Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Friday’s Holiday Should be Restored

In Miscellaneous on May 4, 2010 at 3:43 pm

  1. Very good article….
    MAY ALMIGHTY ALAAH keep showering HIS blessings on all of us..
    and May ALLAH (swt) makes us one of his dear ones. Ameen….

  2. some one plz tell me that where i can read selani bhai’s articles.

  3. Dear Kashif
    Have you ever really try to research what exactly is day light saving and what purpose it serve. The misnomer that it saves energy has never been proved conclusively. Two of the world’s most efficient nations Singapore & China abandoned it in early 90s. There are some EU countries that wanted to get rid of it but could not due to EU pressure. It has definite health hazards especially in areas with high temperatures. In Australia Queensland State abandoned it after a referendum as the state has relatively high temperatures in summer. In Pakistan it serves no purpose where majority of the business houses, private firms and markets advanced there working time by one hour as a result we find that shops remained opened till 1.0 DLS i.e. 12 of regular time. you approach a labor / mason / plumber and he will ask you old time or new time. A real test is difference in your electricity bill i.e. in winter due to non or minimum use of fans & ACs we have a significantly reduced bill whereas in summer despite DST we have the same inflated bill which is due to heat.
    Some thoughts on energy conservation:
    It is far better to change office timings in summer from 8.30 to 4.30. It is not long ago that Government Offices have summer timings 8 AM to 2.30 PM and winter timings 8.30 AM to 3 PM. Markets should be compelled to observe one day off most appropriately on Fridays. A better course of action is to have market closed during Monday to Thursday at 8 PM, Friday as weekly off and on Saturday & Sunday market should close at 10.00 PM.
    Markets should also be encouraged to stop using excessive illumination. Dear we need discipline which unfortunately did not exist at any level.

    Anjum Amin Siddiqui

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