Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Women Rights & Hindu Poets (Urdu)

In pakistan on August 28, 2009 at 9:32 am


  1. لا دین ریاست یا ھر دین ریاست؟

  2. I think there is huge gap between religious unerstanding and Women rights issue. There is a 2 blocks in our society 1) is religious but ignored from the isue of women rights 2) aware about women right issue and seen women rights as essential for development of the country but totally ignored from religious teachings and the rights given to religion to a muslim women.

    There is a very important need to make dialogues on it and understands each others moto and realized the importance of women development and Gender development and viz a viz importants of Islamic laws regarding women and men and its proper implementation

  3. great article.
    these liberal finatics must be controlled now. they are following a freemasonary agenda. we can not allow the millions of muslim being hostage of these lowlives stooges.
    one thing i couldn’t understand that why don’t the religious extremists target those liberal extremists instead of poor pakistani people?…they are not the just persons they are institutions of luciferian civilization.

  4. Very harsh comments by Dr. Jawed…..please see my comments and think about it…the behaviour we have adopted increases the gap between two blocks..if we need to solve the issue rather than battling and commented as you have done above is very negative attiude. tolarance and dialogue is the way to solve the issue not the way as adopted by us…..

    Bilquis Rehman

  5. sister bilquis rehman…..
    my comments were not directed against your post. your opinion was quite a balance opinion….
    i am sorry if you feel that way.

  6. I wonder, what is the problem with us Humans!

    After knowing that the world is created by Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala……….. after knowing that we have been declared as Khalifatul Ard (Vice Roy on Earth), and the Heir to the blessed Deen of Muhammad Sallallahu Elaihe wasallam. We know that we have been created by Allah to spend our lives and direct our efforts as he pleases! still………. we don’t agree with our designations!

    We Know that we are charged with particular duties, and tasks, yet we crave to do things that do not match our status. We want to indulge our lives to forget our status and our assigned responsibilities

    In any society in the world, the women is the homemaker! Allah has blessed her with the ability to bear children. Its in her nature to make homes, to contribute towards the upbringing of the children, to teach them their first very important lessons of life, to teach them how to love and how to express their emotions…… Alas! we fail to undertand this, and think that it is unjustified on the part of the religion to let the women stay back home.

    I understand that it is also the reponsibility to clearify this duty to women on our part, and the responsibility mainly lies on the shoulders of Ulema, yet it is not good to see that people have been divided into two blocks, the religious and the other group, which thinks that the religion is imposing something on them!!!! religion is actually releaving them from going to office and after that doing their bit towards their children and the home… a tiresome job, which, contrary to the belief of many, has a huge impact on the development of the children. The peace of mind of the lady of the house is the peace of mind of the family itself

    I fail to understand, what makes it so complex to understand, and I wonder, what is the problem with us Humans!

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