Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

The bloody game of Secular fascists in Bangladesh

In Clsh of Civilizations on July 17, 2010 at 10:06 am

Bangladesh Pro Indian Secular Govt. bans books written by Maulana Maududi (RA)

The Bangladeshi government has ordered mosques and libraries across the country to remove all books written by Great Islamic

Maulana Maududi (RA)

scholar Maulana Abul A’ala Ma’ududi (RA).

The chief of the government-funded Islamic Foundation told the BBC that according to his perspective the books by Syed Abul Ala Maududi encouraged “militancy and terrorism”.

Maualana  Maududi (ra) – who died in 1979 – is the founder of the Jamaat-e-Islami party.

His works are essential reading for supporters of the Jamaat-e-Islami party in the region.

Born in India, the Pakistani scholar is considered the most prominent theorist of revolutionary Islam in modern South Asian history.

But Bangladeshi officials say Mr Maududi’s writings promote radicalism and his ideological goal was to capture power in the name of Islam.

“His writings are against the peaceful ideology of Islam. So, it is not correct to keep books of Mr Maududi in mosques,” Islamic Foundation Director-General Shamim Mohammad Afjal told the BBC.

The government has now ordered nearly 24,000 libraries attached to mosques to remove his books immediately. Some have already started to do so.

A senior official from Jamaat-e-Islami, ATM Azharul Islam, described the move as an attack on Islam.

“Mr Maududi’s books are being published in many countries and there have been no complaints against his writings so far,” he said.

The decision by the Awami League-led government is widely seen as part of its efforts to curb the activities of Jamaat-e-Islami, accused by many Bangladeshis of collaborating with the Pakistani army during the 1971 war of independence.

Five senior leaders of the party were arrested recently on charges of committing mass murder during the war. The party denies the accusations.

Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh Statement on the situation :

On 29th June 2010, the Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former cabinet Minister Maulana Motiur Rahman Nizami and Deputy Ameer, the internationally reputed Islamic thinker Maulana Delawar Hossain Sayedee and Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami, Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed were arrested showing false cases. The people of Bangladesh are completely astonished at the arrest of these three top ranking leaders of the largest Islamic party on the ground of so called hurting religious sentiment. The arrest of such leaders on the plea of hurting religious sentiment, who are engaged throughout their life in establishing the religious order, has not only become the laughing stock for the people, but also demonstrates without doubt the conspiracy of the government. It may be mentioned that after the arrest of these leaders on 30th June, they were produced before the court, which granted them bail. But the present alliance government hurriedly filed five more cases and sent them to jail. It is crystal clear that the planned arrest of these leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami is to harass as a part of conspiracy of the government. The remand order by the court for long 16 days on the plea of obstructing the functions of the police has proved that the government by showing thumb to the Constitution and rule of law has taken the path of torturing the political rivals.

It is to be mentioned that one speech by the City Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami in a religious meeting (Seerat Mahfil) has been concocted by some of the government supported news papers. On the basis that speech, cases about hurting religious sentiment were filed on behalf of the ruling party in five different places of the country. However, none of Maulana Nizami and Mr. Mojaheed was present in the said Seerat Mahfil. Maulana Rafiqul Islam Khan, City Ameer of Jamaat protested the concocted circulated news and stated that there was no question of comparison of Maulana Nizami with the Holy Prophet (Sm); even he did not make such type of comparison. So it is evident that the conscious people of this country have no confusion about the bogus propaganda of the media and the planned case instituted on the plea of hurting religious sentiment. Some nefarious activities of the government are outlined below to know the actual picture of the present government, who want to portrait them as democratic:

