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The liberal image of ‘Pak Tea House” is at stake.

In Clsh of Civilizations on August 15, 2009 at 5:41 am

Pakistaniat 2cropped-pak-tea-houseOn liberal ideological front there are two websites/blogs are very renowned & active. One is “Pakistaniat” & other one is “Pak Tea House” .  

Pakistaniat run by Dr. Adil Najam& PTH is own by Raza Rumi(RR). According to Raza Rumi the idea behind the PTH is that

PTHRaza rumi“Pak Tea House is a little corner in the blogosphere that will Endeavour to revive the culture of debate, pluralism and tolerance. It has no pretensions nor illusions but the motivation of a few people who want to see Pakistan a better place – where ideas need to counter the forces of commercialism, adverse effects of globalization and extremism. And, ideas must translate into action that leads us to an equitable, just and healthy society”


But the fact is that this website has been hijackedby narrow minded, extremist, schizophrenic Ahmadies. The Raza’syasser-picconcept of developing culture of healthy debates, tolerance & pluralism is facing serious health problem on PTH & has been admitted  in “Intensive Care Unit” since he granted the administrative rights to Mr. Yasser Latif Hamdani  (YLH), an Ahmadi advocate.

adilnajamUnlike PTH ,we find a considerable level of tolerance & respect for opponent’s point of view at Pakistaniat. Although I am totally disagree with most of the stuff published on both the web portals as on both the websites most of the contributor puts all the blame on religion as fashion without evaluating the background & circumstances.  We call this attitude as “Liberal Extremism”. But comparatively Dr. Adil Najam ‘s overall attitude is more dignified & positive than PTH.       

The story start from June 27th post on Pakistaniat by Adil Najam with the title of “Michael Jackson’s (1958-2009) Influence on Pakistan” . On same day when MJ was died Mian Tufail Mohammad,ex Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami was also passes away . On June 28th I posted following  comment on Pakistaniat          

MTmj“Dear Adil Najam sb. Its so sad & disappointing that you preferred to discuss about the “Influence” of MJ in Pakistani Society, but you totally ignored the sad demise of ex Amier Jammat-e-Islami Pakistan Mian Tufail Mohammad. Political or ideological difference doesn’t mean that you ignored the contribution of an important leader of Pakistani society & history which have a significant influence in a section of society either you liked or disliked. MJis not more than a singer or dancer which earn million of dollars & always lived along with depression & loneliness. If Taliban is one side of extremism then your this attitude is reflecting other side of extremism i.e. Liberal extremism” (see: http://pakistaniat.com/2009/06/27/michael-jackson-pakistan/comment-page-2/#comments)

In response I received a mail from Adil Najam  (AN) where he said “if you wish to write a post as an obituary of MianPakistaniatTufail, we will be happy to consider it for publication at ATP. I have seen your blog and know that you will do justice to Miansahib’s life and work with respect. If you choose to write something for us to consider, my only request would be the same we make to all readers: please keep the discussion respectful to all, especially the deceased, and focus on his life and achievements without making it PR piece for any ideology.”

After receiving this positive note from Adil, we developed a piece mostly base on the information already present at Wikipedia on Mian Tufail Mohammad sb, just focused on his personal  life & “without making it PR piece for any ideology” as per wish of Pakistaniat administrator.

The article on Mian Tufail sb. was published on Pakistaniaton June 29, with the title “Mian Tufail Mohammad (1914-2009) Passes Away” (see: http://pakistaniat.com/2009/06/29/mian-tufail-mohammad/)

 As soon this article appeared on Pakistaniat, liberal extremists & fascist starting personal & hatred attacks on Marhoom& even gave third class comments on his face expressions.

Feelings converts into expressions on August 9th, when an article by YLHwas published with the title of “The Burden Of The Liberal “Extremist” (see:


) on PTH.

