Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

An open letter to Obama – Urdu

In America on October 19, 2009 at 6:01 am

Letetr to Obama

  1. Dear Mr. Siddiqui,

    I know honesty and integrity are not your strongest points… something you’ve amply demonstrated.

    But only a dishonest crook of the worst kind will describe my response to Obama’s “Nobel Prize” win as one of happiness. Infact it was extremely sarcastic… and I took the opportunity of reminding Obama of his own pledge to bring peace to Kashmir.

    My article is here: http://pakteahouse.wordpress.com/2009/10/09/congratulations-us-president-obama/

    Also thanks for informing me that I am a Qadiani. I was blissfully ignorant of my own faith …

    • Mr. Hamdani !

      Noone is aware with ur true religion as u claimed that u r “Atheist”

      so in this perspective I used the word ” Qadiani Supporter”

      Not Qadiani, because right or wrong they have any religion

  2. بڑا مبارک جہاد ہے یہ سحر کی امید رکھنا زندہ
    نہ چین ظلمت کو لینے دینا شبوں کی نیندے اڑائے رکھنا

  3. Yasser,

    these guys are obsessed with the Qadiani “issue”. I used to think it was really sad. But now while I still think it is sad, at least it keeps these guys obsessed over something nonexistent (ie the dreaded Qadiani conspiracy)…at least it keeps them occupied and not resorting to other mullah favored “activities” these days.

    (Obviously, this sucks for Qadiani people that are relentlessly persecuted by these guys b/c of their religion)

  4. @ Yasser:

    Very well said – “Also thanks for informing me that I am a Qadiani. I was blissfully ignorant of my own faith”

    These guys know it all. They can read human mind and its faith. This kind of phenomenon in mental health is called “Ideas of Reference” which is a classical sign of Schizophrenia and reflects a “formal thought disorder”.

    I still do not get this Qadiani phobia. Every personal and institutional failure is blamed on some Qadiani thing. Every opponent is smeared as Qadiani. This takes us into another realm of Schizophrenia which is by definition “loss of reality”.

    Through out this site, one sooner or later stumbles on some Qadiani delusions. Delusion is by definition “false fixed belief” which is not amenable to discussion and is also a characteristic of Schizophrenia.

    When more than one person living in close proximity share same psychosis, such a psychosis is called “folie a deux”

    Either it is all mass-hysteria or shared psychosis. Lord know better.

    Am I missing something?

  5. @Jay:
    “Am I missing something?”

    Yes, dude checkout the link on Pak Tea House
    ‘The dishonest crooks of our Urdu press’

  6. dear kashif hafeez bhai,
    as usual a nice and reflecting article and again the restlessness of liberal pakis… 🙂

    barak hussain obama is successfully affiliated with words like “change” “hope” and “peace” and now awarding him with Nobel peace prize. As a first black president, Barak Hussain Obama is viewed as starting of new era. Mentally retarded liberal jackasses of Pakistan are specially fascinated by him. Their primitive brains and inability of critical thinking blinds them from many extremely important details which are blurred by massive use of media campaign.
    I want to share with you, the views of Webster Tarpley about Barak Obama.
    According to tarpley, the obama is nothing but a puppet of Zbigniew Brzezinski, trilateral commission and Bilderberger group. If it is true then it means that placing obama in a white house is major step towards global governance.
    Webster tarpley says:
    “Any lingering doubts about Obama’s status as an abject puppet of Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission ended this morning when the withered mummy of imperialism himself appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe* to campaign for Obama, urged on by his own moronic daughter, Mika Brzezinski, an Obama groupie and sycophant.
    Zbigniew, a low-level Polish aristocrat whose life has been devoted to hatred for Russia, lauded Obama for his 2002 speech opposing the Iraq war, saying that he himself was the source of Obama’s arguments back then – thus confirming Obama’s long-term status as his puppet”


    “With Obama, if you look at what his program is going to be, we only have to look Zbigniew Brzezinski’s writings on this stuff. When Carter came in, he came in as the candidate of the Trilateral Commission; of David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Paul Volcker. He turned American foreign policy over to Zbigniew Brzezinski, who then did things like start the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Brzezinski systematically provoked it and boasts in his memoirs of having provoked it. Brzezinski also started the Iraq – Iran war, with probably a million and a half dead. So Brzezinski is up there at about three, four, five million dead, just based on what he did in the Carter administration”