1.    The government has taken up all these steps to take revenge on Jamaat-e-Islami and it’s big proof is that the government involved the leaders in the case of a student killing in Rajshahi University four months ago. The government after the incident of killing of the student of Rajshahi University in February 2010 started combing operation against Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Chhatrashibir (student organization) and arrested more than one thousand leaders and workers throughout the country. The incident happened in Rajshahi University has no connection with Jamaat and Shibir. The arrest of hundreds of workers of Jamaat and Shibir and filing of false cases throughout the country including Dhaka, Chittagong, Satkhira, Bogra, Kushtia, Mymensingh by the government has no justification and legal ground.
2.    Hundreds of leaders and workers of Jamaat and Shibir were injured throughout the country by the attack of the police, Chhatra League (Student wing of ruling party) and Awami League terrorists.
3.    The police is not allowing any meeting, procession, protest rally of Jamaat and Shibir in any place throughout the country including capital city Dhaka since February 2010. The police is continuously creating obstruction in every programme of Jamaat and Shibir imposing section 144 and charge batons and file cases under Druta Bichar Ain (speedy trial law) after arrest of leaders and workers. Even the Metropolitan Police commissioner, Dhaka has ordered not to hold any programmes by Jamaat and Shibir, who have been protesting the arrest of their three top ranking leaders.  How and where the police officer got such authority to deprive the constitutional and human rights of Jamaat-e-Islami?
4.    The government again started arresting the leaders and workers of Jamaat-e-Islami involving in false cases throughout the country after the arrest of three top leaders of Jammat. After arresting about 800 leaders and workers throughout the country (including 300 in Dhaka and 178 in Chittagong), the government filed cases against them under Druta Bichar Ain (Speedy Trial Law), which is completely based on wrong notion and this is one kind of oppression. The police is behaving in inhuman and uncivilized manner to the leaders and workers of Jamaat-e-Islami. About two thousand leaders and workers were arrested during the rule of this government.
5.    In addition to the above, a good numbers of central working committee members and district leaders were arrested showing false cases. Important among them are- Mr. Ataur Rahman, Ameer of Rajshahi City and veteran freedom fighter, Professor Mian Golam Parwar, Ameer of Khulna City, Mr. Abdul Wahed, District Ameer of Kushtia and former MP, Deputy Ameer Principal Faridul Haq, Mr Abul Kalam Azad, Secretary, Rajshahi City, Principal Siddique Hossain, Assistant Secretary, Rajshahi City, Upazila Chairman Mokbul Hossain, Rajshahi, Maulana Abdul Baten, Secretary, Sherpur District and Shamsul Alam Golap, President, Islami Chhatrashibir, Rajshahi University. These leaders and other workers are in jail living in inhuman condition; but they are not granted bail. Moreover, a large number of leaders and workers cannot stay in their houses due to chase of police in the false cases filed against them.
6.    Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami is now about 70. He was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for two terms, a successful former cabinet minister and the Chief of the third largest party of the country. Maulana Sayedee is a country renowned scholar and world famous Muffassere Quran. He was also elected Member of Parliament twice and at present Deputy Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami. Mr. Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed was a successful former cabinet Minister and at present Secretary General of Jammat. Keeping these three top leaders for 16 days in remand in such an unhealthy atmosphere is totally unprecedented and inhuman. The countrymen are anxious and astonished for torturing these national leaders keeping them in remand. Earlier more than three hundred leaders and workers were tortured keeping them in remand.
7.    The plain cloth police has entered into the chamber of Barrister Abdur Razzak, senior advocate of Bangladesh Supreme Court, who is the law counsel of these three top leaders. The government is not allowing the lawyers to meet the leaders in custody. As a result, complications arise in respect of legal assistance and the government is obstructing the normal course of rule of law. Even the family members are not allowed to meet the leaders; and as such they are passing days in anxiety.
8.    The government cancelled the permission of meeting of Jamaat-e-Islami at the fag end of preparation in Paltan Maidan by imposing section144 on 31st May 2010. As a result, the meeting was foiled. Police obstructed Maulana Motiur Rahman Nizami and Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed to go to different meetings imposing section 144. Till to-date meetings of about 25 places were obstructed in the same manner. The Tafsir Mahfil of Maulana Sayedee were not allowed to be held in 14 different places imposing section 144.
9.    The government is creating obstacle in the free movement of Jamaat leaders. They obstructed Maulana Sayedee, Mr. Kamruzzaman and Barrister Abdur Razzak, Assistant Secretary General, Dr. Syed Abdullah Mohammad Taher, Ex MP, Mr. AHM Hamidur Rahman Azad, sitting MP, member of Central Working Committee in going abroad. The government is clearly violating of Constitution and fundamental rights of these leaders in their movement and foreign visit.
10.     On 27th June during the daylong strike, the police and RAB entered into the house of Mirza Abbas, former Minister and BNP standing committee member and tortured him and his family members including women. This is a clear act of enmity and barbarism. The countrymen are astonished at the arrest by police and torture by student front leaders of Awami League on Mr. Shahiduddin Choudhury Anny MP. The veteran freedom fighter and former foreign secretary and ambassador, Mr Shamsher Mobin Choudhury (who is partially disabled) was also tortured by the same group and arrested by police alleging that he ignited a vehicle on the day before strike. He was also taken into remand 4 days.
11.    The Acting Editor of vernacular daily “Amar Desh,” Mr. Mahmudur Rahman was arrested and the publication of the daily was stopped and kept the press under lock only due to criticizing the nefarious activities of the government. At dead of night he was arrested from the office of the daily and tortured him taking his clothes off during remand. This is a vivid example of the present government who cannot tolerate criticism by the opposition and media. 31 defamation cases were filed by the supporters of Awami League against Mahmudur Rahman in different places of the country. He alleges against Joy, the son of Prime Minister regarding corruption in his daily and for that matter he is facing such torture. In the same case, Mr. jainal Abedin Faruq MP, the Chief Whip of the Opposition in Parliament was indicted in so many cases.
12.     Not only that the government has suddenly closed the satellite TV Channel, namely Channel 1; imposed ban on publicity of Jamuna TV Channel. The government has also stopped the ‘Talk Show’ in the name of ‘Point of Order’ of TV Channel Bangla Vision. In addition to those, other TV Channels including Diganta TV Channel are scared in fear of closing of programmes. The long-established English daily ‘The Bangladesh Observer’ has been closed by the government showing different causes. All these acts are nothing but evidence of restricting media and news papers of the country like 1975.
13.     The present alliance government is conspiring to abolish the 5th Amendment of the Constitution and reinstate 1972 Constitution. If the government succeeds in doing the above, it will not only close the functions of Islamic political parties, but also the country will emerge in darkness of secularism again. By the influence of leftists and communists, two ministers of the present Cabinet are trying to impose the secular education based on Kudrat-e-Khuda Education Commission by abolishing the Islamic and Madrasha education.
14.     The pro-Indian alliance government is trying to give corridor to India hampering our national security and independence. They are giving permission to use the sea ports of Chittagong and Mongla and Ashuganj River port by India as per three agreements, two memorandums of articles and joint communiqué signed by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during her recent visit to Delhi without considering our sovereignty. In addition to those, the government is trying to help implement the ‘Tipaimukh Dam’ (like the ‘Farrakka Dam’) on the River Barak by India, which is a curse for the people of Bangladesh. All these are done to protect the power in hand and make the government a puppet one.
15.     The government is totally failed to keep commitment given during the election on 29th December 2008, the result of which was previously settled through conspiracy with the then power-house of Mainuddin and Fakhruddin. Among the commitments, important issues are- price control, enforcing Law and order, curbing corruption and terrorism, problems of gas, water and electricity, rice for Taka.10 per Kg, free distribution of fertilizer, creating job in every family and to establish the rule of law in the country. None of these commitments were materialized. Moreover, the workers of Awami League, Jubo League and Chhatra League have created very bad environment by killing, extortion, hijacking tender documents, looting, illegally occupying trade, politicizing the administration, etc. As a result the people are suffering grievously and their back is dashed against the wall. The people of this country are withdrawing their support and the popularity of the government has reduced tremendously only in eighteen month’s rule. The verdicts of recent elections in City Corporation of Chittagong and in different occupational organizations have gone against the present parties in power. As a result the alliance government is impatience and puzzled. It is a historical fact that a government normally starts torturing people and depends on police force when it faces no confidence and becomes unpopular. That is why the Awami and alliance government started oppression on Jamaat-e-Islami and BNP. Virtually the government has lost its confidence over its population and themselves.

