Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Globalization – Part I & II

In Clsh of Civilizations on June 30, 2010 at 10:44 am

  1. one of the finest think piece. how any muslim can deny those sentiments,ideas and suggestions given by writer.
    I believe time has come for all Islamic forces to unite. I believe that Jamat e Islami should establish a non political contacts with other islamic organizations and gather them all on one point agenda i.e the biggest challange of islamic and human history.
    in litreture and in different group discussions, this challange should be on the top of list. I believe that time has come for reduction of jamat’s roll in electoral politics and increase in the activites for the preparation of it’s workers to combat the challange.
    best regards


    Moderators of Pak Tea House has blocked my IP address. So, i can not post my comments there.IT WILL BE A GREAT PIECE OF INFORMATION AND EDUCATION FOR QADIANIS AND THEIR SUPPORTER MODERATORS OF PTH.
    In articlele by Raza Raja: Can You Declare anyone as non-Muslim Through a legislation?
    Please post my following comment:
    According to Book Kalimat-ul-Fasal’ by Mirza Bashir Ahmad (aka “Qamar-ul-Anbiyya”):

    Mirza Bashir Ahmad replies to another question under the same objection about relations with other Muslims:

    “The objection arises here as to why the marriage of a woman who is an Ahmadi is not dissolved if her husband is a non-Ahmadi, or why is the inheritance of a deceased Ahmadi allowed to his non-Ahmadi son when a kafir is not allowed to inherit from a Muslim.” (p. 170)

    In his reply he tells us that there are two kinds of commandments in Islam: those to be carried out by the individual and those that can only be carried out by the government or the law of the land. Then he writes:

    “As matters of inheritance and dissolution of marriage fall under the law of the government, this is why the Promised Messiah wrote nothing about these. If he had possessed governmental power, he would have issued the same orders in these matters as well.” (p. 170)

    Just ponder over this last statement! It is declaring, openly and bluntly, that if the Head of the Qadiani Jama‘at were to have the power to make laws in a country he would issue orders to the effect that non-Ahmadis should be treated as non-Muslims under the law of the land. So on what grounds can the Qadiani Jama‘at complain when they themselves are declared as non-Muslims under the law of the land in Pakistan?

    All these extreme beliefs came back to haunt the Qadiani Jama‘at with a vengeance. They were declared non-Muslim in the law of the land by a government of non-Ahmadis in Pakistan in 1974 in exactly the same way as Mirza Bashir Ahmad has here proclaimed that his Jama‘at would do to non-Ahmadis if it should possess political power.

  3. @victims of qadianis!
    i have the same complain.
    i am also unable to post my comments on Pak Tea House. it seems that our PTH friends can not open themselves for free discussion.
    that is why they are known as liberal fascists.

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