    “Brzezinski is known for one thing: He hates Russia. He is a passionate, fanatical hater of Russia. The same goes for his son Mark and he has got another son Ian Brzezinski who is currently a top official in the Pentagon, and Ian Brzezinski runs John McCain’s foreign policy and writes a lot of McCain’s foreign policy material”

    Regarding his strategy for American dominance tarpley says:
    “Brzezinski’s hatred of Russia is now this: Brzezinski looks at the neo cons and he says to the neo cons: ‘You bunglers’. Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington, his right hand man, says: ‘We gave you the clash of civilizations as an idea’ and he says: ‘What you should have done is to play these different countries one against the other. The essence of imperialism is you don’t attack Iraq , you play Iran against Iraq. You don’t attack Venezuela, you play Colombia against Venezuela. You don’t attack Somalia, you play Ethiopia against Somalia’. ‘And ultimately you don’t attack Russia “

    Regarding obama’s policy towards Pakistan, he says:
    “At the same time you’ve got a campaign to destroy Pakistan as a state, as a nation. And that is being done through bombing now, demanded by Obama, and now going on; a bombing of so-called Al Qaeda bases in northern Pakistan. It is a very interesting story.

    Originally back in the middle of last year, Obama said he wanted to bomb Pakistan without consulting the Pakistani government. Bush said no, McCain said no, Clinton said no. Obama is the most aggressive warmonger of the entire Democratic field. And guess what? Even though Bush said no last year, the US has now been bombing Pakistan without consulting Musharraf or the Pakistani government, in January, February, March, and I belief now into April and May of this year. So he is getting what he wants. The goal here of course is not Al Qaeda, this is a fairytale, but it is to destroy Pakistan. And why? Because Pakistan is a traditional ally of China, an important economic partner of China”

    the whole interview is worth watching.do watch this interview.

    best regards

  7. English Translation of letter.
    Thank You very much Adnan for your nice effort

    For American President Obama:

    Barack Obama Sahib: Congratulations on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. It was rather a surprise for us to hear of your Nobel Peace Prize win. Not only us, everyone else either went stunned, or laughed or just gave this event a sarcastic smile. Even you were probably not as happy to win the prize as the Pak Tea House’s Qadiani supporter Mr. Yasser Latif Hamdani. This gentleman declares himself as the spokesman for the liberal thought. He congratulated you and wished you the very best. He did declare his hope that you will give much attention towards the Kashmir issue and will look to get it satisfactorily resolved. Well, nothing changes when monkeys jump around or crows caw, therefore we shall let them do what they want to do.

    Respected Mr. President: you are the fourth American President who has won the peace award. It is quite interesting that when you were nominated (February 1), your presidency was barely two weeks old. Apart from your first oath taking speech, we do not see any notable words from you. But we are being told that you have been given this prize for some peace initiatives. Right now we are only hearing words from you but not seeing any action. We request you to stop weaving words and start taking practical steps now.

    Mr. President: You had declared to shut down the torture chambers of Guantanamo Bay, where prisoners are 100% Muslims. Everyone knows that these prisoners are subjected to inhuman torture. These prisoners are subjected to innovative torture techniques. Right after you took oath to the office, you signed this declaration. Yet we see no signs that this prison will be closed any time soon.

    Respected Mr. President: You had vowed in your election campaign that you will withdraw the US forces from Iraq. But it seems like your forces are stuck in a quicksand there and it is no longer possible for them to honourably withdraw from Iraq. Fallujah and Najaf are rocked by bomb blasts and mass murder; Muslim blood flows cheaply but your silence is akin to semi-acceptance of this situation.

    Mr. Obama: You had declared your seriousness in solving the Palestine issue, yet every word in your speeches is to the glee of Israel. In reality, your Middle East Special Envoy Mr. George Mitchell has been to the Middle East quite a few times. But he has been able to achieve nothing due to the obstinate behaviour of Israel and American Jewish lobby. We cannot forget Mr. President that when Israeli inhuman soldiers attack besieged Palestinians, their women and children like hungry dogs, you utter not a single word to condemn the act. Maybe you are afraid of those American Jews who had financed your presidential campaign.