Fact is that after reading his article I laughed & start recalling many Urdu phrases like “mirchain lag jana,tap jana, jal bhun jana, aag bagola ho jana” etc etc.  His words are exposing & divulging his inner feeling of jealousy.  He wrote

AN“The subject is a little outdated so bear with me. Pakistaniat or All Things Pakistan marked a great revolution in Pakistan’s blogging history. It was a progressive and fresh look for Pakistan when the esteemed academic Dr. Adil Najam started it and alas it seemed like that Pakistanis will getting up and speaking up for Pakistan- more specifically the inclusive, democratic and tolerant Pakistan envisaged by Quaid-e-Azam Mahomed Ali Jinnah. And what a revolution it brought about – even PakTeaHouse is to some extent influenced by it and the going ons of that website. Indeed much of our readership is common and we often have similar points of view on issues of national importance. It was therefore ummatthis that as someone who has passionately written for Pakistaniatwebsite and contributed to discussions there , I was very disappointed to see a plagiarized obituary of Mian Tufail Muhammad, the second amir of an anti-Pakistan subversive and largely secretive group called Jamaat-e-Islami. It was written by some illiterate and uneducated youth, who claims to be a national kalmnist for some third rate Urdu paper in Karachi which doubles as the official Jamaat-e-Islami newsletter”.( So at the same time he is challenging abilities of foresight’s of AN but also insulting Karachites by calling Daily Ummat as third rate newspaper, which is second largest Urdu newspaper in Karachi )

YLH was so sentimental & abuse Pakistaniatadministrators with following words for giving some space in Pakistaniat  rr“It is very unfortunate that sites like Pakistaniat have now begun to give space to the same crooks day in and day out in the name of fairness. Fairness is not isolated concept. When well meaning liberal websites like Pak tea house or Pakistaniat give space to religious extremists and anti-Pakistan elements without seeking quid pro quo, they become tools of the overall unfairness that is rampant both inside and against Pakistan”

YLHdidn’t stop here; he also accused RR along with AN for bowing  against religious minded people (LOL) He stated “Far too many times, Pakistanis tend to bow down to the pressure of this vocal group of religious extremists. Far too many times, Pakistanis are forced to give space to foaming and rabid commencers who accuse the “left” and “liberal” crowds of being extremist. Even our very own Raza Rumi – who is in my view the most right thinking patriot I know- posted a rather third rate piece by some crank to this effect. All of their claims are nonsensical.”

This whole narrative is leading towards one & clear conclusion, YLH don’t believe on dialogue, he is a apparent classical psychological case who always believed on monologue.

Here for the interest of our readers it will be interesting for readers to know about few facts & background of YLH. We will try not to be personal & will get the help from all already published sources.

My first interaction with YLH was almost three years back at Naseeb.com , where her wife Aisha Sarwari was editor. nassebBeing a loyal wife she always protect her husband & tried best to block all those participants who engaged with him & exposed YLH.

