Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Dawood Public School – Shame & Proud

In Karachi Karachi on September 5, 2009 at 12:06 pm

Dawood Public School

  1. it sounds weired but the fact is that taliban style approach is needed to tackle this issue.
    there was a time when we first saw the musical bands and their performance on tv in 1989..it was shocking at that time but now it is just a news.similarly the dresses of women….10 years ago nody could thing of a girl with tight jeans and tight t shirt but now things have been changed…
    here the question arises why ?? some thing feels shocking in the begining beomes normal routine later..
    the answer is hidden in the flawed human nature. over all human society can no longer be attached to religious code of conduct… uncontrolled liberty and freedom and things associated with these 2 elements can only and only stopped by force..
    there must be some kind of deterance. an organization which could use some bruital force and hit these luciferian institutions and could give them a serious blow…. fear is the only answer…do not let them enjoy the strip tease of luciferian civilization.
    time has come to have a more extreme approach to eradicate this kind of social engineering and mind perversions

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