    Mr. President: Muslims across the world notice that you collect sold goods in Sharm-Assheikh (????) and then try to achieve results to Israeli liking; exactly against the Palestinian wishes. Please tell us how can peace be achieved under these conditions.

    Respected President: We are noticing the increased activity of US in Afghanistan and Pakistan. You have sent 21,000 more troops in Afghanistan. Your army chiefs are calling for 40,000 further troops. Your army chiefs openly admit that 70% of Afghanistan is now controlled by Taliban. The same Taliban who have no modern weapons, tanks, jet planes, guns, armoured vehicles, night vision technology, radars or computers. Taliban just possess the drive based upon their faith, which you do not have. Your homosexual army can do nothing to them. You declare “Pakistan first”; the US Embassy in Islamabad incurs the most expenditure among all the American embassies around the world. 1000 US marines are present and now you are sending Blackwater here as well. The Afghan elections that were held under the management of your army were so pathetic that even United Nations had to call them a fraud. Your drone planes fly around and distribute death across Pakistan. These drones kill people who are terrorists according to you and common people or Madrassah students according to our knowledge. Pakistani masses are well aware of your special representative Richard Holbrooke and how he interferes in our affairs like a Viceroy and look for people to represent US interests in Pakistan. Our honourable masses have rejected the Kerry-Luger Bill. Since you have come to power, we have only seen hatred against you and America among Pakistani masses. We are the front line state in your war against terrorism; yet our army jawans are martyred in this war. We are facing suicide bombs on a daily basis, yet you and your administration never fail to yell “Do More” at us. Now Southern Punjab and Baluchistan seem to be getting in your crosshairs of your drone attacks, just like Waziristan. People fail to understand what kind of peace is that. People in this area think the peace award is rather a practical joke. But since you have now received it, we hope you will at least try to do something about it to respect the peace award.

    Mr. Obama: Everyone considers it an important event when American missiles are removed from the Eastern Europe. But everyone keeps ignoring the real reasons behind your step; you are trying to please Russia so that it won’t provide or help Iran the nuclear technology. People wonder whether you want Israeli nuclear program to end as badly as you want Iranian nuclear program to end. Please inspect the Israeli nuclear facilities. This is your two faced policy, and still you wonder why Muslims are unhappy.

    Your two faced policy becomes clearer with your pro-India policy as well. You keep signing treaties to further Indian nuclear program, while put sanctions on Pakistani nuclear program. We all see made up allegations about Dr. Abdul Qadeer nuclear network. Don’t you think people will not react negatively? Also, do tell what to make of your complete silence on the Kashmir issue.

    Respected President: Your speeches are quite famous, which is the reason why Nobel Committee gave this award to you by declaring that you have brought the US/Europe closer to the Muslim World. But observers of your words know that you simply weave the words very well. (A couplet from Munir Niazi is then given).

    Mr. President: In one of your recent speeches, you threatened to destroy the opponents of US interests in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Algeria and Yemen. Janaab, we must analyze why US interests are in danger in these areas, and also what will be the effect of your open threats?

    Mr. President: After winning this Nobel Peace Prize, that you never should have won, your responsibilities have increased manifold. But we know it quite well that all Nobel prizes are centered around the US and Jewish interests, even if they are given to Muslim names like Anwar Sadaat, Yasir Arafat or Al-Baradei. Or even if it is the Nobel prize for Dr. Abul Salaam. They are all part of Jewish interests. There are only very few exceptions like Mother Teresa, otherwise all prizes are means to fulfill American objectives. Even the Literature prize is given to the rebels of the anti-US governments; for example Russians, or Tibetan Dalai Lama or Iranian woman journalist. If you are serious about peace in your nation and the nations of the world, then withdraw your troops from the invaded nations. It is in your nation’s interest so that you see less and less of body bags. Otherwise, be prepared for history to make fun of you.


    A Pakistani Muslim

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