Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Kari Wa’r (Urdu)

In pakistan on July 12, 2010 at 4:56 pm

  1. Excellent article.
    This war is a many front war and it is evident from cherryl benard of RAND corporation.The only thing which is not mentioned in her thesis is the tactics of bloody war inspired by old british strategy “divide and rule”.
    This war requires enormous conviction,determination and tough decisions. Civil and military leadership has to unite and committed defending pakistan and winning this war.
    I think the fate of liberals should also be decided.They have become a weapon of the enemy.I wish a revolution in pakistan that could whipe these liberals out from the face of the earth.

    Best regards

  2. This article is good effort to educate common man in Pakistan. I fully agree with the gist/ point of view presented in the article. This article may not be in the reach of those people who fall prey to fictitious anti Pakistan and Anti Islam propaganda; so it is our duty to educate common man in our respective spheres to surface the truth. kayoon ke “awam ki awaz sey farq parta hey”
    Finally, I appreciate efforts made by the writer for the simple and convincing language used in the article.
    Aamer Mir

  3. MashaAllah, beautiful article that accurately describes the current scenario.

  4. During 1979 to 1999 USA was with fundamentalist Islam support them and got the results i.e. world become uni-polar. Now they need moderate islam and for that it is imporatnt to have large number of “dead bodies”.

  5. “White Chit” to Terrorist organizations which has been established, funded and trained by enemy of Islam (USA and the west).
    Why don’t we try to find Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq from our selves and separate them from ourselves who are serving USA and west? Why you are protecting them? Why we don’t give clear FITWA that these acts of terror are Haram, and a person who commits this act directly will go to hell?

  6. Dear Asad Abbas,
    I can understand your anger and despration But there are many other things which abide any real sincere sunni muslim (i am not talking about grave or horse worshipers who are unfortunately known as muslims)
    1) there are only handful of people who are knowingly working for USA.The rest of people are the product of cowrdly decisions of our rulers.
    2) there is clear division between them….Pakistani Taliban and Afghan taliban …most of Pakistani taliban(not all) are using the extremism as their weapon while afghan talibans are not….Afghan taliban are carrying out a glorious jihad in a Islamic way…..condeming one means you condem all….(niether you would appericiate any form of armed struggle(islamic or non islamic) carried out by sunnis….(tell me if i am wrong)
    3) in Pakistan people who want condemnation of taliban has their clear agenda…like many liberals do it for islamophobia they hate to see islam as a decisive political power, ruling elite have their own reasons, pakistan army has their own reasons similarly Qadiyanis and shia have their own reasons…..
    4) why a sunni muslim(not a grave worshiper)should condemn taliban? while every one can see the more powerful and resourceful players are in the game along with taliban. why we should throw the whole basket of egg while there is only two or three eggs are spoiled?
    5)simple question; would you appericiate a islamic shariya in Islamic republic of Pakistan?

    • I have never heard a single Fatwa from ulma-e-deoband and ulma-e-salaf against these brutal terrorist and I believe they (and you) don’t consider the suicide a infernal, but how easily and quickly you have declared Kafir (Grave worshiper) to the mass majority of Pakistan. This is the unfortunate and same thinking is behind the suicideing, which is being taught in their so called Madarsas, that the only salafi and diobandi school of thoughts are true rest are kafir and must be killed.

      Pakistani and Afghani Talban are not different they are same peoples. This is the era of information, truth can not be hide, brutality can not be justified, every one know who has established Taliban regime and who has funded, to whom they are serving. They are the people who provide opportunity to USA and west to invade in Afghanistan. If you don’t know (which I don’t think) just Google the video of USA secretory of state’s statement in their senate about Taliban.

      How one can forget the barbarism and violence of Talban in Afghanistan when unfortunately they got chance to rule. How they killed hundred of thousands of innocent Muslims, destroyed and blowup tombs (Mazarat) of Sufies and Aulias. They did not tolerate any Muslim (Kafir in there sight) accept their masters and peoples of their own sect.

      Yes, I want an Islamic system in Pakistan, but not Talibanisation. Talibanisation is noting to do with Islam these both are totally and completely different systems.

      Lastly I don’t want to discuss it further since you already have declared me Kafir (grave worshiper)

  7. Niether do i as i got my answers.
    On the other hand further discussion will restrict the message this article is carrying.
    best regards

  8. @ ‘Dr.’ Jawwad Khan

    ‘why a sunni muslim(not a grave worshiper)’

    like always our mind is unable to breaak out of its firqawarana habit.
    How Sad. How Terrible.
    I suppose grave worhsippers are better than you. The do no harm to anyone and still consider Allah SWT as the one true God.

