Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Extremist Indian Media – Before & After –

In Miscellaneous on September 28, 2009 at 11:38 am
  1. laugh out loud!!!
    pathetic indian……
    although i do not like cricket and i believe wining and losing in sports should not be seen as superiority or inferiority but the typiclay indian mentality is making me laugh….
    laugh out loud babe…

  2. I cant believe hindus have so much hatred in there minds and hearts against pakistan and muslims…they r the bloody swines and they dont have right to even exists in the world…feel like killing them all ….hate hindus and hate india…thats our nara

  3. true colors…what kind of pakistani does not like cricket? what a loser.

  4. desi cheetah or barrister in england?
    why don’t you come with your real id like a man.
    loser? how dear?

    • this is why I find you so amusing…first you were claiming I was Danial Burki and now here and on another website I am supposed to be some barrister in england…wow…do you think there are only two people who oppose your views on the web…no sir, the average Pakistani is fed up with the jamaatia nonsense and our numbers are growing…I am just a new entrant in the debate

  5. for those who are unable to watch indian reaction after defeat in second video clip:

  6. i believe that indians have been convinced that they are the super power of asia….they started to look in every thing in which pakistan is a contestant against as a matter of life and death especially the cricket..
    where so much emotions, money and national pride is involved.
    by defeating in cricket they want to make us convinced that they are superpower in this region and pakistan is like any other country in the region. i.e bhootan,sri lanka, nepal…
    their dreams and national pride get seriously hurt when pakistan defeat them….
    PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.(desi cheetay say maazrat kay saath)

  7. Lolzzzzzzzzzz I m feeling very happy and Proud to be Pakistani!!!!
    Yup Indian are Extremist !!! and here is the Result that U have shared……
    Excellent share…


  8. Oops! I come to realize that, this is the war between two Indian TV networks, i.e. Star & Zee

  9. بہت اعلیٰ شیئرنگ۔۔۔ پہلی وڈیو دیکھ کر تو واقعی بہت ہنسی آ رہی تھی لیکن دوسری وڈیو میں کچھ زیادہ ہی بے عزتی کر دی۔ ہار جیت ہوتی رہتی ہے، یہی کھیل کا حسن ہے۔

  10. its not my fault desi cheetay…
    actually you people are hiding your true ID’s and propagating islamophobia that makes us suspicious.
    no doubt we are on one end.we want a specific direction for this country ..but you should admit that you people are on opposite direction trying to take this country in your direction ….technically we are the same…only difference we are open. our aims and ambitions are open to every one . we invite other people to join us.people know us very well. while no body knows you..
    some other guy said that you are barristerAKC it was not me ..i do not know your true identity..
    same is true for danial burki. in a heated debate he admitted that his ID is fake…

  11. Islamophobia? I am propogating no such thing. I’m not perfect in faith, but I do consider myself a believing Muslim and I do not need your approval. What I do object to is the jamaat, and all the mullah’s in Pakistan that want to have a political role. Obviously as you mentioned we want to take the country in different directions.

    As to anonymous IDs, that is one’s perogative on the web, no? And I would point out it is more useful for ‘liberal’ posters…people on the religious right (for lack of a better word) in Pakistan unfortunately have a tendency to get violent (I didn’t say all, but some definitely do). They thus pressure people to stay silent. You may disagree with the liberals but at least they don’t have that problem.

    As to being open, I don’t know if that is your real name but I’ll believe you. As to being open about your aims, very true and increasingly so, now that your leader has come out and supported terrorists in our country. However, I will add that despite all your efforts over decades, the Jamaat is still all talk…they have no real political achievements to speak of!!!

  12. it is a part of game we shouldn’t intermingle politics with game. and yes Pakistan have right to celerate bcz they have won the match

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