

        • any body who is involved in blasphemy should be brought to court- ANY ONE- ABout that article, I can’t read that Urdu font, if you can find a better Urdu font or an English tran. I will look into it and give you a more detailed reply.

          The law does not exempt “Muslims” from blasphemy. And those who would do blasphemy then they won’t be Muslims would they!

          Also based on ignorance one would think that it is blasphemy, which might not be but just a difference of opinion. There is a thin line for those who don’t know or have awareness of that difference. That can be any one, including a Muslim.

          illetracy is wide spread, ignorance of Islam is great, so half of the stuff about Muslim accusing another Muslim about Blasphemy is based on that ignorance, which in reality is not blasphemy.

  8. Jamaat Islami clearly reflects the personal opinions of certain peoples, and not necessarily of Quran. By extension, the Pakistani society and its thought is magnification of such ideas.

    The paucity of logic in such a thought is reflected in its Constitution. Lets not forget that articles of constitution are developed by voting-in the populist ideas. These articles are NOT written by courts where a neutral judge weighs both sides for their logic and evidence.

    Constitution of Pakistan 1974, has a catch-22 in it. It undertakes to declare certain schools of thought as non-Muslim, while it itself lacks the very definition of a Muslim. Such lack of integrity and that too of a Constitution is laughable.

    Yet it is not laughable, because any effort to define a Muslim and that too in its Constitution can potentially result in a blood bath in Pakistan. Now that is ironic yet even more laughable.

    This Constitution by its spirit is in violation of Quran when read in light of the following verse:

    [Hence,] O you who have attained to faith, when you go forth [to war] in God’s cause, use your discernment, and do not – out of a desire for the fleeting gains of this worldly life – say unto anyone who offers you the greeting of peace, “Thou art not a believer” for with God there are gains abundant. You, too, were once in the same condition – but God has been gracious unto you. Use, therefore, your discernment: verily, God is always aware of what you do. {Translator: Muhammad Asad}

    Historically Jamaat Islami has always been at war against the people that said Constitution singles out.

    – a non-Qadiani

    • Allah in Quran also says that Muahmmad is the last messenger- the seal of Prophet Hood.

      Allah also said that Say that you belive in what was reveales to him and him and him, giving names of Prophets one after another.

      THos who charge Prophet Jesus with unthinkable and horrable accusations, and Mary A.S with evil accusations cannot be Muslims.

      JI is surely not the perfect org. It reflects the part of Islam that Muslims today in Pakistan have ignored.

      Definition of Muslims:

      Islam did not came with definitions. The definition of Muslim is one who follows the Quran and Sunnah (which also comes from Quran). Any one who believes contrary to the teachings of These TWO Main sources of Legislations is outside the fold of Islam.

      Pak Constitution should never bother to Define the word Muslim. We came to this point, because Muslims in Pakistan are ignorant of Islam. If they have been educated this issue would have not existed.

      Why this question is coming up now after 1400 yrs!!!! Think about it. Were Sahaba, Fuqaha, Tabieen and Taba Tabieen had no clue about the differnece b/w Muslim and Kufr?
      May Allah show us all guidance and increase our Knowledge of Islam.

      • You said: “Allah in Quran also says that Muahmmad is the last messenger- the seal of Prophet Hood.”

        The Lahori group takes it even further i.e. they believe that no prophet new or old will appear after Muhammad PBUH (check their websites)

        Many a times (I do not remember the websites,) the Ahmadi’s are accused of being disrespectful towards Jesus PBUH and his mother. I happened to ask an Ahmadi friend of mine. He replied that such kind of response is toward the Jesus of Bible and not for Jesus of Quran, because the former is mythical and is used by Christians to spread disinformation, whereas the latter is factual and is used to spread Islam.

        It is interesting to note in your response that being a Muslim is definition-less. Cannot be true. There must be a certain threshold of belief to be crossed before someone to become a Muslim. It would be interesting to know those criteria to accept Islam from the Quran, else it could be a personal opinion of some individual and not of Allah.

        I ask this question for the simple reason that if following full Quran and full Sunnah is the criteria to accept Islam, then a non-Muslim has to spend a decade or more of detailed study before accepting Islam, whereas early Muslims accepted and were converted to Islam when hardly a complete Surah was not yet revealed.

        Jamaat Islami has an academic arm to its movement. It would be very interesting to see a mutual debate between them and Ahmadis on a public forum like live TV with a neutral moderator, similar to Presidential debates in the west. One sided bashing of Ahmadis in the media has become quite mundane. It actually creates curiosity in the audience to learn about Ahmadis.

