Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Kashmir Problem & Pak – India Peace Efforts

In Pakistan's Ideology on February 5, 2010 at 5:48 am

  1. Assalam o Allaikum kashif bhai,
    there is one bad thing while reading your articles is that it finishes so quickly…while i want to read some more. great article as usual. i believe you should come in the research work..you have enormous capabilities. the lines upon you work are simply the great.Regarding desire of peace..i read some where that:
    “the peace loving is not the hate for war, peace loving is your ability to scare your enemy and create a fear which could refrain your enemy to fight a war with you”.

  2. hi brother ,i appreciate your effort regarding this article.but very short i want to read more .Jis cheez ko hmarey mezheb main HRAAM qrar deya gya hey wo cheez kaise kuch acchca result la sekte hey koshish achche hey but terqa galat

  3. hey
    h r u?? whats going on??

  4. Very nice and true article… people in Pakistan are more towards fun and song loving, they are more into pleasent suroundings and dramatic enviornment. Never think what is the message behind the scene or song.

  5. we hope for the paceful resolvtion of kashmir

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