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What Zaid Hamid said in his office about Yusuf Kazzab

In Kazzab Corner on March 2, 2010 at 8:32 am

When ever any one question asked to Mr. Zaid Zaman Hamid about his link with Yusuf Kazzab in any public gathering, he invites people to meet with him in his office & he will satisfy & claimed that thousands others have been satisfied.

This is important to see what he usualy said in his office,  read following & see to whom he is defending – Reas a real experience


As a lot of our brothers are following the story of our struggle against Zaid Hamid so I feel that it is an obligation for me to share the latest developments against this evil which is threatening the very Fabric of our Aqeeda ie the belief of Khatme Nabuwat.
Wake Up Pakistan Islamabad took place on Sunday 31st Jan 2010. On Thursday the Khatme Nabuwat movement along with top scholars of Islamabad arranged a Press conference against Zaid Hamid. They called upon the govt to stop Wake up Pakistan and to ban him from entering educational institutes. The reason was that Zaid Hamid was the first Caliph of Yousf Kazab a false prophet who was sentenced to death in the year 2000.
I took the press statement to our brothers in Shifa Collage of medicine who were organizing an Islamic Conference on 6th and 7th of Feb. Zaid Hamid was invited to the conference. The brothers got very much worried as I had raised a sever opposition to inviting Zaid Hamid. My demand was very simple that he gives a press statement sending lanat on Yousf Kazab the False prophet and I will have no objection to him coming to any event.

Brother Ahmed Malik, Yousf Raza, Ali and a few other students from our collage went to meet Zaid Hamid on Friday. They had thought that Zaid Hamid is a great scholar and Champion of Islam and he will send 100 lanats on yousf kazab and the likes of him. However they were quiet shocked when Zaid Hamid started to give them proofs about how Yousf Ali was a great scholar and a sufi saint and how Deobandi Mullahs got him killed.

He said “Boys was I wrong when I said that I don’t know any Yousf Kazab… I knew Yousf Ali… Lots of people knew Yousf Ali”. One of the Scholars who was coming to the Shifa conference was Dr Israr Ahmed. Zaid Hamid kept on saying that Dr Israr is with me and we coordinate our activities bla bla bla. So a few of our students went to him they told him that Zaid Hamid is propagating Yousf Kazabs message to our students and he is taking his name.

A member of Dr Isrars Tanzeem e Islami was also present there and he showed him Zaid Hamid pictures with Dr Israr and said that he got them from his friend who became involved with Zaid Hamid after he showed him those pictures. Zaid Hamid told his friend that it’s the same thing wither you work for him or Dr Israr.

Dr Israr said that he only met Zaid Hamid twice. Once he called Zaid to his place and the other time Zaid invited him. When Dr Israr visited him, he told him that some children want to have their picture taken with Dr Sahib and that’s how he got those photos of him and Dr Israr. Dr Israr thanked our comrades a lot for informing him about this. In the mean while a lot of people with in Tanzeem e Islami started to show their disgust for Zaid hamid.

Zaid Hamid said in the video that Lashkar e Taiyyaba people provided security to the Wake up Karachi conference. I personally saw Lashkar cadre at wake up Islamabad. I contacted my friends in jamat ud dawa and really gave them a piece of my mind for being associated with this sacrilege. They were very apologetic.


He also told our friends to make a video and show it to all the people in Shifa so that they may know the truth about Yousf Ali. I have seen the Video and have told in detail of what ever was shown it to the elders of Khatme nabuwat. It is a 58 min video however Zaid Hamid took 2 hours trying to explain to our boys that Yousf Ali was a great sufi.
Any way I took a few Ulema to Wake up Pakistan. Wither Wake Up Pakistan woke up Pakistan or not is another question, it did woke up the khatme nabuwat movement. After seeing the extent of support of Zaid Hamids fitna and the open display of Vulgarity which was a hallmark of the conference, our elders decided to present a firm resistance to this challenge.

The Khatme Nabuwat Ulema also met Dr Israr and he apologized for being associated with Zaid Hamid. Dr Israr told the Khatm e nabuwat people that agencies are supporting zaid to create “deeni Ghayarat” in our people. I am aware that the majlis e shura of tanzeem e Islami did meet on this issue.

Kahtm e nabuwat also met Mufti Kamaludeen, a professor at LUMS university who was a speaker on the Shifa conference. Mufti Kamal ud deen assured his support against this evil. On 7th after the conference Mufti Kamal ud deen met Dr Waqas, a doctor in Shifa who was also a speaker in the conference as well as brothers who were associated with the conference. Mufti Kamal and Dr Waqas then met Zaid Hamid, and it was decided that Zaid will no longer be invited to any of Shifas functions until he repents his beliefs.

Yesterday, 14 Feb 2010, while I was on my walk I received a message on my cell to come immediately to Jamat ud Dawa headquarters in Islamabad. A conference was going on I took a seat at the back as a expected another boring lecture by a Salafist mullah. However the speaker was a mujahid named Abu Haider who had spent 13 years in jail in India and was a senior leader of Jamat ud dawa. He talked about how a fitna of Zaid hamid is endangering Islam. He said in the speech that Zaid Hamids secretary came to their Head Quarters but they kicked him out.

