Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Palestine – A Symbol of Muslim Unity

In Clsh of Civilizations on June 4, 2010 at 3:56 pm

  1. Where does anti-Israeli protests in New York, Boston, and many parts of Europe and US counts???

    and Why condemnation of Israel only?? What about the Pharoah of today- Egypt???

    No chanting of JIhad on Egypt???

    I think this conservative and Liberal competition has blindfolded the entire Pakistani public!!! Everything is upside down!

    Just wondering- How much aid did Pakistan sent to Gaza in this Freedom Flotilla?

  2. I would congratulate the liberals on their resounding victory. They have managed to bring Pakistan back from the forefront of Muslim Ummah. Unfortunately for them, Turks have risen to the occasion and have filled the void.

    • Turks only did so becoz about 4 Turks died in that incident! The world is in uproar because FF had activist and journalist from many countries.. thats the only reason. There is no Unity.

      Arab League had urgent session to “decide” to respose, in 60 yrs they haven’t have that!

      OIC did not nothing, just a bogus Congregation of Muslim Leaders who got lots of Public money to waste in air tickets and luxuries!

      What Unity!

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