Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

نئی تہذیب کے گندے انڈے

In Clsh of Civilizations on November 2, 2009 at 6:57 am


  1. start of a new era…the pig culture.
    it is not a new culture. it is practiced since many decades in pakistan…we heard many stories of wife swaping..key clubs..orgies in new year night parties, and every thing related with wine,women and wealth.
    so now this culture is going down towards upper middle class although it is in initial stages but i know after some time things will change.
    (for more sensational details of these kinds of orgies kindly contact with YASSIR LATEEF HAMDANI)

    • Quack Jawwad,

      It is quite sad that you are associating my name in this fashion. I suppose when one is shameless and a crook, one makes such comments.

      So much for all the Islam Islam you do.

      • sorry YLH!
        it was a wild guess as i saw you and others in paktea house promoting liberalism and free sex society…
        i thought you are ….hehehehhhehehehee
        sorry YLH

    • PS: 90 % of those who partake in these activities in Defence etc are the same people who end up from being totally wild to totally Mullah…

      So you’ll be hugging many of these people soon I am sure.

  2. why these parties remain hidden from the eyes of suicide bombers?
    its a million dollar big question.
    i wish some day i could build a most notorious torture cell in the world and put all liberal jackasses in it so they could enjoy an extremely slow,painful and agonizing death.
    iss say barhee badqismati us mulk kia hogi jis ki tehzeebi numaindgi aabroo bakhta auraten aur unhi kay dallal mard kartay hon.

  3. kashif bhai ab utha kar gali men pehnknay say kam naheen chalay ga. in andon ko torh kar gutter men bahana parhay ga. warna yeh anday itnay khabees hen kay gali men parhay parhay bhi insay choozay nikal aaen gay.

  4. ڈاکٹر جواد خان صاحب ،
    گندے انڈوں کو پھینکنے ، توڑنے اور گلی یا گڑ میں بہانے کی ہر گز ضرورت نہیں۔ گندے انڈے کچھ وقت کے بعد اتنے بدبودار ہو جاتے ہیں کہ لوگ میلوں دور بھاگتے ہیں۔ یہی حالت یاسر لطیف اینڈ کمپنی کا بھی ہے۔ ان کے بدبو سے لوگ ان سے بھاگ رہے ہیں اور یہ پکڑنے کی کوشش کرتے ہیں۔ بھلا کوئی گندگی کے قریب جانا پسند کرتا ہے؟ یاسر لطیف کو کون سمجھائے گا؟

  5. یاسر لطیف کو کون سمجھائے گا؟

    Allah(swt) samjhaen gay…laikin marnay kay bad!
    marnay kay bad YLH ko haqeeqat ka pata chal jaey ga.
    @yassir lateef hamdani!
    don’t you want to know the truth???
    if you don’t mind, i can arrange your meeting with “munkir / nakeer”.
    so what do you say?

  6. I got only two Thumbs and both of them up for this article.

    May Allah have mercy on us and show us all guidance.

  7. ‘Dr’ Jawwad…

    so you want to torture and kill liberals huh?

    maybe you would have wanted to torture and kill MA Jinnah as well…

    • Mr. Rugger / YLH,

      Pls come with ur actual identity , next time u will not entertain with this mailing address

      • I always use my own name and identity. Ofcourse you are the sort who would ban others who support me by declaring that they are indeed me.

        So shame on you.

    • @rugger / YLH !

      it was a joke god damn it ! don’t take every thing seriously.
      aapkay aanay so to ronaq aajati hay.aapko koee kaisay mar sakta hay?

      • abay bewaqoof quack,

        I don’t take anything you say seriously … no one can take a crook like you seriously… rugger mian is someone else.

        • its good to see that you are not taking me seriously.
          i was kidding…
          but seriously,don’t you wanna know why you are on earth? what is the purpose of your life? what will be the end?
          why there is so much repulsion against your own religion? crooks…mullah…ok but what about the islam?
          did you ever try to know what islam says..what message it want to convey?

          • Let me put your little mind at ease: I have NO revulsion to Islam which is the finest deen there is in my personal view and is perfectly compatible with modern life, human rights and democracy. I do not wish to debate it with you but this is my view.

            However I am repulsed by you and Kashifiat type fellows… who persecute religious and sectarian minorities and are to my mind the biggest enemies of Pakistan.

  8. I can assure you that Rugger is not me. Kashifiat… shame on you for insinuating that I resort to the same tactics as you Mullah types resort to.

    • @ YLH!

      this is purely an exaggeration.
      jamat e islami is never blamed for secterian vilance..
      this is quite a new allegation…isn’t it?
      Jamat e islami or associated people never said any thing against minorities….( put the Qadiyani issue aside for a moment).
      no other islamic organization including jihadi organization said any thing against christians,hindu sikh or parsi minority in pakistan (gojra incident needs thorough investigations) contrary to india where minority rights violation is a routine.
      My question is why you and other liberals of pak tea house are so sympathetic towards Qadiyanis?
      just because they were casted away from ummah because of their false beliefs?
      my “little mind” is unable to understand the hue and cry over qadiyani issue and exaggerations related with it…

      • I am not sure what exaggerations you speak of…

        Is it an exaggeration that you send people from another minority community to rub off Kalima tayyaba from the graves of Ahmadis?

        Is it an exaggeration that you don’t allow Ahmadis to say Azaan when it is part and parcel of their religion whatever it is?

        Is it an exaggeration that you go to Ahmadi places of worship and tear down the name of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from their walls?

        Is it an exaggeration that you burn down Ahmadi places of worship and burn the Holy Qurans contained within them?

        What kind of Muslims are you?

        Do you think it is Islamically alright to rub off the Kalima?

        Do you think it is Islamically alright to defile naoozubillah the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s name?

        Do you think it is alright Islamically to burn the Holy Quran?

        Do you think it is alright to kill Ahmadis for having the name “Muhammad”, “Ali”, “Umar”, “Usman”?

        Do you think it is alright either from a religious angle or from a secular angle to stop the call of prayer which is has the same praise of the same monotheistic god?

        And then you claim exclusive rights to Jannat? I don’t if this Jannat exists or not… but if it does, I cannot for a minute comprehend how Allah would allow people like you to enter into it.

  9. Because unlike the Jamaat-e-Islami, the Qadiyanis have always worked for the betterment of Pakistan and the Islamic world.

    As for Jamaat-e-Islami… it is a sectarian little fascio… and nothing else. Even Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui here is on the record supporting the attacks against Christians in Gojra.

  10. YLH mian, Chanda, Munnay, baby,

    Pls see, I didn’t wrote this article 🙂


    Bhai jan ! He didn’t say any thing in favor of those who is responsible of Gojra incident.

    He is just presenting the story of other side.

    Yes, I will write against u , when ever & where ever you do ur intellettual shit to expose u & save others from ur misguided ahmaqana khialat


  11. I don’t understand why YLH cannot speak without cursing!!!
    Why YLH cannot talk without personality attacks??

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