He said  “We know who is supporting him…they are very ‘naik’ people with good intentions but they don’t realize that he is a snake and he will bite us all”

After the conference I met the guy who was giving the lecture as well as other coordinators of that event. They told me that they hope I was satisfied now. I replied in the affirmative. I asked the guy as to who really are the ‘naik’ people who are supporting Zaid Hamid. Abu Haider replied:

“ISI… I met their officer and told him that why are you supporting him (zaid hamid) so much. He replied that we want to create ‘deeni Ghayarat’ in people. So I told him that it would have been better had you used a Christian… when satan wants to entrap a mullah he uses a mullah… our people did provide security but it was at a very low level, our leadership did not know of this and we took a stern notice against this”

Brother Ali who is a year junior to me in Shifa wanted the ulema to meet Zaid hamid. However our scholars told me that they have a clear stance… Zaid Hamid is a murtid and a Gushtakh e Rasoon and it would be an insult to go and meet him. Zaid Hamid should come to the ulema, apologies for his transgressions to Allah and renew his Faith. Only then will he be acceptable.

This, brothers and sisters is a very very small highlight of the struggle which took place against this evil. I have left out many many parts as this tale has not yet reached its conclusion. Pray to Allah that his deen be victorious in Islamabad, Lahore, Sawat, Waziristan, Afghanistan and every place where the forces of truth and falsehood are in conflict.

JazakAllahokhair wa’ssalam

Your brother,


  1. Jazakallah for writings this. I was bothered with his ideology as well, and wanted to write about it but couldn’t.

    This is an eye openor.

  2. thanks for the updating about this great fitna of our time.
    this guy is super ambitious, he is planning and executing very well, he has a talent, he is leaving his influence over the youth and he has all resources…what one need more than that?
    i think raising this issue through blogs is a good step and positive direction. and it is the success of the bloggers that every where he goes, the refrence of yousuf kazzab follows him.
    great issue to raise…i wish i could find a audio/ video clip of zaid hamid defending yousuf kazzab.

  3. dr jawwad sb, the videos r uploaded here now

  4. I completely agree, i never believed his words and the way our so called media projecting him so openly and what ever he is saying against India Israel and America, seems like a hidden agenda. My question is:
    Why Dr. Israr can not get so much time on our Media?
    Its so simple, it is a game and I will ask ISI not to support this fitna.

    Best regards,

  5. a full one hour video on the reality of Yusuf ali case and the lies behind it. We had so far avoided commenting upon the case as it could create sectarian fasad in the country but after consultation, we had no choice but to expose the sectarian fasadi mullahs. The truth is now out!.


  6. AoA,

    The video you are talking about, can you please upload it to youtube and provide us it’s link. Please !


  7. I can only say that before commenting on Mr Yousaf, please inquire on him. His story was first publidhed in Khabrian News Paper. They had their office in the building owned by Mr Yousaf. He was asking them to pay the rent and also vacate the said building. About the character of The owner of Khabrian, i need not to say any thing. Black mailing by the media needs no mention. they black mail even the sitting Govt what to talk of poor Mr Yousaf. My request to u all is to first go into the details of property case between Mr Yousaf and Mr Zia Shahid. Also contact that Jail Superintendent under whose custody Mr Yousaf was short dead by person who was sentenced to death. How and who provided him the fire weapon in side the Jail?

  8. Assalam-o-Alikum

    REF. Shah WaliUllah(rh), Sir Syed Ahmed, Iqbal, Qaeday Azam, Zaid Hamid, Altaf Hussain(MQM), Sub Kafir? Bas tume aiek Isaam kay thakay dar.

    May pher yahee kahoonga kay kesee per apna feasla sader naheen karayn. (Soora Alnisa Roko 9 ayate 3) Allah ke rah may nikaltay howay tahqeeq kerleya karo. Our ya mate kahoo kay tou momen naheen jabe wooh tumhay salam karay.Hozoore(pbuh)nayfarmaya
    kesee ahlay qiblay ko jo zabeha khata hoo ya mate kahoo kay tou mosalman naheen.
    Imam Abou Haneefa nay farmaya kay kesee may 99% kharabeyan hoon our 1% achaee ho tou os 1% ka ziker karoo, 99% per perda daloo magar humoska olata kertay haan. Zaid Hamid (unkay nazdeek) aiak shareer tabqay ko challange kerrahay haan jo shroo say Pakistan kee Idialogy kay khalaf hay or Pakistan ko Kaferistan our Quaday Azam ko Kaferay Azam kehtay rahay haan. Enhoonay Shah wali Ullah, Sir Syed Ahmed, Allama Iqbal take kesee ko nahee chora. Aiesee soorate may Supreem court kay faisalay ka intezare kerna chaheya. Jabe kay woh khud keh rahay hayn kay agar Yosuf Ali sahabe
    Hozore (pbuh) kay bade Nabowate kay daway dare paie gaie to subsay pehlay woh unhay darae Islam say nikalangay. or yahee naheen koe bhe agar nabowat ka dawa Hozore(pbuh) kay bade karay ga chahay Mirza Ghulame Ahmed hoo ya koe our darae
    Islam say kharige hay. Jabekay session court may Yousuf Ali per Zinah ka moqadama sabit naheen howa tou osay merwadeya gaya. jesnay moqadama dair keya tha oskay khalaf case keon naheen bana. Shreat cout may tou waqaee oske gawahee qayamate tak qabilay qobole nahe hogee jes nay jhota kesee per zinah ka moqadama kea hoo.
    Hozore (pbuh) nay iseelea Aje tihade kay darwaza khula rakh hay. kay anay walay dour may esqisim kay halate kay unhany eilm tha. Let Ulma consil decide this metter.
    Our abe waqat aagiea hay Inshah Allah kay Mulla Ezam kay saray bhoote aieak aieak ker kay Tabah hoongay. Our Enko kaheen panah nahee millay gi. Eslea kay sara Pakistan aik taraf our these 2% Mullah aik taraf.


