Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Why Pakistanies Hate America

In I Hate USA, Urdu Columns on September 14, 2009 at 4:04 am


  1. American Policies have been in opposition for quite a while. I was recently reading the Foriegn Affairs Magazine of US and stumbled upon an article about the importance of Lobbies in US foriegn Policy. After reading the whole article, it was categorically said that Israeli Lobbies are # 1 in influence, I think Indian was # 2. In the whole article, there was nothing about any other Muslim Lobbies pertaining about Muslims affairs. There was one of Turkey but the article focused on Turk Lobby’s influence is opposing US from declaring Armenian Massacre as a Genocide (which Armenian lobbies want to be declared).

    So what is the problem?? The problem is that Muslims and espacially American Pakistanis are not politically active and integrated. They have their “daidh ent ki masjid.”

    Few months back, around or before the swat Operation, when some US policy makers (under the influence of few lobbies, of course) were saying “Attack Pakistan”, “send Forces in Pakistan,” Pakisatni Association of Michigan held a naat conference in MI State of US. They called JJ (Junaid Jamshed) who presented some naat, gave some good advice and requested the attendees to give their time in Tablighi Jamaat.

    I haven’t heard any program or conference about the situation in Pakistan, at least in my state. In 14 August Mela, people went to melas as if Pakistan is prospering and stuff. Back biting about Pak politicians is a topic very common in almost all Pakistani gatherings.

    So, I being a Pakistani immigrant in US, I see Islamic revivalism in US. If Pakistanis really want to change Pakistan, they need to organize themselves. That organizations is desperately needed at home and abroad, whether that be in US, UK, South Africa, Canada, or any other country.

  2. agan a thorouh analysis of conditions on ground.
    great article once more.

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