  • YLH is very popular amongst Ahmadies due to their progressive advocacy.  
  • He consider Ahmadies as Muslims
  • He has unique expertise in altering the historical facts
  • He is running an electronic petitionfor Ahmadies civil rights
  • He presents him self as an atheist
  • He Admire Sindh Assembly for passing a resolution for the MJ’s obituary  
  • He is great admirer of Turkey’s Kamal Ataturk
  • His another quality is “Zero level tolerance”, he will become mad if you disagree with him & will even ask editor of website  to block you, where ever he has controls like Naseeb & Pak tea House, he did it.
  • He believes that those who are not agreed with him are “Idiots” but what about his own mental condition … is QAstill debatable, we are doing research with the help of psychologists about this sort of human species.
  • He claims that he is the person who understand the Jinnahsviews in Pakistan, all others (like me) have no knowledge & depth about Quaid-e-Azam sayings -Ironically  he always call him “Jinnah” not “Quaid-e-Azam”
  • His each & every article revolves around Ahmadiate.g. in the above mentioned article he also added “As early as 1954, Pakistan’s courts handed down a death sentence for Maulana Maududi for his role in inciting sectarian hatred against Ahmadis.”
  • gaqHe is one of unique in his own kind who believe that he has right to say whatever he like & can insult anyone who is included in his black list, kindly read his views “I don’t give two hoots what Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did or didn’t do. To me he was as delusional as your Maududi fool and other such assorted witchdoctors like Tufail, Qazi and this current idiot in command of your little FITNA group. However he is – according to the constitution of Pakistan- the founder of a religion of a minority (as you have pointed out) so I don’t abuse him like I do Maududi. Maududi on the other hand was an enemy of Pakistan… an enemy of Kashmir freedom struggle
  • MM According to him he “edited” comments due to abusive language but what about this master piece which brought by his ill mentality “How ironic that those kameenas and Kutaswho opposed Mr. Jinnah and called him “kafireazam” use and twist this incident to malign Jinnah’s greatest supporters. Shame! Shame on you Kashif and Jamaat e Islami. You are crooks and liars. Dishonest crooks and liars. Till yesterday you were giving the US blowjobs in Afghanistan. Now you are getting buggered by Chinese communist party. You guys deserve to be treated as the prostitutes that you are.”  
  • He edited all those posts usually which challenge & exposed him, e.g.Picture1 
  • He also gets appreciation from his Ahmadi friends on comments like above “BRAVO man BRAVO!!!!! i didn’t think such outbursts were kosher here otherwise I’d have tried one myself….but boy did it feel good to read that…
  • editor_signatureHis wife ( as I think right now she has leave Naseeb)  contribution can be seen through following presentation which I discovered at Youtube. I don’t know who loaded this on tube but its all truth. According to my knowledge this year at ISNA convention, a group of young Muslims demonstrate against Naseeb stall.   Pls must see
  • His wife is contributing on PTH also & feeling sad about Pigs . Pleaseread “What’s Pig Gotta Do With It?” (SEE: http://pakteahouse.wordpress.com/2009/02/21/whats-pig-gotta-do-with-it/  )  She said “To Pooh or not to Pooh? My question is what has morality got to do with what you consume? It does if it alters your state of mind in the long run or in the short run. So a Pig tends to eat what it defecates, but American Pigs don’t. They eat clean food, perhaps better than any cow, chicken or turkey could eat in an “Islamic state.” But a pig is the central question. It is the acid test of Islam. Not whether you eat it or not, but if you check for thiamine monosaturates in any foods you consume, and know what colors in the jelly beans have gelatin in them. Gelatin: the basted child of the evil pig.”
  • She also  gives fatwas about Islam like YLH, in above post she also added added that “I am beginning to think its most immoral to be a cleric in Islam. To have an Islamic party in a majority Muslim state, to wear a hijab in America, to teach kids Arabic without meaning and to keep a beard when Gillette exists. To be guilty of holding symbol and practicing dogma in the name of Islam ought to be forbidden. But who ought to forbid, the self righteous me? The Kafir? The one judged by American Muslims as non-Muslim. For I couldn’t be bothered with acid tests, or guilt. They judge by hijacking God’s many attributes for their own egos. Feel good, you all. All you all, feel good. Begin with the discourse on nail polish and prayer, and end with the Pig, but don’t forget to spit. Like you spit when you fast in Ramadan so the fast is harder to bear. So that the verse in the book that talks of making “deen easy for you” is rendered meaningless.”
  •  YLH is basically promoting personal & Ahmadi agenda at PTH. Due to this attitude one of the old contributor of PTH & visitor busted on YLH with following words  “Yasir, You are turning Pakteahouse into “Ahmadiyyat chanting” portal. Come out of your narrow vision, stop attacking people who have different views than yours. Pak Tea House is a little corner in the blogospherethat will endeavour to revive the culture of debate, pluralism and tolerance. It has no pretensionsnor illusions but the motivation of a few people who want to see Pakistan a better place – where ideas need to counter the forces of commercialism, adverse effects of globalisation and extremism. And, ideas must translate into action that leads us to an equitable, just and healthy society.Seriously, Pakteahouse meant to be much more than a platform where a guy named “YLH” is settling his personal sectarian grudges against everyone who was part in declaring Ahmadis “Non Muslims” … there are many people including myself who are against calling Ahmadis or any other sect “non Muslim”, i condemn that part of history too, but stop making it the only issue of Pakistan and of humanity.Kindly come out of your ahmadimindset and start thinking and talking like a Human (without religious division or affiliation) for a change, start respecting other opinionsand let people express whatever they want to, debate with them if you are not agree, but stop asking or advocating banning anyone on any portal simply because his/her views are different than yours. Because if you will do this, you will provide an excuse for many people who will present exact same reason like you are providing in favor of why Ahmadis were declared Non muslims. Its sad to see how religion is ruining some bright minds”


