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Swat flogging: How dajjali system works?

In Clsh of Civilizations, pakistan on April 6, 2010 at 3:28 am

A master piece by Dr. Jawwad Khan

If you ask me about working of dajjali system, i would say that it works by using three tools:
1) Deception
2) Exaggeration
3) Control.


An important tool of the state affairs especially of super powers like USA. The implications are huge as America is always rule by war profiteers.We saw many time US officials and media telling lies coherently. There are many examples like Hiroshima, Nagasaki nuclear bombing based on Pearl Harbor attacks. We saw this whole Vietnam war was fought on a false report. In the modern days the events like 9/11,when the whole drama was staged with careful analysis and study and used for series of war.
Using all modern resources of telecommunications and making the event look horrible and terrible and creating an atmosphere necessary to make some big decisions and finally achieving goals. Make the common man believe that what is happened is the worst thing in the entire history of the nation and if not countered proper use of force ,will result in extreme degree of damage and devastation. For this purpose fear is created in the hearts and mind. Like recently we saw the use of gruesome beheading videos. Where no one could ever know the real identity of those killers.

Control the general population, their psyche, mood, way of thinking and setting some new thresholds required to achieve the goals. Setting new social standards and areas of prime importance that make people unaffiliated with state affairs and live in their own utopia. This makes the control easy and helps adopting uninterrupted and unquestioned criminal policies.

Why I am talking about dajjali system? Because toswat floggingday I found in news about the inquiry ordered by senate chairman regarding the release of fake video which  sparked a nationwide protest and anger. The  resentment was unprecedented. people protested on the streets of the big cities like Karachi and Lahore. This issue was picked by all human rights and women rights organization and used effectively. The hue and cry developed due to this incident helped Pakistan Army to launch an decisive and deadly strike against Taliban. Hundreds of people died. Millions became homeless and displaced in other parts of the country.

That video footage of alleged flogging was claimed to be captured through a mobile camera of one of spectator and later on released to the national media by NGO from the behalf of Samar minullah almost 1 year ago.

After coming out from initial shock some tried to analyze the video and observed some flaws in the whole drama.
1) The ANP spokesman Mr.Zahid Khan was the first on media to express the reservations against the authenticity of the video tape. According to him the women enjoy a much greater respect in Pakhtoonwali and this kind of incident is shocking, strange and against the pakhtoon traditions.

2) Spokesman of Taliban, Muslim Khan verified this incident.
3) Many including me believed that the video is fake and commenting on teethmaestro i said:I bet even the most powerful man can not stand and run like that after flogging.as a doctor i can tell you that she was flogged on the gluteus maximus (the muscle which play an important role in standing from lying position). Look again the way she stood up ran towards room. It is 100% fake”

4) Timing of the video was interesting because the video helped in sabotaging Swat peace deal and create an environment which made the army operation inevitable and acceptable for all Pakistanis.

Now after 1 year we discovered that video was fake. In recent development Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Tuesday said he has ordered an inquiry into media reports about a “fake” video of a girl being flogged in Swat, allegedly financed by a non-governmental organization, which surfaced just before the launch of Operation Rah-e-Rast.

According to a media report, a resident of Swat, who claimed to have “manufactured” the video, revealed he had received Rs 500,000 for doing so. It said the girl who was shown being flogged in the footage was also arrested, who revealed she had received Rs 100,000. Before the operation, an Islamabad-based NGO financed the preparation of the video, which showed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan members publicly flogging a girl, the report quoted the resident as having said.
The questions arise from recent discoveries that:
1) What were the motive of the Samar Minullah and the NGO behind this fake video beside earning enough money?
2) Who were the prime beneficiaries of the outcomes of the video? was it Pak army or some other powers.
3) Isn’t too dangerous and risky to have a knee jerk reflexes just by watching a video on TV screen? Once this dajjali method is used successfully and can be used again.

This method (deception, exaggeration and control) is growing and evolving with the age of globalization. World has become a village. Every major and minor event in the world is pushing us in a specific direction. The direction of complete obedience and control of the people, giving the false sense of freedom and just a few social liberties. I sincerely believe that world is being prepared for the DAJJAL.

  1. I can in a way understand you logic – but that does not bring into question Samar Minahllah, I believe when she obtained the video – it was as real as it could – the event may have been staged – but a woman was forcibly held down by a male and another male whipped her [softly or harshly] is beside the point –

    All I say is that DO NOT hit out at the whistle blower – I fear that such actions will scare away other potential whistle blower video which might edge into our hands – it is such out cry that makes me think twice if I stumble across such a video. Question the motives of the people staging the drama, question the motives of the financier, I would be very critical if the Islamabad NGO had been Samar, but for now the finger is NOT pointing that way.

    The reason I stand up for Samar is I feel the urge to protect the whistle blower.

    • Does not really make difference that whether you become a devil’s advocate or not.

  2. Dr.Awab Sahib!
    are you looking for “real perpetrators”?
    i have just one question.
    why a “whistle blower” can’t be corrupt? a molvi could be corrupt,a journalist could be corrupt, politician, beurocate,teacher, lawyer, soldier, policeman and even a judge could be corrupt….why can’t a whitle blower, blow the whistle for his/her vested interest?

  3. I have been privy to some meetings in SDPI in 2005 where Samar Minallah was also present and several of these “whistle blowers” with their pre-conceived notions against Islam and Islamic laws were sharing their experiences, struggles and success stories through which they have achieved significant successes towards making Pakistan a ‘secular’, ‘liberal’ state. Samar was severely criticized by her comrades when she said she used “religion-sensitive techniques” in her documentaries to communicate her messages. Many of the ‘whistle blowers’ howled at her for her statement terming that how could she be sensitive to religious values when religion itself was the root cause of all evils in the country! To my surprise instead of defending her statement she almost bowed down to the protests and said she would take care in future.

    The so-called civil society, their resource centres, SPDI, SPDC, PILER, HRCP, Aurat Foundation, Shirkatgah, Asar Foundation, Irtiqa, SPO, Aga Khan Foundation, etc, and those who are at the helm of affairs of these organizations being funded by Rand Foundation, USAid, CIDA, EU and the many foreign embassies in Pakistan have a certain agenda given to them by their masters and they are getting millions of dollars to do their job.

    Even the TV channels are airing much of the donor-funded, and civil society pumped contents like “Zara Sochiye” series on Hudood ordinance, which had a budget of US$25 million in Mir Ibrahim’s own words!

    We are so far helpless but not naiive enough to accept them just as ‘whistle blowers’. Inshallah, a strategy will be formed soon to expose their hidden faces.

  4. My take:
    No Surprise: Samar ‘Albright’ Minallah Unrepentent
    Long (with some strong language) but it will remind you of how it went down. Of course has a lot of links from when it happened.

  5. Regarding NGO’s, DO see a couple of my comments I am linking below. Trust me they will remove all doubts as to who NGOs work for:
    Why They Hate Our Kind Hearts, Too: The NED, NGOs and the Imperial Uses of Philanthropy (and some other articles)

    ACTUAL FACTS FROM Army Special Operations Forces Field Manual FM 3-05.130, titled “Unconventional Warfare” (that describes NGOs as “weapons of warfare”

  6. @nota
    that is useful piece of information

  7. @dr jawwad khan
    I have a follow up piece that you might find interesting:
    Additional Notes on Samar Minallah, Swat Video, And NGOs

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