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The Global Conditions, Islam & Pakistan

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By Dr. Israr Ahmed

According to the subject, we will first have to understand what the present global conditions are.

In my view, there are three stages of global conditions and the first stage which is the most prominent and in the knowledge of most people, is that America has attained the status as the sole supreme power in the world. There is not even a guess of it’s (harbi) power and this is the only reason why it’s pride and arrogance has risen so much that it has no concern and apprehension for the (muslima) rules. Now it doesn’t even have the concern of the views and opinions of it’s supporters. For the war against Iraq, there were large-scale demonstrations in America and Europe and the American Government didn’t give any heed to the demonstrations even for a (parkah). When the UNO (United Nations Organization) didn’t get ready to go with them, then it also gave them a push that keep remembering, we are able to isolate and separate anything. With respect to it’s (harbi) power, America is like a joyous elephant, against which there is no revolting power either in Europe or in Japan. Why the mention of the Islamic world?

In the second stage is a universal system which has caught the whole world in it’s grasp and this system is not only ‘un-Godly’ but also against God i.e. secularism and this system consists of three fundamentals. It’s first fundamental is that in any collective aspect of the society, in the level of state and government, there is no interference of any God, any heavenly guidance, any revelation or any Shari’ah (Divine Laws) in the laws and affairs of the state. In short, God got separated from the collective social system. The relation of the second fundamental of secularism is with the economic system, that is the whole world’s economic system is based on the investment-policies with the curse (menace) of interest. With interest is it’s younger sister, gambling. This very gambling is the reason for the U-turns of the worldwide stock exchanges and treasuries and after gambling comes the third pillar which is insurance. The third fundamental has a system with shamelessness, exploitation, malpractice and liberal sex-adoption in which sexual practice is either between a man and a woman (heterosexualism), two women (lesbians) or two men (gays). These have open permittances as a result of which the family-system has been devastated and destroyed.

After this is the free and liberal parental system in which prostitution is also considered as a well-respected and admired occupation. This system of exploitations and malpractice has been given the name of ‘Social Engineering System’ by the United Nations Assembly and it’s members are also from North Africa and especially Asia’s Muslim countries. Because generally on an overall scale, the family-system still exists in these countries. There is some value for shame and modesty and relations. In the third stage of the current global conditions are the religious clashes. These clashes are quite secret and the most effective and prominent of them is by the Jews which is now mankind’s greatest strategic plotter. The program of the Jews is to have an (iqtisadi) control over the world rather than a head-on war. Furthemore, their agenda is to establish ‘Greater Israel’ in the Middle East, then to construct the Third Temple of Solomon by bringing the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Tomb of Zohra to martyrdom (‘demolishing’ them) and to put forth in it the Throne of David. The Christian forces have become the allies with the Jews for this plan and in the current situations, the exclusive enemy of the Jews and Christians is Islam and the Muslims and the biggest target is Pakistan. India is also included in the oppostion of Islam and Pakistan agenda. Now after the global conditions, analyse the situation of Pakistan

Is Pakistan an unsuccessful state? And is it’s future not bright? Is their a way for the Pakistani nation and the Pakistani people to escape?”

The answer to both of these questions, according to me, is “Yes” and it is my belief that Pakistan’s countdown has begun and I divide it’s reasons in two. The first, real and fundamental and the second, immediate and foreign. The first is that the envisioner of Pakistan Allama Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah had said that

We desire Pakistan to present an ideal example of the teachings and basics of Islam to the whole world in the present age so that a light-house comes into being.

But we forgot the real purpose of Pakistan. In a sense, Pakistan has lost it’s real dignity and now we are without any reason. With respect to relgion, the result is that we have gone against the promise we made to Allah by not implementing His system and when a nation goes agains the promise made to God, then collectively the epidemic of hypocrisy is produced and Allah hates hypocrisy more than unbelief. What are the various prssentations being given by the whole world with respect to the future of Pakistan? Firstly, I will give reference from a book by a Muslim writer Syed Abul Ma’aali titled ‘The Twin Eras of Pakistan’ which was published in 1992. In his book, the author has given a general perception that in 2006, Pakistan will be broken down into eight pieces. The second opinion is by the think-tank of the policy wing of the Foreign Ministry of America, which also comprises of the leaders of fifteen of America’s top insitutions that in 2020, no country will remain by the name of Pakistan. The third opinion is by Robert Keelan, who wrote in his article published in 2000 that Pakistan has become a useless state in all aspects and soon civil war will start in it. These opinions are not divine revelations, there are chances for them to be false. But the reflections of these predictions are present in the current atmosphere.