Here, we will request RR that please saves your website as “Trajuman of Ahmadiat”. Being a minority they have every right & we respect their believes. But here your efforts of promoting tolerance & pluralism are clearly hijacked by stereotype mentality. YLH now even start to attack on Pakistaniat.

42-15969391Whatever he said about me is totally irrelevant for me.  I am neither interested in advocating JI & nor to defend Maulana Abul Aala Maududi RA.  Its wastage of time & energies to engaged with him in any debate. Alhamdullilah,  along with my friends I am on front-lines in resistance against Liberalism, Socialism, Secularism, Enlightened Moderation & Ahmadiatism.

But, its very necessary that you belong to whatever side but you have atleast little level of  “threshold level”& behave like a gentlemen, give respects to other side personalities & show tolerance. Otherwise PTH will loose its respect.

We believe that ideological people should have sense of tolerance & have ability to listen others. We hope that RR will create the actual atmosphere of tolerance, listing ability & respect here at PTH also  which was the unique characteristic of “Pak Tea House”  Lahore

Be careful !!!Raza !! Be careful

PS : Please see the dignified/ educated & beautiful reaction of YLH on this post’s reaction. Raza Rumi I think one should appreciate his choice of words for opponent.


  1. a thorough,conclusive and eloquent analysis of miscgievous qadiyanis and their efforts to control the blogging community.

  2. What a chamat to YLH

  3. U all can post your write-ups about the activities of Qadianis on my blog


  4. […] of ‘Pak Tea House” is at stake. By exposingqadianis A very vibrant and genius blogger Kashif has exposed some Qadianis who are posing to be moderate but are toeing their own extremist agendas. […]

  5. Great work Kashif bhai. It is necessery to expose these so called liberal facist like YLH.

  6. Good job done, Brother Kashif. These liberal fascists like YLH need to be exposed vehemently. Please write an article in Urdu, too, on this. Jazakallah!

  7. You are a fascist just like Muadoodi and Zia. Tell me: Can you prove Ahmedis to be non-Muslim from the Koran?

  8. Now Yasser Hamdani will cry more and will ask Raza to let him create another “reactionary” post. LOL

    Thanks for exposing him

  9. Well done Mr. Kashif !

  10. I just read this. He’s going nuts:


    If third rate chutyas like him – crooks who follow fitna maududiat – can expose me somehow I will simply give up. And go.

    So nice try but kashif siddiui is a crook. And his newspaper is a joke.

    He is lost. Kashif

  11. Mard-e-Nadan par kalam-e-narm o nazuk bay asar

  12. seriously!! he was humiliated by this article.i wish if we could see this issue on the daily ummat.

  13. Tsk tsk… what a bunch of losers.

    Keep whining bastard. Glad to have stirred your dhoti in this manner.

    • Yasser,

      Not everyone in Pakistan belongs to some Pind hence not a Paindu. The way you have been abusing it shows that you have blown yourself.

      You are suffering from mouth Diarrhea Yasser. I feel sorry for you and for your family. Ayesha Sarwari must have enough money to pay for your treatment.

      Kashif, don;t worry. the pig eater will never understand at all. That’s the result of having pigs in meal. A person himself becomes a Pig then. *sigh*

      leave this kid alone. I don;t want he comits suicide due to his anger. I want to him to continue entertaining others.

    • lol… well said yasser… very well said… hope your “kazzab prophet” would be burnt in a deeper hell for this fine language of yours… may every word you say in defending him grills him in a deeper and more vicious level of hell…

      bring more on moron!!!

