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Ban on Facebook, Logic, Liberals Fascists & Ishq-e-Rasool (SW)

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Self discovering Facebook Ban:showing “e-love” for Prophet Muhammad(saw)

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By Adnan Siddiqui

Many of you would be well aware about the recent sick attempt of MollyNorrs against our Prophet Muhammad. As expected, Pakistani youth which use facebook quite religiously started condemning the event Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. They reported the page as Blasphemeous but the Jewish Administration of Facebok yet they did not remove to exercise “freedom of speech”. Though facebook always removed Anti-Holocaust pages and why not? After all mark zuckerberg is a jew and after having threats, they removed anti-Holocaust page

As expected it triggered Muslim youth on facebook. They created an anti-”draw Muhammad day page” page where they asked other Muslim users to boycott Facebook for 3 days. Many of them joined the blasphemous page as well to register their protest.

We Muslims are quite emotional and usually we treat everything with same stick. As expected, many Muslims who might not even have read Muhammad(saw) in their entire life started using abusive words against those who was ridiculing Islam. To my surprise they even used F* word against those non-Muslims. In short they were treating this a street fight where you can use any kind of lingo to express your anger. Do you think they were actually showing love for the Prophet(saw)? Offcourse not! Since when did Prophet(saw) used such tone against His enemies.

Seeing all this, I was thinking whether these Muhammad Lovers ever got chance to learn about Muhammad(saw) in their lives? The other thought which came across my mind that, though ppl like Molly Norris and Lars Virks are yet non-Muslims and have legal excuses to do all this because they don’t know about Muhammad but ask yourself, Do you actually know about your own Prophet(SAW)? No, don’t tell me you read Him Islamiat and all that, did you actually try to find out what He preaches about? Oh wait,you try to run away from Muhammad every day when you don’t read Quran, feel bored to offer Salah.

Wait!! I am not advocating you to grow your beard but tell me, when did you last time tell your other Muslim brother about Islam or to non-Muslims about your own religion? Pass it on even if it’s a single verse, these words said by my Prophet, your Prophet in last sermon but you are preaching your “Love for Muhammad” by keeping your Facebook profile associated with movie and music celebrity. YOu are more interested in dating with women yet you claim to Love Muhammad? Duh!

Tell you honestly,Muhammd(saw) would have been more pleased if you would have offered 2 rakat Nafl and would have decided to follow Islam but No, at one side you are not willing to come out of your comfort zone and yet you claim to love Muhammad?

It is as lame as if you claim to love your parents and disobey them everytime. Will others not call you stupid? That’s what those non-Muslims are doing. They have been slapping on your faces ,my face and keep telling us that that the era has arrived which was already prophesied by Muhammad when He told his companions that a day will come when Muslims would be in abundance yet they would be very weak.

I have no issue if people are prefer to ban Facebook. After all it’s their right. As long as protest is peaceful, I am all for it but personally I was not in favor of ban because for a genuine reason.

My past 8 years experience of discussion with non-Muslims taught me that not ALL non-Muslims are crackpots. Many of them get no option but to follow radicals of their society and believe in what they tell about Islam. It’s like they have no exit door. If you reach to such people, they actually listen you. The condition is, you need to be calm and having a knowledge about what are you talking about. As I wrote here how engaging with non-Muslims helped me more to learn Islam than a religious school. So I was hoping same that’s why I even joined that blasphemous page and even started Dawah with these words:

Salam(peace) to All mankind. I am a Muslim and proud to be one! I belong to a religion which cares more for mankind than the God itself that’s why Islam cares more for human rights than submitting to rituals. Islam is a religion which provides way to help others. This is why Islam rewards when someone removes the stone from road or any obstacle. Islam rewards when someone gives a smile to his parents early in the morning. Islam rewards when someone give away his meal to the needy.

I agree that there are lots of confusions about Islam;due to some lame activities by crackpots and then propaganda by media. I believe most of you re good at heart and due to lack of knowledge you consider Islam is a threat.

Would you welcome a Muslim here? I am open for discussions. Share your thoughts

As expected, many greeted me with open hearts. Few contact me to know why Muslims re so excited about Muhammad. Some wanted to learn more about Islam. There are people who were abusing and threatening those non-Muslims and stupidly and ignorantly were proving their point of view that Islam is Violent.

Is Islam under threat or not safe? Off course not because Allah(SWT) already told that He would take care of His own religion. This is why today you see that in US Islam was spread more due to non-Muslims than Muslims. Bush’s 9/11 war turned America to a “Muslim America” since people who did not know about Islam started studying Quran and many embraced Islam too so I am least bothered about it. Allah has his own ways to spread His religion. The point is, on Judgment day Allah will ask you what you did for His religion. What would you say?umm something like.. God God! you know! I read Quran 50 times in my life and performed infinite Umrahs and Hajj in life and donated millions of Rupees in form of Zakat. Do you think you impressed Allah? Off course not because.. what will you say when he will ask you whether you spread His deen and did what Muhammad said: Pass it on even if it’s a single verse.

I think we Muslims must realize that today we are ridiculing our Prophet(saw) more than non-Muslims. Allah would ask you more than those. It’s very simple. If your mom ask you to guard your little siblings in her absence and also leave a cousin or maid in home. Who got more responsibility? you or your maid or cousin to take care of your siblings? Same works with Islam. Being followers we have to be more responsible because we re Ummati of Muhammad rather than those non-Muslims. naturally Allah will get more mad on us than non-Muslims because we did not show up as a role model for outer world nor we preached Islam.

So next time when you get pumped up to show your love for Muhammad, look at yourself first whether you deserve to do that?

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