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Blackwater / Xe – Future Indications

In pakistan on September 19, 2009 at 7:35 am



  1. کون ان کی سوئی ہوئی دم ہلائے گا

  2. oriya maqbool jan is quite right ….
    this would be our war and we have to fight for ourselves.
    man i am dying to hear the news that black water is dead in ambush

  3. If there really are such regular patrols of American mercenaries in Peshawar, how come no one has any photos, any mobile phone videos, anything?

    The Urdu press, led by rabble rousers like Orea Maqbul Jan, makes things up based on what will incite paranoia and fear in the public (actually, some English papers do it too, like The Nation), and then pretend that it is the truth.


    p.s. Why is this Kashif fellow quoting Faiz sahib in the Daily Ummat? Haha. Faiz sahib was of the Left and was a “dehria”; how dare you quote an infidel!! LOL

  4. the great minds of pakistan has arrived on kashifiat..
    welcome..here is some more links for your kind perusals:

    indiscriminate firing on iraqi civilians

    interview of an injured iraqi civilian


    (hameed gul over the killing of allama sarfraz naeemi)


    observations by hamid mir
    irfan siddiqi on black water

    orya maqbool jan on black water

    ORYA MAQBOOL JAN revealing further information:

  5. Pakistan`s army and its spy agencies are fully capable of protecting the security of Pakistan and its people and all foreigners who live in this country. The operation in Swat is a prime example of this where the Pakistan army has been able to uproot the miscreants more successfully then NATO has been on the other side, as such there is no room for blackwater on any other similar companies to operate in Pakistan.Allowing them to operate here is the weakness of the government.

    • “Pakistan`s army and its spy agencies are fully capable of protecting the security of Pakistan and its people and all foreigners who live in this country”

      pakistan army is a professional army .(i.e for the money,pakistani army can bomb the kaaba tulah. for the money they can do any thing….for the money generals of pakistani army are selling their mother land..for the money they allowed drone attacks.
      this is a professional army but professional like a prostitute and pimp.

  6. Kashifiat’s Comments Policy :

    Mr. Desi / Farangi Cheeta

    what ever u r

    Kindly be clear that no comment will be published without proper e-mail address.

    If u want to criticize us, we have no objection, we are open people, because this is not Pakistaniat or Pakteahouse but Honesty is that u should write proper address


  7. Dr Jawwad Khan shows his true colors…traitor to his country….

    • don’t just comment, enlighten us how he is a traitor to his country?

      Just because he criticize army he is a traitor. Thats kinda lame.

      • “desis cheetas and shers” are in honey moon period with army because army is following american agenda…its not the love for pakistan and surely it is not the love for “ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN”
        i am not offended by the remarks.

      • umm the army is fighting terrorists in our country that are blowing up schools, beheading innocent people, sending suicide bombers in to the cities…they are our countries enemies…and all you guys are focussed on is making sure that we oppose the US regardless of what is in our countries interest.

        The vast vast majority of the country agree with this and is supporting the army in their valiant efforts. If you oppose them, you are being a traitor. This inability to care about our country’s interest (as opposed to just anti-Americanism) and this failure to understand what our public wants is the major reason you jamaatias never win elections!

  8. jawad baby is hitting below the belt when he says army is professional like a prostitute and pimp.How does he have this inside info , is he part of the army.He should know that I have a right to my opinion. he has to mind his own business and not use whatever words that come to his mind like a laid down jack ass and learn the etiquette of taking part in discussions.
    Grow up, go to some school and get some education.
    This is a site for people who have nothing better to do.Holy Molly I am getting out of here.

    • ladies and gentlemen a big hand for @Ali.

      i can’t believe this:
      “khird ka nam junoon rakha aur junoon ka khird”
      may be our time is not good. where any one can wake up from the bed in the morning and deny the presence of the sun in the broad day light.
      i don’t know what to say about the army who feel nothing on the drone attacks for me the pimps and prostitutes are suitable example to show such character.
      BTW these things need no school or univerity education this is some thing you learn automatically if you belong to a good respectable family…
      “GHERAT” “HAMIYAT” “HURRIYAT”…. did you ever hear these words?

  9. @ Desi Cheetah

    Some elements of Taliban are threat to Pakistan but India is still our priority over anything. ISI confirms to it.

    Pakistan Army instead of jumping on the sinking boat of War against Terrorism, should have isolated the Afghan border in order to minimize the export of Terrorist by NATO forces in the Pakistani Territory.

    Moreover, The most important question is, why Taliban are after Pakistan and who is funding them??? Taliban were never that advance in having suicide bombings and the measures they have taken. They were guerilla militias, they knew how to hit and run. All of a sudden strategy and sophiticated weaponry is coming from where???

    Of course ISI is not providing, then who?????

    If Pakistan is the priority then, I think these questions need be ANSWERED!!!!!

    Until them our Army is dying for some one else’s cause.

  10. @hamarpakistan

    “some elements” are a threat. Sorry there is no such thing as parts of the taliban that are not a threat. They all have to go.

