Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

A Column dedicated to Marytrs of Lal Masjid 2007

In pakistan on July 19, 2010 at 5:07 am


    My gratitude to you the Shuhada for my Deen and my land. You left your own families in our midst so that our families could be spared the hate and violence of the takfeeri’s who had turned a house of Allah into a house of Takfeer and fitna.

    May Allah’s angels receive you at the gates of Jannah and may you get to sit with the Prophet PBUH who would laud your sacrifice. May you site with Farooq RA who would laud your loyalty and may you sit with Ali RA who would endorse your bravery.

    You are the blade of the sword that stretches back from Khalid Bin Waleed to Suleyman and the down to the present time.

    We know who you are. We salute you.

    War against Takfeer. War against Fitna.

  2. thanks kashif bhai for reminding about the shohda e lal masjid and jamia hafsa.it was a crime committed by few but whole nation is responsible for.No body came out to stop this carnage.As a nation i think we are facing the punishment of Allah(swt) the draconian regiem of pervez musharraf cut their, power supply,water,food and bombed those places and look what we are suffering from shortage of water,electricity,food and bombing every where.isn’t it a torment from Allah(swt)?
    I thought i never forget those pure souls but there is some thing which blurs the memory and emotion.
    Thanks a lot for reminding.
    Best regards

  3. ghazi brothers and their father who was thankfully murdered were Takfeeris.

    They were friends with SSP and it’s dead head Azam Tariq.

    Any person who is friends with SSP is a total and utter enemy of Allah SWT, HIS Prophet PBUH and the Khulafa e Rashindeen RA.

    That is a fact that no one can deny.

    There will be no mercy for Fitna parasts InshAllah.

  4. I think its time we step beyond emotionalism (jazbatiyat) and start analyzing the facts for what they are. Reports of the Lal Masjid massacre published in the past 3 years reveal a series of mistakes. There were mistakes committed by the Lal Masjid leadership as well as by the Army leadership. As Muslims, we ought to mourn for those who died inside the masjid as well as outside it.

    What I would like to see is a thorough investigation into the role of the instigators who didn’t allow the Lal Masjid fiasco settle peacefully. Confirmed reports and first hand accounts reveal that some advisers of the Lal Masjid leadership on one side and several “faithless fascists” advising the military leadership on the other side wanted a real fight. They played with the emotions of an entire nation, very successfully. In fact, the war in out midst today, the suicide bombings and the hit-and-run assassinations, can be traced back to the Lal Masjid massacre. Until we consciously refuse to let them play with out emotions, Lal Masjids will keep repeating themselves

  5. Please do not post articles like this without any information. It was a controversial issue. No one allows you to stand in front of Government by making human shield thats what Ghazi brothers did.

  6. @kaeani…

    in your analysis please note that these brothers….both the dead one and the one who likes to run from battle in Burqas…and their cursed father were Takfeeris.
    Do you know what are Takfeeri’s my friend? If so, how can any agreement be reached with them?
    There was no space for any negotiations. Those cursed brothers had no legal and religious obligation but to bend to the state.

    • Their are so many people in Pakistan who are challenging Pakistan state Baloch, Target Killing if we can talk with them So, why dont you agree to talk with those where hundreds of women life’s was in danger.
      Please dont start blame game this is very scerious matter where hundred of women life was taken only to satisfy the Libral Fanatics.
      Dont you know why Mohd. Bin Qasim came in Sindh only to save Single Muslim Women this is our past.

  7. Offcourse Khilji like fascist Rafidis will always feel glad to kill Sunnis.

  8. My blessings are only with those sisters who stand till death because of their leadership. Without going in detail wether they are right or wrong killing of ba parda women is a crime which I can only pray May Allah will forgive us.
    Results are their in the series of sucide bomb attacks after Lal Masjid attack.

  9. @ Ummi…

    You know, I dont identify with any sect because I consider the fact that the Prophet PBUH was neither Sunni nor Shia.
    But if a declaration must be said, my lineage is sunni.
    and what have you read in my writing here that I would like to kill anyone? (apart from a man like Azam Tariq)….

    Why would you make this out to be a Sectarian issue? Why would you bring fitna into this?
    Why would promote a Takfeeri atmosphere? This is so sad and makes my heart break.

    @ Kashifiat…

    Dear, I would request you to talk and caution your friends who continuously make issues out to be sectarian in nature. Why does this happen? What is the weakness or corruption in their moral fiber that makes them react this way?
    This same man accused me of being a drug addict for no provocation from me.
    Why these attacks? I believe this maybe a very young man who is hot headed but even that is no excuse.

    Please don’t allow your forums as a platform for any sectarian talk. Look what is doing to us already.


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