The government planned to destroy Jamaat-e-Islami because of some reasons, namely (a) the commitments given during election not possible to be fulfilled; (b) the people of this country raised their voice against the misrule, the failure of the government and conspiracy of creating of puppet state; and (c) the government will have to quit if the united movement of nationalist and Islamic forces of BNP and Jamaat to overthrow them. If they succeed in their programs, they would ruin the opposition and establish one-party undemocratic rule of BKSAL like 1975. For this purpose, they have brought forward the war crime issue, which is a long settled issue. It has multifarious goals also. Through this issue, the alliance government wants to divide the nation for ever, wants to keep the country instable and restless, so that Bangladesh cannot be self-sufficient economically.

In this situation, Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami has decided to face the conspiracy of the alliance government in democratic and constitutional way. It is possible to counter the conspiracy of the imperialists’ network through unity of the people including nationalist and Islamic forces. The government will make mis-propaganda against the constitutional movement of the people. We fervently call to the people including leaders and workers of Jamaat and other democratic political parties to build up united movement against the anti-state, anti-democratic, anti-human rights and anti-Islam activities of the Awami and alliance government. We are surely hopeful; as days come after nights, lights after darkness; so the oppression of the present autocratic and tyrant government would come to an end. The Almighty Allah does not tolerate such type of repressive and tyrant government.

