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Pakistani Bloggers “Expel Blackwater & US marines from Pakistan” & “Contain USA to Save Pakistan”

In I Hate USA on September 16, 2009 at 3:05 pm

While major political parties were busy in striking deals with the then president Gen (R)Pervez Musharraf, it was the civil society which along with some political parties was running a historic movement for the restoration of Judiciary. The result was remarkable and the message very positive, when you do effort, you make the difference. Now when recently the USCIS included the name of Baluchistan in the country of citizenship column, it was the society media, especially collective efforts through Union of Patriotic Bloggers for Sovereign Pakistan (UPBSP) which compelled the US to remove the name from its form whereas not a single word was expressed by any political party or government official. Keep in mind I am not undermining political parties but emphasizing the role which the society media, comprise of youth mostly, can play to bring a change.

Blackwater_USA_logoThese precedents were cited to show that our efforts yields results, and  we, the society media, as a union has the potential, the vision and commitment and in fact the resources to aware the masses and initiate a mass movement against the world’s worst mercenary force black water, now Xe and kick them out of Pakistan.

Proof of Blackwater’s presence in Pakistan

blackwater_mercenaries1Let’s throw some light on the Blackwater presence in Pakistan, the claim which the government is bent upon proving “wrong”.  Although there is a complete state of [official] denial of Blackwater threat, a recent development is ample proof for its presence in Pakistan. Blackwater is reportedly recruiting agents fluent in Urdu & Punjabi for Pakistan. Where will be the agents being fluent in URDU and PUNJABI posted if not Pakistan?  Surely Pakistan, the Punjab and remaining Pakistan expect NWFP for which it has already hired Pashto speaking agents.

In a new development Blackwater has reached Karachi and got 11 Bungalows on rent in the posh areas of DHA (7) and Gulshan-e-Iqbal (4). In order to start its work in Karachi, Blackwater has hired two dozen Pakistanis; most of them retired officials of Law enforcing agencies. One of the 11 bungalows situated in Khayaban-e-Shamsheer area of Defence is believed to be its Headquarter.


“Ambassador in US”

As result of continuous awareness through blogs and newspaper articles especially those of

“]he burned, mutilated corpses of two Blackwater contractors hang from a bridge outside Fallujah while Iraqi civilians celebrate. [Source: NoGW.com] he burned, mutilated corpses of two Blackwater contractors hang from a bridge outside Fallujah while Iraqi civilians celebrate. [Source: NoGW.com 

Dr Mazari, our intelligence agencies has put Americans under surveillance but thanks to our Ambassador [Please read US ambassador] who should have acted otherwise is reportedly pressurizing our own government to let Blackwater in to Pakistan. Please note that Ambassador Husain Haqqani’s latest game to protect Blackwater mercenaries was highlighted by society media. In circumstances when our own government is not ready admit the arrival of these worst mercenaries in Pakistan, it is high time for Society media to unite to face this challenge and save Pakistan from converting into Iraq where these bloody US mercenaries have been raping Iraqi girls. This is the least negative aspect; otherwise their main objective is to create chaos and anarchy to pave ways for US occupation of Pakistan.

Following things can be done as part of this campaign “Expel Blackwater & US marines from Pakistan” which should be part of our larger movement of “Containment of USA” 

  •  To create awareness you are requested to make as many communities as you can. The best example is that of Abdullah Raza, owner of group “EXPEL Blackwaters & US marines from Pakistan!!!” at facebook.
  • Again his suggestion sounds reasonable that all college/school/university students should put up a small notice on the notice board for students to read.
  • To write emails to both the US embassy in Islamabad and Pakistani Embassy in Washington. Please also send emails to other embassies to aware them of what the “Champaign of democracy” is doing in Pakistan.
  • Write emails to the politicians, both ruling and position parties as well as parties out side parliament.
  • Write emails to the members of national assembly, senate and provincial as well as judges of high courts and supreme courts and other important social and intellectual figures including academicians, TV anchors , columnist and political analysts, .
  • Please post at least one awareness banner in the locality you’re living in.
  • At least aware 100 people of your locality who doesn’t have access to internet.

These are some of the suggestions. The list will be update after the feedback of other Blogger friends. I hope that the contribution & leading role by Teeth Maestro will be crucial.  Please send us your suggestins at upbspakistan@gmail.com

Source : Talkhaba


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