Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

رخصت یا عزیمت ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ فیصلہ آپ کا

In Islam - A Study, Miscellaneous, Urdu Columns on October 16, 2009 at 6:17 am


  1. Kashif Bhai

    JazakalLah for writing on this topic.

    Just a small thing though!

    Khoontay se oont zaroor bandhain, yeh sunnat hay, magar us waqt jab khoonta muyassar ho……. agar wahan khonta nahin hay to khoontay ka intizaam karna aap ki zimmay-dari nahin, aap apna kaam karain gay, yeh tawakkal alalLah hay

    Twakkal is beleiving in Allah. It means that we will use the resources at hand to perform our desired task to the best, but would not trust the resources, but Allah Rabbul Alameen instead. We would not avade the situation, just thinking that “suitable” resources or circumstances are not available, we can not do that acutally, since we do not for certain know that what were the right resources or circumstances required to resolve the problem at hand; our mission is to do our best; we are not the masters of our fate!

    If a situation comes in front of you that you have to earn money from a Haram resource, why would we not? because we know that the way the money is being earned is Haram. Rizq is a commodity that has been allocated and the timing of which is certain, since the time of our birth!

    Similarly, death is another thing that is written and the time of which is certain; we only take the right step when saying yes to Shahadat, it is tawakkal alalLah, nothing else, to embrace the possibility of Martyrdome.

    One more thing, if we give our wealth away to looters and daciotes, we are actually supporting them, since they were to be opposed and they were to be fought with, for other fellow citizens to be at peace. There is no single Hadith which says it is OK to give your belongings to robbers…. if you know any, please share the same with us

    thanks again

  2. JazakaLLAH Kashif Bhai!

    Another fallacy that we have is the dream of greater good! Do you think it’s ok to leave absolutely certain Shahadat for probable Shahadat? I think not…

    You’re correct. Ulema do need to give a lot of explanations to their followers… Islam is definitely overwhelmed here, and Ulema will have to answer for it, if not in this world then the next indeed.

  3. Also, when you compare this young man’s death to the death of Saad Khan, the person who died in the reality show, it’s a stark contrast to each other. One opened the door of his next world by his own choice, while the other was a victim of western values, probably didn’t want to leave at that point.

    • what a disgraceful thing to say. shame on you.

      • @ Desi Cheetah

        Enlighten us with what was so disgraceful thing in that statement?

        That Saad Khan was not ready to leave at that point? He was calling for help!

        That Saad Khan’s death is starkly different from Abdul Ahad’s martyr? Saad died following werstern agenda, Saad Khan went to the place where he died following western agenda. Reality Show is a change management campaign under the western agenda.

        So please let us know if you think that reality is disgraceful

        and change your nick, it seems you are abusing yourself

  4. another good one.

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