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Understand Pakistan – Part V

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APTopix PakistanTwo Third of All Pakistanis Support Equal Salary Package for Both Men and Women:

 Majority of Pakistanis (74%) do not like to discriminate between genders and hence believe that both men and women are entitled to equal amount of salary if the nature of their work is similar, where as 25% believe men should be paid more.

petrol-pump-pakistan-300x225One percent gave no response 86% of All Pakistanis Claim Increase in Petrol Prices Affects Their Household Expense:

 Majority of all Pakistanis (86%) complained their total household expenditures will be greatly or somewhat affected by the recent increase of petrol prices and 8% believe it will have a very little affect on their current expenditures. Six percent (6%) said the price hike will not affect them at all or gave no response.

SonMore than Two Thirds Prefer to Have Sons:

 The preference for baby boy, as a single child, is higher amongst both married and unmarried Pakistanis across all demographics. However the survey found out that slightly higher number of unmarried people tend to hope for a daughter as their single child. Amongst married respondents, 82% would prefer a son, where as 16% would have wanted a daughter had they been granted only one child. The remaining 2% were either unsure or gave no response. On the other hand, 70% of unmarried respondents claimed to want a baby boy, while 26% said they would prefer a daughter and 4% were either unsure or gave no response

NightmaresMore than Half of All Pakistanis Experience Nightmares :

More than half of all Pakistanis (57%) claim they often or sometimes experience nightmares while sleeping. However, a significant 42% of the respondents seem to be at peace during night-time as they claimed to never have frightening dreams. One percent (1%) gave no response

Moon sightnessMore Than Half of All Pakistanis Believe Eid Should Be Celebrated According to the Sighting of Moon

During the first week of September shortly before the Eid of 2009 shows that majority of all Pakistanis (57%) agree that Eid should be celebrated after sighting the moon in an area, where as another significant percentage (34%) believe that Muslims all over the world need to celebrate Eid on the same day. The remaining 9% were unsure or gave no response 92%

 ProcreationBelieve Procreation is Important for the Continuation of Mankind

Procreation is believed to be imperative for the continuation of mankind by majority of all Pakistanis. Ninety two percent (92%) said that having children is very or at least somewhat important where as only 6% believe otherwise and 2% gave no response.


Poverty One Third of Pakistanis Believe Poverty to be The Greatest Possible Threat to Children’s Lives

Impoverishment is believed to be a major factor which could prove to be fatal for children’s future; Thirty five percent (35%) cited poverty to be the biggest threat to a child’s life,19% cited economic crisis, 16% said unemployment, 8% feel it’s the gap between rich and poor, 7% cited crime, 6% said environment and climate change, 4% cited corruption to be the greatest threat to children’s lives. The remaining 5% were unsure.

Terorism65% Respondents Are Optimistic About Decrease in Terrorism in the Upcoming Days

  Two thirds of all Pakistanis (65%) believe that terrorism will decrease in the upcoming days, 33% are of the opinion that it will increase while 2% gave no response. When questioned about the future of Pakistan, 67% expressed their faith in Pakistan’s ability to eradicate terrorism from its soil, where as 18% claimed it can never happen. The remaining 15% were unsure or gave no response.

PSweet dishesakistani’s Preference Amongst Various Sweet Dishes on the Morning of Eid

 Half of all Pakistanis (59%) start their day on Eid by eating ‘Doodh Saiwyaan’ (Vermicelli simmered in milk and sugar). Fourteen percent (14%) eat ‘Sheer Khorma’ (This is a special way of making vermicelli with milk, sugar and dates), 12% eat ‘Kheer’ (This is a traditional sweet dish made from boiling rice in milk and sugar, sprinkled with almonds), 7% prefer ‘Mithai’ (Various confectionery items), and 3% eat ‘Halwa’ (Most types of halva are relatively dense confections that are sweetened with sugar or honey) on the morning of Eid. Two percent (2%) gave no response.

Price hikeTwo Thirds of Pakistanis Claim Their Household Expenditures Shoot Up in Ramadan Due to Price Hikes of Food Items

More than two thirds of all Pakistanis (79%) claim that in every Ramadan their household expenditures increase, 3% said their expenses decrease and 8% feel no difference and 10% were unsure or gave no response. Similarly during this Ramadan 73% of the respondents complained that as compared to the previous year, prices for normal use items have soared up, 15% believe they are the same whereas 9% believe this year the prices have been under control and 3% gave no response.

Price31% Claim Their Households Financial Situation Is Better Than Last Year;

 38% Have High Hopes For The Coming Year A third of all Pakistanis claim that compared to the previous year, their financial condition is better this year and are also hopeful of being on a better financial standing in the coming year. As compared to last year, 31% claimed their financial situation is better this year, 33% believe it is worse and for 35% it has remained the same. One percent (1%) gave no answer. When asked about the future, 38% believe their financial situation will be better next year, 27% perceive it will get worse, and 34% claimed it will remain the same. One percent (1%) gave no response.

Better life59% Pakistanis Claim They Deserve a Better Life

More than half of all Pakistanis (59%) believe they deserve better in life where as 27% are content and believe life has been just to them. Fourteen percent (14%) of the respondents were unsure about whether life’s been just or not.


