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Liberalism : Social Belief or a Separate Religion?

In Clsh of Civilizations on April 4, 2010 at 11:38 am

By Dr. Jawwad Khan,

Can you tell me one thing common in Salman Rushdi, Taslima Nasreen, Ali Sina, Wafa Sultan, Ibn Warraq, Nonie Darwish, Anwar Shaikh and many others ? that is right. They are all ex-muslims (apostates) and were known as a liberals before their apostasy.

For many years I tried to understand the reasons behind the turning of a liberal (Muslim/Pakistani) into an apostate. In the beginning i thought that they are the Muslims like us with having some difference of opinion in few issues. My opinion was based on my interactions with few soft spoken respectable traditional non political non fascist liberals, who were more focused on one argument that religion is your private matter. As the time passed especially since 10 years when a new breed of liberal fascist came in the market,this rift between Islam and liberalism started getting wider and wider. We saw the liberals getting more aggressive and more Islamophobic in recent years. Now they started questioning the fundamentals of Islam and criticizing the teachings of islam instead of spending some time understanding the its nature and its logics. Now the liberalism has become a seprarate religion instead of life style. Now the disgustingness of liberals for the Islam is much more obvious.

My prime concern is not the Liberalism itself. Their existence in our aociety have many reasons. Mainly because as a society we are not ready to fulfill the demand of Islam i.e a complete and unconditional submission. Denying the complete submission through our actions, ambition of life and life style reflects more in raising our children. The upbringing we offer to our children results in the generation, totally unconnected with the Islam.

My focus is the question that why a liberal becomes an apostate so easily? I remember a “Dars e Quran” given by Professor Inayat Ali Khan (poet), he revealed the reality of virtue and vice in just one sentence. He said,

“virtue and vice are not stagnant waters, they either expand or constrict due to their repelling power against each other”.

So I concluded that liberalism is a logical result of our deviation from Islam that ends on apostasy. I found that there is a very thin line between liberalism and apostasy . The chaos, anarchy and the hysteria for the good life in the absence of islamic upbringing provides a perfect environment and opportunity for liberalism to grow rapidly. In this perfect environment, liberalism has one obstacle and one enemy that is Islam. Example of their Islamophobia can be seen in the discussion of wafa sultan with Al Jazeera tv.

The one thing is common and you must have already noticed, is their attempts to exploit the propaganda against Islam and muslims and promote the false perceptions about the west. Every liberal without any exception is doing the same. For example this video tape of wafa sultan, how emotionally and rehtorically was trying to prove that Jews are Angels and Muslims are barbarians. Why barbarians? because they blow themselves…..so they are terorrist.

Right! but there could be thousand other ways of terrorism, for example F-16 dropping the bomb or drone killing the whole family and turning a wedding ceremony into funeral ceremony. Isn’t that terrorism?
I am a non violent muslim but like most of the muslim i have a capacity of killing a blasphemer. Every muslim knows and understand the reaction of a muslim against blasphemy BUT a liberal will NEVER try to understand the emotional attachment, love and reverence of extreme degree in the hearts and minds of muslims specific for Prophet Muhammad Salalaho Alai-he Wassalim. Liberal will never accept the blasphemy as a crime because according to my theory, liberal is already a follower of another religion known as liberalism.

Liberals of our time have one advantage and one disadvantage. The advantage is that most of the liberals are educated and know very well the art of debate. They try to exploit your fear and have the ability to form a general opinion. On the other hand their sympathies for the anti muslim global and regional powers is their biggest weakness. That is why the finger of liberal always pointed at us. Liberal always tries to associate every suffering on earth with islam. This irrational behavior is their biggest weakness.

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