    Wheresas You and your type worship:

    1. Fitna. Fitna is God for you.
    2. Fitna’s Zia.

    If Farooq and Ali were alive today…they would have made war on Khawarij like you. Please know that you are not on the side of Ali and Farooq May Allah be pleased with them.

    You are on the side of TTP and Azam Tariq.
    Shame on you.

  9. @ Kashifiat…

    May I ask you why do you allow This Dr. Jawwad Khan to promote Takfeer on your forum?
    Is Takfeer not worse than Gaali Galoch? Is Takfeer not what the khawarij did?
    Do you sponsor Takfeer? Im sure as any good Muslim you dont support Takfeer. Then why do you allow This Jawwad Khan to post takfeer in which he is declaring who is Muslim and who is not.

    Please talk to him and make him understand. Caution him.
    Make him see why it is evil. Takfeer is an insult to our Glorious Prophet (PBUH) so make this tiny little man stop! For our collective good make this man stop.

  10. @khilji!
    I am sorry if you feel bad because of my comments. It was not a takfeer.i can’t do that because i do not have the authority.It was just an expression of my honest feelings based on what i have received from the little study of Quran and Hadith.However the question remains there which is “Does islam gives you the list of dos and donts? Isn’t that true that Islam is not a religion by birth like judism or hinduism which do not take the identity away from their followers in any case what so ever. This is not the case in Islam.In islam you have to follow the directions and creates a boundries in a form of multiple circles.A muslim will remain a muslim when he violates the inner circles but when he violates the outer most circle,he automatically expel himself from the way of Islam. Islam is like a club where every member has to follow the rules.
    We all know the usuary is not just forbidden(haram) but it is known as a war against Allah(SWT) and Rasool e Kareem(SAW) and yet we see many “muslims” around us….How we come to this? either a person is at war with a Allah(swt) and Nabi e Kareem(saw) or a muslim? Isn’t it a hypocracy of the people who knowingly insist that he who earn through usuary and go in a mosque for prayer is a muslim? The list of “professions” is not limited to “sood khor” there are many professions like dress designers,beauty parlor, photographers and many many more who were cursed by RasoolUllah (saw) according to sahih Ahadith.
    you seems to be very angry and disoppointed on my “grave worshpper” comment….Can you prove any of thing which we see in shrines of Aulia Allah in the light of Quran and Sunnah?
    In Hyderabad sindh there is a shrine where some people prostrate and claim “arey yeh to sijda e tazeem hay”
    In latifabad Hyderabad there is a mosque where imam say “ya Rasool Allah(swt) Khuda kay sadqay men ham par rehem farmaiye”
    and all sorts of rasoomat, bidaat and khurafat we see in our daily life…can you prove any of it in the light of Quran and Hadith (Sahih Ahadith)?
    Can you prove the guy prostrating a grave is a muslim?
    Can you prove the guy receiving interest is a muslim?
    If not then why there is a complain? why insist on the Islamic identity?
    Best regards

  11. @ Dr. Jawwad Khan..

    firstly neither you nor any other living Muslim has the ‘authority’ to practice Takfeer.
    You asked many stupid Questions Beta. Made some stupid statements and then ASTAGHFIRULLAH even created some Hadith of our Glorious Prophet (PBUH) as well. For that I will ask you to behave with caution.
    some statementes:
    1. No one is born into Hinduism. Anyone can convert to Hinduism.
    I dont know who told you this but it is a lie.
    2. Yes, only Judaism is hereditary.
    3. There is NO blanket Laanat on ‘dress designers’. It all depends upon what kind of dresses are being designed. If the dress is designed to show skin then yes, that is not good. But I know many people whop design clothes for decent men and women. Please note that Junaid Jamshed is a dress and cloth designer now as well.
    There is no HADITH on this so please ask forgiveness from Allah SWT and promise not to make up any HADITH’S again.
    Jhoot mat bola karo beta. Have you not been taught this at home?

    4. Whatever one’s profession maybe. If that person proclaims ‘There is no God but Allah and Mohammed SAW is HIS messenger’ then he or she is MashAllah a Muslim. There is no further proof required. That is what our Prophet has said. Praise be to the simplicity of what OUR Prophet (PBUH) has said. Glory be to him.