    I don’t disagree we should have isolated the border, however that is much easier said than done. In any event, the situation is what it is we can’t change it now.

    as to who these idiots are and where they get their funding, weapons etc – obviously we need to figure this out. However, I would point out that regardless of the answers to these questions they are definitely our enemy!! (btw I’m sure India is involved etc, but I would also not rule out some ‘friendly’ govts like Saudi Arabia who have always had a soft spot for this nonsense, and have also been obsessed with anything opposed to Iran – also there are internal groups in pakistan that support these idiots – a certain political party comes to mind that have on record supported these murderers). But my question is regardless of who supports them, they are still our enemy – that will not change. So how can you say the army is dying for someone else’s cause?

    • Well Desi Cheetah, I don’t know much about you. Based on just this single comment about Taliban, what I understood is that you are generalizing the Taliban movement. Now I don’t know how much you have studied Taliban Phenomenon and so I will just say this that not all Taliban are Threat to Pakistan, in fact, not All Taliban are threat to any one either!!!! Even US President Obama said in one of his speeches that US should engage with some elements of Taliban!!!

      Saudi Arabia has nothing against Pakistan. As a matter of Fact, our country functions becoz of two countries. The United States and The Saudi Arabia. There interest collide with each other when it comes to Pakistan. As each donor wants the recipient to abide by their demands and whims.

      Isolating the border. What is easily said then done? Pak army closed border at the peak of US Accusations of “Pakistan sponsored Terrorism in Afghanista” and then with the broder closure, US forces faced severe supplies shortages. Then after US pressure Pak Army opened the border and accepted the International Accusations and Lies on Pakistan.

      If Pakistan would have sealed the border.
      1] There would have no interaction or extreme limited one b/w Pakhtoons of both sides of the border.

      2] NATO, esp. US forces would have been on their own and Pak would have taken no responsibility.

      3] Import of Terrrorists from Afghanistan disguised as Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, would have never have occured.

      • ok, that was an intelligent post in that I get your argument. However, I would like to point out

        1. on the border closure I believe you are referring to official border crossing which of course can be closed. I meant sealing the entire border to prevent all back and forth. I don’t think this can be done without hundreds of thousands of troops.
        2. I agree on both Saudi Arabia and America driving Pakistan policies, and I agree that they have their own motives. My point is that while we spend a lot of time on US pressuring us to do what we may not want to do (and I think we should focus on this) why don’t we focus on the Saudi angle as well? Their interests are not necessarily ours. As far as I can tell, their entire foreign policy is driven by an obsession with Iran – that should not be the driver of our policy. Also a lot of extremist organizations in Pakistan get their money from Saudi Arabia (also UAE) – do you think they would tolerate us funding groups in their countries?
        3. On the Taliban phenomena, can you please tell me who the leaders of these misunderstood taliban are? why don’t they speak up and denounce all these terrorists disguised as them? was it baitulah (recently eulogized by terrorist zawahiri)? was it the guys in swat stringing up people in public squares? fazullah? muslim khan? pls tell who are these taliban that have been misunderstood?

  11. there is an interesting column in todays daily ummat.
    i wonder how it can be said a conspiracy theory:


  12. daily ummat is not credible. sorry no one other than you people believe it is trustworthy.

  13. “daily ummat is not credible. sorry no one other than you people believe it is trustworthy…”

    PROVE IT….
    this time daily ummat came with figures ….prove it wrong.

  14. Daily Ummat has Investigative Journalism. For some it might be the so called “Right” or “Conservative” but it is widespread Urdu Newspaper of Karachi.

  15. they have sold my motherland. how could they feel this pain when they don,t live in the country, always on foriegn tours.

  16. @ Desi Cheetah

    1] regarding border sealing. I am not talking about the official border links, I am talking about the whole border. There are military posts through out the border. If the guardians of borders were given the order, shoot @ sight, I doubt that a single person would have crossed the border from either side. However, the main flow of “terrorists” is from the road and not from rugged mountains, and that is the concern of US, when they talk about doing more and more! Pak army is determined to bear all that at an expense of providing military aid to US bases in Afghanistan.

    2] You are correct that Saudi policies will be for their own interest. Pakistani fp should be its own too. Alhough SA has an anti-Iran stance, Pakistan always has been friendly relations with Neighbouring Iran. And probably the militant organization might be getting funding fro SA, we cannot ignore that the real threat posing organizations are not getting funding from SA but instead is getting from somewhere else. That doesn’t necessarily has to be US! There are other players in this mess against Pakistan too- some are India, Russia and few others. Our Parliament needs to raise this issue and our media should raise this issue as well.

    3] But out entire media establishment is projecting generalized Talibans as a threat to Pakistan. When it is not the Taliban but some terrorist elements working as disguised Taliban. Point to be noted is Taliban is not centralized, so any groups of militants can call themselves taliban!!!!

    We cannot ignore another factor and that is of ISI, that has its own agenda and is not subjected to the President Directly!!!!!

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