[Poetic Statement]: “The advice of your destruction are in the heavens”

The actual force behind the second foreign reason are the Jews and Israel, who want the eradication of Pakistan and atleast to demolish it’s atomic holdings so that Pakistan becomes a ‘pet’ nation of India. President Musharraf and his allies are thinking that our turn won’t come. They should come to know that our turn is meant (destined) to come. The views on the atomic holdings are very blurred. A very influential case has been prepared against us that the center for the spread of atomic power in the world is Pakistan and we have accepted this claim by making our great scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan confess it on television and at one point, even President Musharraf has said that an attack could be done on Pakistan.

In these sad and gloomy times, the road to escape and freedom is open and that is to do tawba (repentance) on government and public levels and direct ourselves towards Allah and establish the true reason for the formation of Pakistan i.e. Islam’s judicial system. I’m not saying that Islam should be implemented in an instant or in one day, neither is it something to be implemented in an instant. Atleast there should be the initiation of a true step. In the government level, the method of tawba (repentance) is that:

No legislation will be done repugnant to The Qur’an and Sunnah”

That is, no law enforcement will be done agains The Qur’an and Sunnah (traditions of the Prophet) and the existing laws are also against the Shari’ah (divine laws), so they too have to be removed. Whereas in the public level, the tawba is that the public at individual levels decide upon contributing towards the obligations of the deen by leaving the haram (forbidden) items and agreeing upon the halal (permitted) ones. To abstain from shamelessness, exploitation, explicitness, etc. and completely bid farewell to the Western civilization.

The article has been written by respected Dr. Israr Ahmed,  The material herein was originally written in Urdu. It has been carefully translated to English for reading purposes by Zaki Khalid

  1. Quite interesting views.
    But i am little bit confused.the global scenario is not looking as it supposed to look like. i.e the NATO and American forces are getting a really touph time in Afghanistan.Many American officials(civil and military are now talking about respectable exit from Afghanistan) India is also on run from Afghanistan. the tone and body langauge of American officials against Pakistan is started changing and became more polite and appericiating.Recently Obama declared that Pakistan’s nuclear programme is safe.PM yousuf raza gilani participated in nuclear conferance. Aslo recently we saw how Israeli PM benjamin natin yaho was given a cold shoulder by Obama over recent Israeli decision of building settlements in Ghaza. the Europeans are not willing to play active roll in war against terror. The only thing which is still going on without any interruption is the social engineering as mentioned in this article.In Pakistan this social engineering is laying more eggs than anywhere else in the world.Because social enineering in Pakistan is working in combination with growing poverty and dirth.
    I remember 15 years ago Sabiq Nazim e Aala Islami Jamiat e Talaba said that:
    “in future pakistan will be plunged into the depriving poverty just to make every one including women to come out of the houses and work out side”
    on other sitting he said:
    ” the nationalism will be eradicated in few years the next challange for tehreek e islami will be growing materialism which will make people unresponsive to any kind of invitation or dawah”
    Social engineering is much bigger process than anticipated and understood. Currently i didn’t saw or read any one working seriously on this issue. Social engineering is being carried out by all possible sources and it is the basic building block in the constructing unGodly societies.
    Except social engineering the other parameters are showing some quite different readings.which are making me confused.to my understanding the worst for Muslim Ummah should have been started by now. I am afraid the diabolique is plotting a world event much bigger and deadly than 9/11. It may happen now or some years later.

  2. Dr. Israr Ahmed passes away – inna lillahe wa inna alehey rajioon
    Wednesday, 14 April 2010

    Lahore, April 14: The world of Islam lost a luminary early on Wednesday as Dr. Israr Ahmed breathed his last in Lahore, Pakistan. He died of a massive cardiac arrest, according to media reports.

    A veteran Islamic scholar, Dr. Israr was suffering from back pain and heart disorders for a long time. His funeral prayers will be held on Wednesday in Lahore.

    Dr. Israr was the head and founder of Tanzeem-e-Islami. He had a huge following in Pakistan, India and Gulf countries, especially in Saudi Arabia.

    A medical doctor by profession, Dr. Israr was one of the founding members of the Jamaat-e-Islami.

    He was popular for his lectures and TV debates over current Islamic issues and his grasp over Islamic history made him a front-ranking scholar of Islam.

    Its a really tragic and extremely sad news. One of the greatest scholar of the present time has been expired in the era of “qehat ur rijal”…its really very big loss.
    May Allah for give his sins and give the best rewards for his services and struggle for Islam. Ameen

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