  9. Dear Mr. Kashif Siddqui:

    Today, read your article ‘International Day of Minorities and Blasphemy Law’

    My simple question:

    How come when a case between LAHORI AHMADIS and general Muslims is tried in an impartial court in front of an impartial judge, the judgment invariably is that Lahori-Ahmadis are MUSLIM? Even if in such trials stalwarts of Jamaat-Islami like of Professor Khursheed Ahmad try their best to convince judge to declare Lahori-Ahmadis as non-Muslim.

    Kashif sahib everyone has to die and answer for his/ her actions and decisions to Allah SWT. Also please remember:

    Al-Nisa, verse 58: ‘When you judge between the people you should judge with justice’.

    Al-Nisa, verse 105: ‘ and do not become a partisan of the dishonest’.

    Al-Nisa, verse 135: ‘O you who believe! be strict observers of justice, bearers of true evidence for the sake of Allâh, even though it be against yourselves or (against your) parents or near of kin; (let neither of the parties) whether (the one against whom or the one in favour of whom you bear evidence) be rich or poor (weigh with yourself). (Bear in mind) Allâh is more regardful of them both (than you are), therefore, do not follow your low desires in order to be able to do justice. And if you distort or evade (true evidence) remember Allâh is Well-Aware of what you do.’

    I refer you to following case:

    For details please see Lahore Ahmadiyya Movemnt blog:
    www dot ahmadiyya dot org
    uner article
    Blasphemy: An Editorial…

    From Zahid Aziz:
    Rashid writes: “Even if in such trials stalwarts of Jamaat-Islami like Professor Khursheed Ahmad try their best to convince judge to declare Lahori-Ahmadis as non-Muslim.”

    Prof. Khurshid Ahmad was present in court in Cape Town in the 2nd court case in 1987. He was due to testify after Prof. Mahmud Ahmad Ghazi’s lengthy evidence. It was mid-December when Prof KA’s turn came. The lady judge asked if he would finish his evidence before the Christmas break. The counsel for his side said that he had to collect and give too much evidence, for which there was no time before the Christmas break. So the hearings were postponed till February 1988, for Prof KA to come back with his evidence. We spent that time worrying what was this mass of evidence that he was going to bring. When the hearings resumed in February, Prof KA was nowhere to be seen! He made his escape, and never appeared in the witness box.

    Anyhow, in December the counsel for his side had already told the court that Prof KA would not be appearing as an expert witness on Islam, but would merely be a factual witness to the fact that Ahmadis have been declared non-Muslims all over the Muslim world. That was another covering tactic, so that Prof KA could not be cross-examined about the teachings of Islam, as he would not have been appearing as expert witness on Islam!

    Ask Prof Khurshid Ahmad these questions:

    Was he not in court in Cape Town in 1987 and due to testify to prove that Ahmadis are non-Muslims?

    Did he not fail to appear ever, at all, to give his evidence, while the court was expecting him?

    Was it perhaps seeing Prof Ghazi suffer under cross-examination that made Prof KA run away using a false excuse?

    • You evoked my curiosity about “Prof Ghazi suffer under cross-examination.” Can you elaborate on it?

    • In South Africa Court, Qadiyanis did got declared outside the fold of Islam. What is this all crying about??

      If you claim to believe in the same Book of Allah, then it is preserved until today, what makes you misguided then?

      Learn the Classic Arabic and see yourself. Islam is what Muhammad Arabi SAW brought. His Sharia was the last one. The Seal of Prophethood.

      • My understanding is that all court decisions are public records. In order to avoid he said/she said, can you please provide some reference/link to “In South Africa Court, Qadiyanis did got declared outside the fold of Islam.”

  10. @ Jay

    The Holy Text and Speeeches of the Holy Mirza Ghulam Qadiayni are full with heinous comments about Jesus and Mary and many other figures of Islam.

    That is an excuse that “Oh, we only curse the Jesus of Bible not of Quran.” Do you know how illogical that actually sounds?

    If Allah himself did not ridicule Bible, when Muhammad SAW didn’t humiliate the believes of the People of the Book who are Qadiyanis to say that they can??? Oh ofcourse, if they don’t believe in the Shariat-e-Muhammadi.

  11. Now you too have evoked my curiosity with “The Holy Text and Speeeches of the Holy Mirza Ghulam Qadiayni are full with heinous comments about Jesus and Mary and many other figures of Islam.”

    Can you share some examples?

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