Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

دیتے ہیں دھوکا بازی گر کھلا

In Kazzab Corner on March 23, 2010 at 1:17 pm

  1. Assalam O Allaikum kashif bhai!
    It is a reality that the audio clip of bait ul raza is a concret evidence of the “companionship” of Zaid Hamid.
    Jazak Allah Kahir. Kashif bhai

  2. According to Asif Shiraz interview,Yousuf Kazzab’s afkar were similar to Ahle-Tasawwuf(Amir Khusro,Sultan Bahu,Shah Hussain etc).

    I am not defending Kazzab,his case is Indallah,but are you going to say something on those afkars.

  3. Do you have any evidence beside UMMAT???
    ridiculous assumptions and ideologies presented by articles on this Blog!!!
    Man you guyz are just presenting your contrict mind and by no means reflect upon the ideology , philosphy and Islam of Prophet PBUH….

  4. This blog is owned by brother Kashif Hafiz Siddiqi. the article you are refering is the article of brother Kashif Hafeez siddiqi,who also write for daily ummat.

  5. Very Good n informative…..kashif bhai my whole family was a big fan of zaid hamid but before ur first article of about zaid hamid,but Alhamdulillah we knew the truth…n thanks for u bcz most of peoples know the truth by ur articles….MAY ALMIGHTY ALLAH BLESS you(Ameen)..

  6. That was a truly good writing..

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