    • your ignorance is mashallah very evident.

      Who says Shah Waliullah was K?

      As far as Zaid Zaman Hamid is concerned, the defense of the Finality of the Prophethood will be fought.

      The evidences are now clear and in abundance for a person with sane mind. Please spend some time checking and verifying each and every evidence about Yusuf Kazzab.

  9. REPLY FROM “RESPECTED SIR. Zaid Hamid ,(On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 12:59 AM)

    Dear, now we will talk in the language of Sharia and Quran. So read

    In Sharia, there are most strict requirements of evidence to convict
    someone, especially for death. If a married person commits adultery, he must
    be put to death but ONLY after 4 credible witnesses ! In the presence of
    even 3 witnesses, the person even if clearly proven to have committed
    adultery, cannot be punished !! This is sharia law which favors mercy and
    forgiveness NOT death.

    Anyone putting false allegation or not producing the required number of
    witnesses is lashed as a punishment and their evidence is never accepted
    again. This is Islamic law !

    Now we bring to you a fact which has never been discussed before but since
    those snakes have raised the issue, we now talk in the language of Quranic
    law to make you understand.

    The Mullahs of Khatm e Nubuwwat had put 3 major allegations on Yusuf. The
    charges were:

    1. He has claimed to be a prophet.
    2. He has committed adultery/zina.
    3. He has defrauded people of money.

    There were many smaller but serious allegations also that he calls his
    followers as Sahabi etc etc ….

    During the trial it was established that yusuf had NEVER claimed to be
    prophet but had discussed a concept of Khilafat ! (very common concept
    within sufi circles and also mentioned in quran). The prime witness who had
    accused Yusuf of claiming to be a prophet was a newspaper reporter Mian
    Ghaffar from Khabrain newspaper. He clearly accepted that Yusuf had never
    claimed prophet hood but talked about khilafat but also accepted that he is
    only a reporter and does not know the difference between Nubuwwat and
    Khilafat !!!! Note this point because judge relied on this evidence to
    sentence Yusuf !!

    Yusuf also explained his belief under oath that he never claimed Nubuwwat
    but had tried to explain the concept of Khilafat in his sufi order. This is
    NOT blasphemy. According to sharia, his explanation should have been

    The judge NEVER convected Yusuf on claim of Nubuwwat !!!! Yusuf was
    convicted for claiming Khilafat !!!! Can you believe this ?? They have been
    lying to you all along !

    On Zina, judge writes that there is NO evidence of Zina !!! Making the Khatm
    e Nubuwwat mullahs liable to Qazaf, false evidence and punishment of lashes
    !!! The evidence of Mullahs could not be accepted after this judgement
    according to Sharia !!

    Now you tell me, is this judgement of death according to Quran and Sunnah or
    violative of all laws of Quran and Sunnah ?? The court never judged on
    sharia, the judge never knew the difference between Nubuwwat and Khilafat
    and the prime witness was an idiot reporter only who accepted that Yusuf had
    never claimed prophethood but talked about Khilafat ! Zina was never proved
    and it was a false allegation.

    It was because of this total farce trial that dozens of Ulama of ahl sunnat
    rose in anger and gave almost 40 fatwas that he has been wrongly convicted
    and the allegations are false. We have already shown you the fatwas and now
    show you the original court judgement. read yourself and see if he has been
    convicted on Nubuwwat or Khilafat and was Zina proved ????

    Now all the Khatm e nubbuwat mullahs who had filed cases against Yusuf are
    liable for Qazaf for false zina allegation and false Nubuwwat allegations.
    This is what shariat says.

    Do not go into the rest the allegations as according to the sharia, they are
    all unacceptable due to false witnesses under Qazaf.

    Now you be the judge and pass a judgement on his case.

    I am NOT his supporter or defender. have just mentioned the facts. you
    decide. take them to any scholar and lawyer and ask what does Quran says ???
    You will know the truth.

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