Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Buddhist Religious Extremism

In Miscellaneous on September 18, 2009 at 3:01 am

Srilankan Team

  1. How the hell is this extremism?

  2. Good questions,

    If Muslims prayers that extermism


    Others do the same that is culture

    • man how is that extremism , seriously ?

      Anyone doing any such thing is simple prayers 😦

      • Munib.

        You are right. Religious practices can’t be the reflection of extremism. Everyone has right to practice his/her faith.

        But, in recent past in Pak cricket team religious practices portraited as extremism.

        My submission is that why we as a Muslims when practice bracket as extremism, even this blam comes from our society liberal mindset

  3. true!
    remember the lowlife media manager of world cup PJ MIR…who criticised pakistani cricket players just offering prayers inside the plane…
    when pakistani team goes for prayers it irritates the lowlives of pakistan. i wonder what would they say looking this picture?

  4. TWO WRONGs doesnt make one right
    if PK MIR was wrong does it validates calling an ordinary prayer as extremist or something?

  5. and it is very obvious that it is merely a taunt on typical islamo phobic mentality of paki lowlive liberals.

  6. What a ridiculous post! Nobody in Pakistan believes prayers are extremism. Everyone knows what extremism is and what those people are doing in Pakistan. People like you are hell bent on playing victim by claiming ordinary Muslims are considered extremists by your favorite boogie man..the “liberal” Pakistani.

    Shame on you.

    • I am sure you missed all those rhetoric of “Islamization” in Pak Cricket Team and that Islamic Fundamentalism rise in Cricket Team.

      WE all know that this is NOT EXTREMISM.

      It ofcourse evident to show that this post aims to reflect the double standard towards Muslim/ Islam and other religious communitites.

      • thats right its a double standard….
        they have a introverted microscopic vision for any thing which can be labelled as islamic extremism…but when it comes to islamophobia they seems to be suffering from error of refraction.

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