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Call me a cynic

In Anti Ahmadiies on June 13, 2010 at 10:00 am

By Naqad

It is been 10 days since Pakistan witnessed barbaric acts of terrorism in Lahore. Armed men went on a killing spree taking 100 lives. Ahmadis, a peaceful and quite community, were targeted. Perpetrators were highly equipped and held the premises and worshippers hostage for four hours before blowing themselves up. Fortunately one was captured alive and led to further arrests.

The immediate outburst at the 2nd Constitutional Amendment, “imtina i qadiyaniat ordinance” and blasphemy laws has deviated attention from the act to these controversial issues.  These rants have a long history, although raised by a new breed of individuals, and stem from the secular doctrine.

The same doctrine that flourished in 20th century Europe as not only a historical process to de-divinize the cosmos, history, theology, philosophy, psychology, economy, and political life, but also became a way of thinking and living. Later it spread to Asia and Africa through European colonization. The colonized elite, politicians, men of letters were deeply influenced by the economic, political, social, intellectual and cultural colonialism experienced by them.

Our expressive brethren, remnants of above phenomenon, perhaps, notbecause of their dislike for the religion but because of the mind set created by the legacy of European intellectual tradition, consider secularism as a solution to our inner conflicts. They want to separate religion from state and yelp for such measures.

In a drive to separate religion from state these advocates are actually substituting Islam with Secularism which Henry Cox calls the new religion. In his article titled The secular city published in 1990, Cox argues “Secularism, on the other hand, is the name for an ideology, a new religion. With its claim to finality, apparently, lead to fundamentalist outlook in which nothing but secularism can solve socio-economic and political problems of the so-called developing world.”

Their patriotism is unquestionable nor there is any doubt in their intentions but the ill-direction has created a question mark on their objectives. Picking on controversial issues and constitutional clauses, especially the ones bearing religious importance, project them as praise savvy quixotic individuals. It appears not to be a matter of legislation or genuine concern for the minorities but a means to be projected and recognized as progressive, conscientious, enlightened and reformists in the west.

Voicing slogans of Dignity Equality and Freedom our learned thinkers remind me of voluntary followers mentioned by Henry Ford in The Dearborn Independent, July 24th 1920. Citing the 1st protocol of the Elders of Zion Ford quoted “Already in ancient times we were the first to shout the words, ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,’ among the people. These words have been repeated many times by unconscious poll parrots, flocking from all sides to this bait, with which ruined the prosperity of the world and true personal freedom … The presumably clever and intellectual Gentiles (non-Jews) did not understand symbolism of the uttered words; did not observe their contradiction in meaning; did not notice that in nature there is no equality …”

The attacks at innocent worshippers, although in humane and barbaric, are not unique. The country had witnessed much worse acts of sectarian violence. We have lived through bombings in Imambargahs, indiscriminate killings of worshipers in masajids and sporadic and targeted killings. The current attacks and their predecessors points to displaced priorities at national level.

Opeds and blogs instead of looking at Illiteracy, unavailability of health care services, rising inflation, lack of opportunity, poverty and subsequent intolerance, frustration and sense of deprivation which fuels hatred have directed their attention to certain legislations.

What public interest infrastructure has been laid in tribal areas and south Punjab in the last 63 years and especially in the last decade? Why have we let these areas to become breeding grounds for radical Islam? Was it only the military dictatorship or the civil governments also did nothing other than usurp money? Why no finger is raised at our involvement in US’s proxy war which has cost innumerable civilian lives in addition to 3,500 military personnel.

Religious scholars irrespective of their school of thought have condemned this atrocious act calling this a conspiracy to defame Islam and Muslims. In addition to condemnation they are united in denouncing the act as un-Islamic and a contradiction to Quran and Hadith.

Abolishing a certain amendment and ordinance will not riposte the monster of terrorism; however, it will ignite the flames of hatred and disgust amongst the masses. We are concerned about religious clauses of the constitution while the country is led into anarchy.

Source : http://naqad.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/call-me-a-cynic/

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