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Lahore High Court issues notice to PTA on plea to ban Facebook

In Facebook Conspiracy on May 19, 2010 at 1:33 am

Source : Daily Times

Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry of the Lahore High Court on Tuesday issued notice to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority secretary to reply until Wednesday (today), on a petition seeking a ban on Facebook, which is holding a competition of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islamic Lawyers Movement filed the petition through Chaudhry Zulfiqar advocate, who stated that a competition was announced on Facebook on April 20 which would continue until May 20, asking all the members of the website to create their caricatures to participate in the competition. Zulfiqar said under the law no practice against Islam could be allowed in the country. He told the court that the website, having various features against the injunctions of Islam, is banned in various countries. Zulfiqar submitted that there were 45 million users of Facebook in Pakistan, adding that the PTA was responsible for its spread in Pakistan. He said the PTA has already blocked various websites in the country but was reluctant to ban Facebook. He said students and various segments of the society have already started protests in the country, which could be harmful for the public property. He requested the court to issue directions to PTA to put an immediate ban on the use of Facebook in the Pakistan.



PTA directs ISPs to block Facebook link

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to close an Internet link on a widely used social networking website, Facebook in connection with a so-called competition for blasphemous caricatures of Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), a private television channel reported on Tuesday. The so-called caricature competition is scheduled to be held on May 20 on a Facebook group which has been deemed unethical and disrespectful to millions of Muslims across the world. Taking notice of this incident, the PTA has directed all the ISPs to ensure the blockage of this particular link of the Facebook website.


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  2. Mostwelcome Block the FACE BOOK SITE

  3. Banning the link should have been enough. Holding the competition is disrespectful to the muslim communtiy around the world and the Western concept of free speech is nothing but a sham. Say everything ill under the sun about Islam and thats permissible under freedom of speech n the world goes down the drain say anything to counter the WWII Holocaust or state of Israel all the freedom of speech in the world goes down the drain. Having said that, is our faith so weak that we get so easily provoked by ridiculous competitions. If the faith is strong enough any provocation of any sort, be it cartoons or accidental burning of arabic text (Does anyone still remember Gojra?) shouldn’t matter to us. Why are we so inscecure when it comes to faith and provocations? Why burn down corporate offices in Pakistan if a Danish cartoon offends us? Why raze down a whole village where illiterate kids make confetti out of an urdu school book? Why do we get so easily provoked. If we raise the same amount of hell and fury at our own set of authorities to improve the basic needs of life: education, medicine, law, security we would have been living in a much better Pakistan. We dont get out on the streets on being treated like animals in our own country but are out in instant to organize rallies and put out fatwas and bans that dont amount much to anything.
    Patience, the last i heard, is a virtue.
    Our heads are full of religious zeal but lack patience.
    If someone from another religion makes fun of ours we dont choose to keep the higher ground and ignore him. We dont expect Allah to deal with the offenders. We deem it our religious duty to take matters into our own hands in our own clumsy way. We expose our own faith inclined insecurity and harm no one but ourselves
    So yes, banning of facebook is an infantile, rash, immature and ridiculous decision. And what else is the honorable judge going to ban in this day and age: internet?TV?Magazines? Papers? Air travel?

  4. i thnk tht the ban shld be lifted so tht we can protest on fb and defend our religion in front of the whole world

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