Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Do you also think this way?

In Clsh of Civilizations on April 5, 2010 at 6:10 am

By : Dr Jawwad

 I may sound cynical to many of you but honestly i am disturbed to see the joy, celebration and enthusiasm over the news of imminent marriage of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza.It has become a hot topic in not only Inidan and Pakistan but also among the expatriate (indo/pak) communities in Saudi Arab. Every one seems to be happy and every one wants to talk about it. Whenever few people gather, they discuss this issue. It reminds me the human tendency towards subjectiveness. This subjective approach hampers our ability to see distant objects and hence results in lack of objectiveness in our think process.

   While the whole nation is rejoiced at the news, I am sitting on my chair,thinking about the “dark side” of this marriage. I know I  would sound cynical and chauvinistic but allow me to share my perspective.

 * Sania Mirza got all the fame, popularity, wealth and iconic status in a very young age. She became a darling of India, pampered and loved by all Indians and projected by Indian and world media. She got every thing one could wish on this earthy life. Undoubtedly it would have given her a very powerful sense of self. She is wealthy, rich and famous person of India. She is a independent girl .Unlike majority of Muslim girls of the subcontinent, she doesn’t need a husband for the bread and butter. She can take care of all her livelihoods. It sounds schauvinistic in our rapidly changing society but i believe the sustainability of the marriage in our typical male dominant society based on dependence of the women. The sense of providing livelihoods to the family is some thing on which man’s character, attitude and his authority develops. It gives the typical Pakistani Muslim mediocre mindset. This mindset always demands some thing extra and undue favor from the wives. Which will be absent in the marriage . The luxury of being “husband” could not be availed by Shoaib Malik. He couldn’t use his “veto” and all household matter will be settled by “discussion and consultation”. I do not know about you but i really love my veto power although it is used rarely.

* Unlike cross border terrorism, it would not be a “cross border marriage”. Initial reports are coming that due to “security” reasons, the bride and groom will settle in Dubai. For Shaoiab Malik’s family it wouldn’t be good news. Shoaib Malik has to face a sense of detachment not as a compulsion of life  but as a condition of marriage. I don’t think that it could be entertained for longer period of time. Soon he will come out from glamorous experience of the marriage, he will insist on living with his family and cause a confrontation between husband and wife.

* The powerful personality of Sania Mirza will overshadow Shoaib Malik. He will miss the selflessness, attentiveness and service of typical Pakistani/Indian wife.

 He has to face the torment of seeing his wife playing in semi naked dress. He has to listen and read the vulgar and obscene comments on body parts of his wife. The sense of uneasiness will be enormous for the family of Shoaib Malik living in Pakistan. (I would suggest Shaoaib Malik and his family and friends not to search any thing about Sania Mirza on internet)

* The real problem will arise when a modern and liberal wife of Shaoib Malik will move in her social circle. The dance parties with the drinks, male friends, wealthy and powerful admirer of Sania Mirza, will give a real torture and a really tough time.

I do not know about future, neither I have a ability to prophesize any thing but i do not see the success of this marriage unless Shoaib Malik converts himself from ordinary Muslim Pakistani into all and ever happy liberal freak. What i see that if this marriage is sustained, will take a high price from Shoaib Malik.


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