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2nd Amendment, Ordinance XX & Lahore Carnage

In Anti Ahmadiies on June 8, 2010 at 5:29 am

By Naqad

WTF! The words came out spontaneously. The carnage in Lahore that took place last Friday was an inhumane and un-Islamic act. Islam allots complete protection to the Non-Muslims living in its fold. Who ever did it perhaps had a certain agenda or was intoxicated with religious choran. Reports of 80 casualties reminded me of the ordeal faced by Karachites a decade ago. Sectarian killings claimed many innocent lives especially in masajids and imam bargahs.

A series of opeds and blogs followed each condemning the heinous crime. It seems bigotry has become the order of the day. Critical of particular laws and to term them as usurping the spirit of Pakistan’s Ideology is nothing but bigotry.

The desensitization of our masses to the ills of corruption, terrorism, nepotism and subversion to radicalism either towards west of Islam has led to Pakistan suffering Bi-polar identity disorder. Which if not addressed will develop into chronic schizophrenia. The universal polity between left and right existed but never nor anywhere is it as intolerant as in Pakistan.

The most ironic point is that our thinkers in their prejudice often miss the all vital and significant point “Greater Public Interest” while they debate on such issues. It seems that we are motivated more by the hatred for each other than the love of our country.

The fact that so many people lost lives is deplorable but what is even more condemnable is the fact that their misery is used by a bunch of pseudo intellectuals who seized the opportunity to score some easy points. Praising Khwaja Nazim ud din for using brute force against the agitation of 1952 while lambasting Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for back stabbing his comrades (Ahmadis) in 1974.

Ahmadis were Bhutto’s political partners. They were the only organized group, whose electoral network was most beneficial in Bhutto’s 1970 campaign. Ahmadis needed a liberal government and People’s Party matched that goal. They (Ahmadis) took these elections as if they were fighting their own war. Additionally, declaring them Non-Muslim was even harder task because of their patronage by US and Britain.

An extensive parliamentary debate pursued for two months.  Mirza Nasir,third caliph of Ahmadiya Jamat even though not a member of the parliament was invited and given a good 52 hours to explain Ahmadiya perspective in detail. Mirza Nasir during parliamentary debate in 1974 was asked about Ahmadiya perspective on Muslims that does not conform to Ahmadiya. “Infidels!” replied Nasir.

The second amendment was a well debated matter and involved in Mirza Tahir’s (fourth caliph of Jamat e Ahmadiya) own words a consensus amongst all Muslim sects. During these two months parliament held 28 sessions and 96 sittings for resolving this issue after which it was decided to amend the constitution. The second amendment, as it is known, declared Ahmadis a Non-Muslim minority.

The amendment was a result of continuous and extensive struggle, initiated in 1935 “Muqadma e Bahawalpur, and was applauded by the religious right. The left-wing intellectuals termed it religious bigotry and pressure power of the mullah factions. Their stance though sympathetic to Ahmadis is motivated from their animosity for the right-wing.

It is the same hatred that is visible once again. These enlightened individuals really not care for the consequences nor are aware of the reasons why such acts were introduced in the constitution but are adamant to have them nullified or void. They say that the Ordinance XX passed in 1984 to be a violation of Article 14, 16, 19, 20, 22, 25 and 28 of the 1973 constitution.

The fact of the matter is even in the presence of current laws killing Ahmadis or any other Pakistani citizen or taking law in ones own hands is not justified. A crime is a crime and the perpetrators should be apprehended and punished accordingly. Islam accords complete protection to non-Muslims living in its fold. Such acts are nothing but barbarism and have no place in Islam

Source : http://naqad.wordpress.com/

  1. Just one point.. In the presence of these laws, Ahmadis are barred to present their point of view in word or print to the general public. People are only familiar with the propaganda carried out by the mullah which breeds hatred.
    The terrorist caught in Ahmadi mosques said that he was told that it was Ahmadis who published the blasphemous cartoons. It was infact Jang newspaper which alleged this in one of its reports after the Danish cartoon incident. Ahmadis do not have the right to defend themselves in Pakistan due to strict rules on what they can and can not say.
    Ordinary Pakistani is told that Ahmadis are “mulk dushman”, agents of zionists and murtad etc etc. Something that is supported by the very words of Ordinance XX.

    These laws have to go..

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