    Now, one may be a bad Muslim. A very bad Muslim but they are and will be Muslims untill they recite the Kalima. That is a fact. This is a right Allah SWT has given every momin and no person Alive can take it away. So by trying to take away this right; you fight against MY prophet PBUH…
    I am a bad Muslim for I commit many sins knowingly and unknowingly. For this I ask Allaj for forgivness for He is Most merciful without a doubt.
    Why do you need to prove anyone else is Muslim or not. People have been Muslim for 1400 years and have been so without your judgement or interferance. Do you think we will all stop being Muslims if you stop judging us?
    again, only the khawarij did this and they were enemies of both Farooq and Ali (RA).
    So please see whom you stand with.
    I INSIST on an Islamic identity for myself. For others I pray that do so as well and maybe try and do Talqeen in a soft way so my words are welcome.
    Your words are Talqeen and they are unfortunately very Ugly.
    I am neither Shia nor Sunni. For MY prophet, the most Glorious Mohammed PBUH endorsed neither Shia nor Sunni nor the most horrible Salafi’s. He endorsed only Momin and that is what I am.
    If you wish to reform others first reform yourself and then speak softly to others.
    Talqeen nor curse. Unity nor Fitna.
    You have promoted Fitna here and It breaks m heart to see it.
    Allah can forgive Ushr if HE so chooses. for HE is supreme above all. But I am fairly certain HE will not forgive Fitna.
    People may be bad Muslims but the are still Muslims. work for unity and not Takfeer. For takfeer is Haram. That is what MY prophet PBUH has said Beta.

  12. oh God!
    You said that “No one is born into Hinduism. Anyone can convert to Hinduism” made me laugh…
    Its amazing to know that one who is born in hindu family is not hindu actually later on he embraces hinduism willingly.that is just great. How can i discuss you the definitions of hindu and hindumat according to the well know scholars of ved and hindu mythologies with this level of intellect.
    You are wrong i did not mention the HADITH.Save your astaghfar for some other acts. What i mentioned is that there is some professions which are cursed by Nabi e Kareem(saw) and which we muslims do not feel any regret adopting it…that was my point and you are trying to convert the whole conversation into a word game…that is not right thing to practice…
    Also do not confuse others and yourself regarding the legal definition of muslim. it is not about who is muslim and who is not.my comments were solely pointed towards the maximum deviation in muslim society from islam to the interest of individuals.(its kinda moral debate not the moron’s debate)
    and kindly do not talk about what Allah(swt)can and can not.Not only usurer but also He can also forgive any or all pagans,pharaos,namrood and shaddad.There is no one to ask Him.This is the a typical grave loving mindset do what ever you want to do and rest of it leave to Allah(swt)….He shall forgive.what made you so sure that He shall forgive?What if He didn’t forgive? what is the reason mentioning usury as horrible crime equalent of war with Allah(swt) and RasoolUllah(saw).What is the meaning of sending so many Prophets(ssa)? what is the meaning of earthy life? isn’t it a test for all to sort who is following and who is not?
    come out this mindset because it may cost a hereafter.

  13. @ Dr. Jawwad Khan..

    again, let me worry about my afterlife. See, you have already judged me and my faith.
    Hence what you have done is not humble. What you have done is to predict Allah SWT’s will. If that itself is not shirk and equating one’s own abilities with the Lord of the Universe then I dont know what is.
    See the trouble with people like you is that you see no trouble in outsourcing many of Allah SWT’s works unto your self.
    I am far too gunah gaar to even begin to predict what is in someone’s heart.

    Yes, Allah may forgive and may not. Is HIS to decide. So why are you so worried about others. Are you a perfect Muslim? I certainly am not and that is enough to stop me from judging other’s faith. You see no issues with this. That is the entire point.
    I did not play any word games. You said Dress designers are people engaged in War against the Prophet and Allah. It is there for all to see. Hence you MADE up a Hadith.
    Never paraphrase the Hadith e Mubaraka. It has to be exact with a reference or not quoted at all. Please take this as a caution.
    I see you are still obsessed with diving different Muslims and not uniting them.
    You would rather push away many, many Muslims rather than stand Shoulder to Shoulder with them.
    You define yourself as part of a sect. I identify with no sect. There is no one I follow other than the prophet PBUH and the Holy book that was revealed via him.
    So I see that you have many traits in common with the Khawarij. What they did was divide and declare War on the Islamic khulafa e Rashidin May Allah be pleased with them all.
    Please read some history and then look at yourself in the mirror.
    This is exactly what the enemies of Islam want. To divide us into Shia Sunni Barelvi and make us focus on the differences rather than what binds us together in faith. You are helping them.

    Do you think that by talking like this and cursing and ridiculing other Muslims who might have strayed a little bit your words will find a place in their hearts? Do you think this is Talqeen?

    I would again, request Kashif to STOP the posts related to Takfeer and caution strongly those would talk in takfeeri terms.

    I will leave it there.

    PS: My Prophet PBUH has only given one definition of a Momin. La Ilaha IllAllah Mohammad ur Rasool Allah.
    That is it. There is nothing else.
    It seems you are not happy with his definition and feel that he maybe left something out? and thus you want to add to it?
    Please note that this is also war against Muhammad PBUH. The final and most glorious and exalted of all mankind.

    My prayers that your heart softens and you stop practicing takfeer. It is poison.

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