Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

The Negative Impact of StarPlus

In Clsh of Civilizations, Urdu Columns on January 4, 2010 at 12:58 pm

  1. Quite right!
    the tv has become a weapon of diabolique . and it is used extremely cautiously to destroy the social values.
    the soaps , the advertisements and talk shows…every thing if you see in details and analyse, you find a clever work to prepare a generation rebelion against religion and prescious social values.
    the subliminal messages transferred through tv and music is no more secrets.
    unfortunately no good study was done on this area.

  2. Sari is not the issue. Your criticism of that disgusting channel is right but your reasons are wrong as usual.

    Star Plus is too misogynistic, backward and thoroughly unbecoming for modern society. It is laughable and sends the wrong social message.

    • how these reasons could be wrong?
      what are your reasons to call star plus a disgusting channel?

      • These reasons are wrong because they are dogmatic.

        Like I pointed out… Star Plus establishes misogyny and patriarchy… it is the Indian equivalent of the Taliban really in my view… the perpetual conflict of women over one man…. the wars between saas and bahu… the culture which places unnatural importance on outdated institutions…

        The real reasons why Star Plus is disgusting are very similar to the reasons Jamat-e-Islami is utterly distasteful to me.

        Kashif mian’s opposition to Star Plus is that of a religious zealot… my opposition to it is because I see in Star Plus an echo of Kashif Mian.

        • At least you are right about misogyny.
          patriarchy is more culture than a religion…you can’t respect the religion but atleast you should respect the culture of subcontinent. no matter what you say about the patriarchy, the fact is the patriarchy provided a very strong base for the societies in early 20th century in all over the world and still prevalant in our society.
          i suggest you to fight for women’s right and violence against the women rather than a system of values which makes perfect sense.
          is it distatefulness for Jamat e Islami or the religion?
          Kashif bhai is one of the brilliant writer in urdu press especially on social issues he has a great eye to look into it.
          i believe his atricle is just great ..what you need is a mind free of prejudice and one sidedness.

          • i couldn’t understand why you are against the jamat e islami?
            did jamat e islami ever stopped you on the street . did it ever inquire about your beard or your dress?
            did it force you to go to the mosque?
            this the problem of liberals that they hit hard with out realizing the possible out come.
            our society despite of all illnesses is not a liberal society in general. People still care about the religion and the values given by the religion.

  3. Btw … I was writing against Star Plus menace long before it hit people like Kashifiat.

  4. Jawwad Khan,

    Jamaat e Islami is a sickness. They do all of the above to everyone.

    My friends liberals don’t blow themselves in mosques or defend terrorists.

  5. Glad to have you back Bhai Kashif. Been waiting for your come back!

    Comparison of Jamaat-i-Islami and Star Plus by YLH is interesting.

  6. Yes. Incidentally… the impact of misogyny is self evident in a society where when you flip channels you go from “Q-TV” to “Star Plus” to an “Indian dance scene” to Dr. Israr’s Khutba to “Peace TV” to “Shah Rukh Khan starrrer” to “Sony”.

    Jinnah’s Pakistan is under attack from Indian misogynists and Jamaat-e-Islami …. as it was the case during his life time.

  7. Kashif mian/Javed Ahmed sb & Yasser Pai,

    You guys may have a lot against each other but you certainly seem to have one thing in common- a belief that almost every ill of Pakistan is imported from India.

    Maybe you should join Zardari sb in his 1000-year ideological war with India rather than fighting each other.


    • Majumdar mian,

      If India can take credit for the good there is in Pakistan … and claim all of Pakistan’s musicians and artists and poets etc as product of the Indian civilization, it must also take credit for Pakistan’s ills… no?

      • i second that !

      • Yasser Pai,

        Pakistan gets its influence from two sources- India and Central Asia/Middle East. All its good is influenced by India, all bad stuff is either locally generated or from Central Asia/Middle East region.


  8. I agree with the Majumdar

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