  14. Kashif Bhai,

    In all honsety, I don’t think this person deserves this much of your attention. Whether or not he says anything against you is absolutely irrelevant. He’s a foul-mouthed-cry-baby and that’s it, we know the best way to deal with brats like him is to isolate him.

    To me, you write exceptionally well when you write on core issues. Singling out a person like this doesn’t only make him unnecessarily important but also makes you lose focus and useful effort. As the Quran says, they can’t harm us, they can only tease us…

    However, if they tried to do something really harmful, like repealing the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat law, they’ll know what is it like to deal with Muslims. An online petitiion is as dead as a nail, no use at all, except fooling leftist idiots.

    I hope I’m making a useful contribution and this suggestion holds value to you.

    May ALLAH accept your efforts and ours… ameen

  15. Subhanallah Brother Kashif,
    I can’t stop laughing on the comments.

    YLH actually not only edited my exposure of his lies, but infact he/admin has deleted them all together.

    However, I have recorded all those conversations and I need some suggestions how to use them!!!

    You see when people do not have any argument left, then there few things they do. That is general attitude among the Human race
    1] saying “Well all I know is this…”
    2] Get into personal attacks on other person.
    3] accuse others of having a bad character
    4] free ride on censorship
    5] I have a long list, these will suffice for YLH

    It further proves that these “liberals” have no democratic principles whatsoever and Muslims are more democratic than them.

    @ YLH: My friend you can block me from posting and exposing you on your post but you can’t hide from your lies- remember that !!!

  16. You see I have a problem with this world “liberal.”

    It is so unfortunate that we have to use this word, this way. A Muslim cannot be few things, and that should be a common sense.

    A Muslims cannot be an Athiest. He cannot defame the Prophet MUhammad SAW, consider him the last messeger of Allah and all the books and prophets/ messengers by him. Belives in all the basic aqaid.
    A Muslim cannot approve anything that would sideline the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad SAW in his society (unless s/he is living in a Non-Muslim State, where they would follow the local laws as long as they are alllowed to observe bear minimum).

    A liberal Muslim should have been a reformist, not a Traditional. Can be open minded, more than a “conservative one.” Conservative might be the one who would interprate literally. Liberal Muslims might would use Ijtihad.

    A liberal “Muslim” cannot allow a women to pray with men or lead a congregation prayer. She can be a president of an organization or so but she can’t lead the Salah. That is common sense.

    A Liberal cannot support any one who says that Mariam (Mary mother of Jesus PBUH) was a Prostitute, that Jesus was not a miracle born but was a child of prostitution/ fornication.

    These are qualities of disbelive, whether they be leading Progressive Movement in US, Ahmadis in Pakistan, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Amina Wadood, or these PTH blogs and others.

    These are not Muslims, and they ain’t liberals.

    !!!!!!!!!!!We should find a different word for them!!!!!!!!!

  17. above I wrongly wrote this

    “A Muslims cannot be an Athiest. He cannot defame the Prophet MUhammad SAW, consider him the last messeger of Allah and all the books and prophets/ messengers by him. Belives in all the basic aqaid.”

    meant to write this:

    A Muslims cannot be an Athiest. He cannot defame the Prophet MUhammad SAW. **HE WOULD** consider him the last messeger of Allah and all the books and prophets/ messengers by him. Belives in all the basic aqaid.

  18. I am an ahmadi and a frequent visitor to both ATP and PTH. I contribute to ATP every now and then. On Bhutto’s death anniversary, I wrote to ATP administration to publish a long well researched article on Bhutto’s decision to declare us as non-muslims.

    The response was typical of ashamed liberals, that it was a good article blah blah, but it will not be suitable for publication through ATP. It was later published as three part comment.

    At another occasion, GEO TV’s alim online instigated the murder of two very prominent ahmadis in Sindh. ATP did not cover that as a stand alone article, but only mentioned it in passing in their regular “Pakistanis die, Pakistanis cry”. I think that event required a thorough investigation.