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  2. Great work by Bangladeshi Government.
    This is high time for the Pakistani State to also Ban Jamat e Islami and its literature to save Pakistan from total destruction.
    Modoudi and its cult is responsible for the deaths of millions of Muslim in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir and Afghanistan and now its time to close this chapter once n for all.

  3. The process of globalization is knocking on our doors.
    To me they have already achieved two goals.
    1)They have created sizeable numbers of zombies like living deads with in muslim societies who know nothing but fullfiling the hunger of belly and a part just below the belly,interests and benefits.
    2) Jihad is successfully conseptulized as an insane act of some extremist.
    Yesterday night i was reading the urdu translation of bidaya wa alnihaya and the prophecies of Nabi e Kareem about the circumstances before doomsday and not a single word is feeling strange out of these many prophecies.Fortunately i found many prophecies saying that (in Iqbal’s words)

    “Nikal kay sehra say jis nay Roma ki saltanat ko ulat diya tha
    Suna hai qudsiyon say main nay, wo sher phir hoshyar ho ga”

    wa jaa ul haq wa zahaq al batil,innal batila kan zahooqa

  4. This act of the B’deshi government needs to be looked at in context of the 71 war and not some hyper manner.

    I believe they dont have any issues with Maudoodi or his writings (that is another debate for there are many who have written critique’s of Maudoodi’s words. As is anyone’s right)

    This stems finally for B’desh state coming down on JI for JI’s AL Badr people and the war crimes they committed in 71.

    JI in B’desh for it’s own political good needs to come out totally against everything that Al Badr did and the sins of JI during the 71 war.
    JI should apologize. It will loose nothing and gain much. Plus asking forgiveness for one’s sins would be in line with Islamic principles as well. It would be the right thing to do.
    But keeping in mind JI’s previous history this might be too much to expect.

  5. kashfiyat is progressing.now bengalis are also participating in the discussion.

  6. @ Dr. Jawwad Khan..

    you said ‘and a part just below the belly’

    please tell me why are you so interested in what goes on under people belly’s?
    I believe that is equivalent to equating an unnamed number of people with being confirmed zaani’s without witnesses. This is a Tohmat and is circumstantial.
    How a blanket condemnation of unnamed and unnumbered people for sins committed knowingly or unknowingly is admissible is something that escapes me.

    As a Muslim I would rather put a pardah in such sins and carryout Talqeen relenetlessly. Advise. Caution. That is how people listen. When they know you have their best interests at heart.
    When faced with contempt and hostility people usually harden out of stubbornness and vanity.
    If you are really interested in social reform then that is what you should do. If only for show and tamasha then go as you are doing now.
    You need to plant the idea of righteouness into people’s mind. Make them realise that this is in their benifit. Then no power on Earth can remove it. The part below the belly’s will be taken care of automatically. You will not need to worry.

    I would advise you to take a look at Saudi. Probably the place with the worst, most uncompassionate Muslims and a debauched society to understand what I am saying.

    change your tone brother and focus on saving people via Iman. Not by policing them and condemning them. That will only bring your condemnation in return.

  7. Dear Khilji!
    now you are started judging others…
    i just mentioned a general fact.It is the fact more obvious than ever in our society.I didn’t mention any name directly or indirectly.how could i be accused of slandering(tohmat)?
    Calm down dear….no need for conflicts all the time.

  8. @ Dr. Jawwad Khan..

    I have never been interested in what goes on under other people’s belly’s and have often found it strange that what kind of people are interested in this.

  9. this is a personal attack and i am not going to respond it.

  10. Banning books = Wrong
    Investigating War Crimes = Correct

  11. this makes a perfect sense…
    this is the problem that 87% of people live with assumptions and believe what other say.there are only 13% who analyse things critically,dig deeper,investigate and after the work form their own opinions.

  12. “BITTIS”(bid’ati=innovators)are the perfect example of not using their capabilities of the critical thinking and investigating in a logical manner.
    when a child of a “BITTI” family see,listen or ordered to perform “nazar” “niyaz” “fatiha” “Qauwwali” “dhamal” “circling the grave” and all sort of non sense,he doesn’t look into the Quran and Hadith to confirm and therefore we see a new bitti who is far more “advanced” than his parents.the example of the advancement you can see in the form of naat e rasool e maqbool(saw)…in my childhood days people take utmost care and say the naat with utmost reverance but now due to bittis like many DJ Qadris it has become amuzement for the listeners….
    i heard on of current days DJ Qadri saying:

    “Madinay ko jaen gay
    Aaqa(saw) galey lagaen gay”
    isn’t it ridiculously funny……

    • I wonder will this all can be counted as Blashphemy!!!

