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The Consequences of so called “Liberalism”

In Clsh of Civilizations on October 27, 2009 at 10:59 am

Security guard shot dead after quarrel at party: The News

 Monday, October 26, 2009,

By By our correspondent Karachi

 A gunman was shot dead on Sunday over a petty issue in the limits of the Darakshan police station. According to information received, a quarrel began over a girl in a private dance party which resulted in the death of a personal gunman.

The gunman, Sher Mohammad was on duty with the country’s well-known neurologist, Dr Hashim’s son, Basit. As per details, the victim was 35 and hailed from Dera Bugti, Balochistan.

The incident took place at Saba Commercial in one of the residential apartment late Saturday night. The body was shifted to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre for legal formalities.

Station House Officer (SHO), Raja Tariq, briefed the media about the incident and said the deceased was one of the personal gunmen of Basit who is the younger son of Dr Hashim. Basit is a student of MBBS and had arranged a private dance party at his flat situated in Sea-View Apartments, Phase VI, Defense on Saturday night.

The SHO further added that Basit’s party was going well until one of Basit’s friends, named Nasir, left the party with a girl named Rimla to his flat located at Saba Commercial. This provoked Basit and his friends, which included Rao Junaid, Owais and others. The group of friends then went to Nasir’s flat where Junaid after an exchange of hot words pulled out his TT pistol and opened fire thus killing Basit’s gunman.

He claimed that Rimla is a student of MBA and lives in the Defense Housing Authority area as a paying guest as her family is in the USA.

“These people belong to rich families and organise private dance parties especially on weekends, and as the use of drugs and alcohol is so common it is quite easy to provoke a person who is under the influence of such things, which results to such incidents,” he said.

The SHO added that the alleged accused, Rao Junaid, is an owner of a showroom and also belongs to a rich family. The police have arrested Junaid and started the investigation.

  1. This is just an incident where both parties were from strong background therefore the news break .. in so many cases where the victim is not from the upper class (any class mate or play friend) and most of the times victims are from lower classes (middle class) . most of the time when drugs, alcohol mixed with girls .. that happens .

    one of my classmate in MBA was shot and died in a dance party and his parents accepted the money offered by the assailant .. another person from my area i know was injured when he saw one of his cousin dancing with some guys .. he tried to take her back to her house and caused a fight in which his arm was broken ..

  2. Ah ha…. Yes… but what of all the terrorists from Mansoora who kill innocent people all the time?

    One could say that those are consequences of Jamaat-e-Fitna-Maududiat? No?

    Surely you’ll find many more incidents than this one above.

    • The secret services of YLH is impressive.

      Now he is releasing those news which exist nowhere 🙂

      I think U should read ALA comments

      • I suppose it was all those drinking people with all the partying who planted the bomb in Pipal Mandi.

        Have you no shame at long last?

        • Real & factual Illeterate are those who are putting blames without any proves. These are stereotype people who have head without mind like u.

          Most of the Pakistanies believe that, that car bomb was planted by India not by Taliban.

          Those who ignore Indian presence in that regions are the prince of heaven of fools.

          This is not “Naseeb.com” where “few honorable liberals” supported Homosexuality & Sex stories.

          Shame, on those who support these partying where they treat women just like a toy.

  3. @Kashif

    R u a Taliban? whats bad with dance parties, sex dates , drinking, killing? how dare you point your fingure towards liberals as your not allowed to do us but to condemn Talibans?

    • Yes… you are right … dance parties, sex dates and drinking is so much worse than blowing up for religion.

      Ofcourse Kashifiat is worse than Taliban. Taliban are a bunch of illiterate people being misguided by the Mullahs… Kashifiat is a Maududist crook who encourages terrorism and Fitna-e-Maududiat…

  4. ley bhai!
    yeh to YLH kay bhai logon ki story hay.
    YLH why don’t you advise your bhai band for “MIL BETH KAR KHAO”
    its like one male pig was not letting othe male pigs a “chance” to enjoy….too bad for pigs.

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