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Daily Times Pay Your Employees!

In Miscellaneous on May 31, 2010 at 7:08 am

By Nabiha Mehar

[A story broken by Nabiha.  Daily Times –  A so called champion of Civil Liberties, secularism,  enlighten moderation, human rights, anti religion ideology & NGOs /  Ahmadi supporter news paper , has two faces]

Did anyone else think it was impossible for Daily Times− a propaganda tool and mouthpiece for the Governor of Punjab, which doesn’t even deserve to be called a newspaper− to get worse?

To sink to the depths it has sunk to now? I happen to know that many of the employees haven’t been paid a penny since the editorial regime change from Najam Sethi to Rashid Rahman, which has become a perpetual excuse given to the ones who have asked for their basic right: their salary. I have written this to the letters to the editor to some newspapers but so far, no one has published it.

There’s a very simple reason why: they all do it, at least periodically. I cannot think of one newspaper that hasn’t delayed/denied payment. Sometimes, it can take months for writers to obtain even meagre sums, basically the amount they end up spending calling up the office and begging for what they were promised. And it most certainly isn’t particular to newspapers in this nation.

Those of us who have been in the workforce for even a few years know that even when your own relatives promise to pay you, the chances of getting what you deserve are not exactly high. And the richer the person, the lower the chances of ever seeing a penny, at least in Lahore. It’s a sad reflection of what being Punjabi is.

One my cousins, who worked for MTV Pakistan, was also a victim of this. Actually, let’s just say that most people I know have been a victim of this other than the elitist brats who work for dad or have pulled lots of strings to get comfy jobs, robbing the deserving who don’t have connections of their futures.

Anyway, she coined a phrase that remains stuck in my mind: “the inshallah syndrome.” This nation, by and large, is stricken with this syndrome, as evidenced by those of us frustratingly trying to get work done. Some of my own students, instead of getting organised and working properly, also love this term. Plenty of times I’ve asked right before a paper is due if they’re working on it or are finished with their rough drafts. The replies that frustrate me the most are from the ones who think that saying “inshallah” and writing a rant the night before will be sufficient.

My point is that there are many of us who have been victims of this “inshallah syndrome” when it comes to payment. This is especially true for those of us who are in the education industry or the media. But what’s truly sad is the fact that the majority of people who are deprived of their basic human right are too scared to speak up.

They are too scared to say a thing knowing, full well, that the Punjabi elite, the affluent and influential who run all these industries, will malign them or ruin their careers. In this case, as in many others, silence is violence. This systemic exploitation must stop, and the only way we can do so is by speaking up and making a stink. I realise not everyone’s brave enough to take a stand, but those of us who are crazy enough need to speak up on their behalves.

Daily Times pay your employees. You’re disgusting enough as it is.

PS: And now the WorldCall employees are not being paid. One more evil corporation. There’s a very good reason why I refuse to submit my work to newspaper, even when they ask. They refuse to give you a cheque or cash in hand, and then they try and get away with it. I’d rather be read for free on line than give anything to an organisation refusing to pay me. I’d rather not be paid voluntarily than go through the drama, especially with organisation that can afford it but just don’t…

Source : http://nabihameher.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/daily-times-pay-your-employees/

  1. I agree that payment is a problem with a lot of publications. Fortunately, I have had a great experience with Dawn. They always send the cheque on time, and without me having to make any phone calls to them. I must commend them on this professional attitude, because very few newspapers do that.

  2. Nabiha would be horrified to have a fascist crook like you quoting her.

  3. No what is more horrible that a fascists like Mr and Mrs YLH quotes Jinnah

  4. Yes, I am horrified. Secondly, if you are going to quote me I’d appreciate you don’t lie about me.

    You claim I am: “A so called champion of Civil Liberties, secularism, enlighten moderation, human rights, anti religion ideology & NGOs / Ahmadi supporter news paper , has two faces”

    I’ve never claimed to be a champion at all. I am a teacher, a writer, and a supporter of causes I find worthy.

    I have also never, ever subscribed to this “enlightened moderation” doctrine.

    I am not anti-religion. I am against religion being used to oppress people and I’m against intolerant interpretations. I find people like YOU problematic.

    I am not against NGOs either. I just feel that they, too, should not be immune to criticism.

    I don’t even GET what “Ahmadi supporter” is. I believe they should be equal citizens and I think that taking lives, any lives, is unjustified. If you believe anyone should be oppressed/killed based on their belief, then you are NO BETTER than anyone you complain about.

    I’d really like to know what my two faces are. I have one face. I do not change my views on a whim, but I keep an open mind and am willing to adapt my views. I have never stepped away from my ideology. If you bothered reading other things I’ve written, you would know I hate hypocrisy and practise what I preach.

    Lastly, nothing makes me happier than YLH quoting Jinnah for he doesn’t distort Jinnah’s vision, ideology or words unlike you. And please look up the definition of fascism. I have yet to read any fascism in Yasser’s words.

  5. Dear Nabiha ! Thanks for visiting Kashifiat. Yes I wrote “Daily Times – A so called champion of Civil Liberties, secularism, enlighten moderation, human rights, anti religion ideology & NGOs / Ahmadi supporter news paper , has two faces”

    Its all about DT not about YOU at all. So don’t mix two things.
    Definitely I was not aware about YOU before your detailed post, but through this “Explanations” your approach has “Exposed”.

    It means you are also supporting that fascist liberal clan.

    Anyhow its your choice.

    Thanks once again


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