Majority claims to avoid lying, practice charity and generosity to neighbors Majority of all Pakistanis participate in various charitable activities during the holy month of Ramadan; 85% avoid lying, 85% help poor people, 77% send iftari to their relatives and neighbors, 81% watch religious programs on TV, while comparatively only a small percentage claimed to watch movies (20%) and listen to music (20%). The survey findings may reflect \’actual behavior\’ as well as the behavior which is considered desirable or the \’Norm\’ to be observed during the month of

IftarRamadan. Bread, Curry, and Rice are The Most Preferred at Both Sehri and Iftaari

 Majority of all Pakistanis have proper meal such as bread, curry or rice at both Sehri and Iftaar (Sehri is the food consumed at dawn before keeping a fast and iftaar is the evening meal for Muslims); 49% claimed to eat bread, curry, or rice at sehri and 34% have the same meal at iftaar. 35% said they have paratha (bread fried in oil) and tea and 22% have yogurt, milk and etc. for sehri. For aftari, 25% claimed to eat fruits, 20% have pakoras and samosas (pakoras and samosas are stuffed fried fast food snacks eaten in the sub-continent) where as 7% claimed to eat chaat (mixture of various fruits or potatoes and beans). Twenty five (25%) of the respondents have no particular preference and eat whatever is available at iftaar time.

Pakistan Govt logoPublic’s Perceptions about Various Government Institutes:

 People’s perceptions about their experience with some governmental departments such as the police, courts, WAPDA, Sui gas and Schools. While majority of Pakistanis have expressed their discontentment with some of these government institutes, there are other departments which come up to public’s demands and expectations. Amongst government institutes, Police and WAPDA are rated the worst in public dealing cited by 72% and 83% respectively, while Sui Gas department and Schools enjoy the highest level of public satisfaction as mentioned by 61% and 65% of the respondents respectively.

spirits51% of All Pakistanis Believe Spirits Can Harm Humans

People’s perceptions about their belief or disbelief in whether or not spirits can harm humans. It was observed that majority of the respondents (51%) believe in the supernatural’s ability to harm humans while 49% do not. There is no significant difference in the views of Rural and Urban population of the country on this subject, as 52% of ruralites and 49% of urbanites believe spirits can harm humans.

Fast 78% of Pakistanis Claim to Keep all Fasts;

 18% Claim to Keep Some, and 4% Keep None More than two thirds of Pakistanis (78%) keep all the fasts, 18% keep some where as only 4% do not fast at all. Amongst the reasons for not fasting, respondents cited having no particular reason, age, and illness as the major ones.

NamazDaily Prayers Rise Significantly During Ramadan;

 80% Claim to Pray 5 Times or More in a Day in This Holy Month More than two thirds of Pakistanis (80%) claimed to offer all five obligatory prayers or more during the month of Ramadan. 14% pray three or four prayers, and 3% pray one or two prayers while the remaining 3% gave no response. Regarding their praying routine during the rest of the year, only 48% claimed to be just as regular by offering five prayers a day. It is noted that a proportionately higher percentage of females pray five times a day during both Ramadan and the rest of the months.

Sugar 79% Pakistanis Claimed to be Affected by The Recent Sugar Crisis

 More than two third of all Pakistanis (79%) have complained about facing difficulties in purchasing sugar, while 20% faced no problem. High price is one of the major hurdles respondents (78%) claimed to have faced during the recent sugar crisis, followed by other problems like unavailability (9%), long queues (8%), and bad quality (4%). Seventy percent (70%) believe it is an artificially created crisis and a conspiracy. Target of blame for the price hike is split between government (47%), manufacturers (28%) and traders/exporters (24%).

Aliens 50% of All Pakistanis Believe There Are Aliens Living on Other Planets

 Half of all Pakistanis (50%) believe that some form of alien life exists somewhere in the universe, where as just as many (49%) do not believe that. One percent (1%) gave no response. If there was life on other planets, 45% of the respondents believe the inhabitants of those planets would be less intelligent than the humans, 24% said they would be more intelligent while 18% said they will be just like humans; 13% believe they would be different in some other way or gave no response.

Pakistani  GirlsGirls Are Believed to Be Wiser by 41% of Pakistanis

 Majority of Pakistanis (41%) believe girls are more intelligent than boys studying in the same class. Nineteen percent (19%) consider boys more intelligent while 35% of the respondents said they both are equal. Five percent (5%) were unsure or gave no response. Interestingly both men and women respondents agree that girls are wiser than boys, 44% of women believe girls are wiser and 38% of men believer girls are wiser. However when it comes to boys there is a minor gender bias, only 15% of women believe boys are wiser compared with 23% of men who hold this view. A third of both men and women, around 35%, refuse to make a distinction and believe boys and girls are equally wise or unwise

 Super NaturalPakistanis Belief in Super Natural Beings

 Majority of all Pakistanis believe in the existence of various supernatural beings; 89% claimed that Jinns exist (In Islamic theology jinn are said to be creatures with freewill made from \’smokeless fire’), 58% said they believe in the existence of Ghosts, 55% believe in Fairies, and 50% believe in Witches.

  1. Nice description of Pakistani culture and the pics are also very relevant!

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