      I sure think it is…

      Making mockery of Islam and there isn’t anyone to stop this nonsense.

  13. @ dr. jawwad khan…

    can you quote or provide any research or study that provides you with those statistics?
    If you cannot then how is your word credible? How please?

    I see you still obsessed with other people’s faith and practices. I guess you have convinced yourself that you are a perfect Muslim.

    that is amazing.

  14. you sound very much influenced by the values of secular societies because of pharases you used for example, “Not interfaring others matter, do whatever you want to do, no one have right to tell what is right and what is wrong,moral policing, judging others etc etc…
    well my dear a muslim has a duty of “Amr bil maroof wa niha anil munkir” (promotion of virtue and prevention of vice) the whole system of islamic society is based on it.
    i mean how you can stop the vice if you do not have the ability of decide what is right and what is wrong. The right and wrong has been decided by Allah(swt) and Rasool Ullah(saw) any act against Quran and sunnah is liable to be stopped by other members of islamic society.This is the main of spirit of Islam, always instigating and preparing one to obey the law of Almighty and follow the orders.
    According to you one who have recited Kalima e tayyaba has all the previlages of free secular societies and unaccountable to any act forbidden in islam…..isn’t that amazing?…the mixture of Islam and secularism….this the reason which made me believe that this time is a time of dajjal.Even many sincere muslims do not understand how dajjali system tricked theuir minds.
    Best regards

  15. The crackdown on JI-B is because many Bengalis believe JI as a Traitor organization for its siding with Pakistan.

    Bangladesh has always been under the influence of Secularist. This attempt is another step in that direction.

    The solution is that, people who understand the Islamic sciences and have studied the writings of Mawlana Mawdudi they take an active non-Partisan role. Plus the gov can ban the book all they want, but the gov can’t control the students of Islamic knowledge from passing on the knowledge to their neighbors.

  16. @ Dr. Jawwad Khan..

    there you go with your takfeer and with your declaration that you are a superior Muslim by calling me an agent of Dajjal.
    That is so sad.
    Yes, what I have said is right for what you have said is equal to Jabr and Islam has no room for Jabr.
    Amr bil maroof wa niha anil munkir is not meant to be used by each individual as a one man police force is a recepie for total disaster and causes Chaos and fitna in society.

    You have attacked me and my faith in a most vile way by claiming that I dont understand it whereas you have no way of knowing that I live my life by it. I just dont believe in forcing things down people’s throat. Only Talqeen.

    You on the other hand are a poor ambassador for Islam and quite pathetic at Talqeen. You have convinced yourself that your faith is superior to most other Muslims.

    Ok. Dont change. Please live as a Takfeeri who wonders whats going on under people’s belly’s all day (those are your words not mine).

  17. Jab doosro kay saath tum Jamaat-e-Fitna-e-Maududiat (bad language deleted) yeh karte ho to sub theek hai… pur jub tumharay saath hota hai to “anti-democratic” yaad ajati hai.

    (Bad Language deleted) ! He was an enemy of the Quaid-e-Azam. I am saddened that Pakistani government has not taken the lead in doing this.

    YLH ! This is not PTH or Naseeb where you can use bad language. Your comments are welcome but not with that you are used too

  18. Kia khoob kaha hai Allama Iqbal nai.

  19. i have some reservations/objects regarding some views projected by brother kashif in this thought-provoking book ”daaanish wari say haqeeqat tak”.please can i have his personal email id?JAZAKALLAH..

  20. In Bangladesh we are under the zalim Government, Maolana Sydee is the International Islamic Scholar In Bangladesh, This government has arrested him because of his outspoken stand against the pro-indian government.. Maolana Nizam was proved as uncorrupted person while he was the minister in Bangladesh .. Maolana Maudodi’s (RH) literatures have created an islami revolution in the heart of our higher educated people.. ABAD, DHAKA, BANGLADESH

  21. maududi, in his whole life humbly asked everyone to criticise his writings and if valid he choosesw to rectify. Its his greatness and the revolutionary work he did in 20th century for ISLAM is known to every person who is above of ta’assub, jahiliyyat and the guilty of false propaganda.Any one propagandising against him ought to ready to fight the case against maududi at doomsday’s court where judge will be ALLAH SUBHANUHU TA’ALA and where “wa’man’ya’mal misqaala zarratin sharran’yarah” will be proven……

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