    None of the bloggers on ATP are ahmadis. I wished there was representation from Ahmadis as well as other persecuted classes on ATP. I do not expect other mainstream blogs to let us speak.

    I do not believe that Adil Najam or YLH have any hidden pro-ahmadi agenda. Their hearts are in the right place though, and I agree with their sentiments about tolerance, plurism and open mindedness. Something severely lacking among the orhtodox, right wing circles.

  19. “I agree with their sentiments about tolerance, plurism and open mindedness. Something severely lacking among the orhtodox, right wing circles”


  20. I accept the great sufi saying when it comes to right wingers..

    o kafir kafir aakhday, tu aaho aaho aakh

  21. A non-Muslim calls a Muslim “Non-Muslim.”

    Dude thats a joke of the day.

  22. A concise and excellent analysis of the Qadyani penetration in Pakistani cyberspace…

  23. Thanks for this interesting post. I used to have same positive opinion about Adil Najam and his blog team but lately I had to change my thoughts. You can clearly see a growing Ahmadi support in posts and comments especially those which were written after the sad incidence of Gojra etc. Adil made it sure to reproduce editorials of some English dailies with his extensive comments against the blasphemy law in Pakistan. In response, I wrote in comments and asked for a single clarification about the conflict of interest: whether anyone in the administration of blog including Adil Najam is Ahmadi or not? With a great respect for Adil and his team, I just asked this question so readers should know who is saying what. I was not expecting this blog to refrain from such posts. They have a right to hold an opinion but ideological biases, if any, should be clearly worked out. My comments were immediately deleted and later on most probably my IP number is linked with prior approval conditionality. I felt the same bias in Adil Najam’s approach when he ran the series of who did the greatest damage to Pakistan. Recently, I wrote them again and requested to do a post on allegedly leaked video tap showing brutal torture of a few army men in a police station. Adil Najam and his blog extensively reported and commented on a Swat video tap where Taliban were shown latching a girl-an act of sheer brutality. I thought this video clip also deserves the same condemnation but all in vain and my comments were again deleted from this blog. This is the story of liberalism and accommodation of difference of opinion!

  24. Neither Barroni Hath Nor Andronni Hath.

    Mulla say, Pakistan is punished by Barroni Hath (foreign hand).
    Qadiani Poster Lutf say, Pakistan is pinished by Andronni Hath (internal hand).

    I SAY:

    Pakistan’s extremism started in 1974 after Qadianis MUTILATED Medical college students in Rabwah and then ALCOHOL DRINKER and FRAUD RELIGIOUS POLITICIANS took Job of Allah to decide who is Muslim and who is not.
    I loved Suffi Muhammad statment:
    All Politicians INCLUDING RELIGIOUS POLITICIANS and members of provencial and National assembly are KAFFIR, KAFFIR, KAFFIR.
    Finally Chickens returned home to roost!!!

    • well first let me tell you what Muhammad SAW says about copy right. When you use someone’s else words, you should quote them as is and cite the name or the source. “Chickens returned home to roost!!” is the Quote of Brother Al Hajj Malik AL Shabazz Malcolm X and not yours, so if you are using his words, cite his name.

      Second, the first time the entire population of Muslims was declared Kafir was by Khawarijeen, and seems like people of Sufi Muhammad’s caliber are getting good coverage in their Khawarij mentality.

      Thirds, enough damage has been done by Anti-Islamic elements on Brother Malcolm X, you are just disgracing Malcolm X even further with using his quote to back the KHawarij mentality.

      Go get some knowledge, study Islam and find the truth.

  25. I am now having more problems with Adil Najam’s blog as he portrays to be more inclusive but he is not so as a matter of fact. He is never touching any story which puts him in odds with certain power brokers. Lately, I have been writing him to do stories on some very pertinent and important issues but it never happened. Why is he silent on issues like torture of civilians by army men, missing people in Pakistan, death of Immanae Malik and the most recently tragic incidence violence of Karachi? His blog loves to incorporate and share videos from YouTube and sources but why is he not showing the same about Karachi looting?

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