Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Exposing Mubashir Luqman

In Urdu Columns on July 23, 2010 at 5:14 am

  1. I strongly believe that guys like Mubbashir Luqman is worth kicking in butt rather talking about.
    I seriously don’t want to talk about him.

  2. I second Jawad Khan. Ignore loonies like Lukman and YLH

  3. Kashif bhai, you should have also mentioned that this bastard is a retired army captain and an MI stooge like Zaid Zaman Hamid. The pre-scripted program sponsored by MI was as an attempt to white wash the bloody face of ZZH. They think that the common people are fools and will believe their bullshit even today.

  4. Thanks for writing such a valuable article. well appreciated!

  5. he is mysterious but exposed.

  6. You are doing a great service by exposing stooges of Qadyanis and liberal fascists like ML

  7. @ Kashifiat…

    Dear Kashif why are you allowing these Gaalis and bad language on your forum from the lone ranger:
    ‘this bastard is a retired army captain’

    Please edit.

  8. “please edit”…..
    yes …add some more”galiyan”

  9. @ Dr.Jawwad Khan…

    Is gaali galoch the only way for you to deal with those that hold another point of view than you?
    I mean does everyone on this earth have to agree with you. For Goodness sake even the revered Sahaba Kiraam (RA) had major disagreements over many, many matters.

    Please, I have reminded you many times. Those that disagree with you religiously get Takfeer from you and those that do so on other matters get Gali Galoch.

    How is anything to be discussed or argued in that atmosphere?

  10. @ Dr. Jawwad Khan…

    dear..I have yet to hear you practice Takfeer or throw any abuse at for example Supah-e-Sahaba.

    If Mubashir Luqman is damaging for Pakistan then SS is definitely even more destructive and evil.

    To prove that you are fair…can you treat both types the same?
    I would love to hear your honest opinion about people who are members of SS.

  11. Some comments from Facebook

    Ali Saeed : There is no doubt that the local Pakistani media is hand in hand with the foreign media in portraying a negative image of our country. All the international media and ahead of them our local media channels take pride in airing the dead-bodies and torn corpses from Pakistan. Where on the earth do they do this? Have we ever seen dead-bodies of incidents that take place in US or Europe?

    Wasim Bari : Kashif, in my whole tenure since I know you, today for the first time at 3:23 am 22nd July 2010 midnight from Canada congratulates you, after reading your this article. Keep it up. But for God sake send your these articles in Lahore print media with highlights, I love u. Jane-e-bari

    Sadia Yasmin : Bingo…. Kashif bhai… And I watched that program in which he did misbehave with Dr. Israr Ahmed. He was just looked like a “JAHIL” nothing else..

    Laila Prince : Kashif Bhai…..ye log kuch is tarha se apne prgrms men in moazuwaat ko bayan karte hen k aam naazreen ko is bat ka idrak nahi ho pata k wo unhen kis gumrahi ki taraf le ja rahe hen…..Allah(S.W.T) aap ko lambi umr de aur apne maqsad men kamyab o kamran karey,aur ap k qalam ki taqat ko aur zyada karey ta k ham jese na samajh awaam in logon ki shobda baaziyon se amaan men rahen….aamin….

  12. @Khilji!
    Did i use gali against ML?(although i believe that he deserves worst possible treatment)Some day you would say that malaoon shaitan rushdi holds a different point of view so we should respect him as a human…???
    Don’t you have some standards of right and wrong?
    I believe SS did a great job in earlier days but afterwards they deviated from their path.Use of violance at this time was unnecessary.
    The disagreements between sahahaba e kiram(ra) is irrelevant here because all of their disputes were not due to personal reasons and all of them were agreed on Islam with utmost sincerity and devotion and inspite of all their disputes they love and respect each other. Can you give me the example when Sahaba e Kiram(ra) paid some respect to abdullah ibn e ubai,abu jehal,abu lahab or any other enemy of Islam?


    you are avoiding the core issue “the equilibrium” which is lost due to promotion of disgusting and obscene liberalism, disgustingness for Islam,Islamophobia and all kinds of moral deviation which is purposely promoted with the help of all tools of social engineering.Now as a society we are living in the area of cyclones and tornados of “toofan e Badtameezi”. so the result is the total loss of equilibrium.
    what is equilibrium in a islamic society?
    its an unwritten agreement between good and evil that virtue and good shall be obvious,preached and shall rule the society while evil will remain hidden and undiscussed and work as occult.
    This equilibrium is lost and created a violant reaction from some islamic factions of the society. Now the people who have eman and taqwa are really afraid becuase of the overwhelming influence of vice. Now we see many people from the big cities are sending their kids for hifz e qurand and other islamic educations.people(real muslims) from all walks of life are truning towards Islam and islamic institutions….
    In my social circle many people are sending their kids to madrissas for hifz e Quran.many people became associated with different religious organization.Many of my friends grew their beards and become “Panjwaqta namazi”.
    Did you see this happening in Pakistani society before? no….
    it is simply a reaction. it is a fear.why?? because we have seen the evils singing,strip teasing and knocking at our doors. Because we are watching the results of this “monstorous liberalism”. We see how it has started converting a conservative pakistani muslim society into a group of liberal freaks.
    You must understand the phenomenon and rephrase your argument.
    Your arguments should be based on real knowledge of the society,changes in the society and after effects of those changes.
    come with better arguments rather mumbo jumbo of aadha teetar aadha batair.

  13. I am confident that most of the anchor persons are Jewish agents in Pakistan, they visit US & UK frequently take training and money, they have target to disintegrate Pakistan ASAP. One of my best friend is working with a news channel on director level. he told me that their is a little difference between police and news channel. Police support corruption on the name of law and order and we support corruption on the name of awareness.

  14. @ Dr. Jawwad Khan

    Son, just as I was thinking that there is possibly some level of Humanity left in you..you went went and proved me wrong by saying the following:
    ‘I believe SS did a great job in earlier days but afterwards they deviated from their path’

    That organization is an enemy of Islam, Pakistan and has been spreading Fitna from the time of it’s birth at the hands of Zia.

    I would ask you what ‘great job’ they were doing initially but that would be of no use. You would not answer the question and just launch into your monologue or whatever.

    SS has been an enemy of Allah SWT, HIS prophet PBUH and the sahaba RA from day one. It has more blood on it’s hands than you think.

    Yet all you can say about them is that they ‘strayed from the right path’. That makes me so sad. To hear a young Momin so blinded by hate of another sect that he would forgo what Islam has taught him just so he can continue to support someone who shares his own hate.
    How sad to see a Momin’s heart turn this way.

    So all you can manage it ‘strayed’ from the right path? How come I dont see you talk about them in the same anger and hate as you do for the self imagined liberal section of society?
    An external enemy you can fight. But an internal Fitna almost always certainly destroys totally from within.

    Please look in the mirror Son. You seem to have more in common with the cursed Khawarij than with Abu Bakr, Farooq, Usman and Ali (RA).

    I wish no further conversation with you son. For it breaks my heart to see someone young being turned this way that he is unable to stand up for those who are victimized and takes the side of Zulm just because the Zaalim agree with him.
    I wish you peace and as Much Hidaya from Allah SWT as your heart can take so that it is cleansed of it’s hate.

    Remember whom you stand with. Always.

  15. “I wish no further conversation with you son. For it breaks my heart to see someone young …..”

    LOL!!!what made you think that i am a young boy?
    yes i would love to answer the question about great job but as you revealed your identity i believe that discussing “great job” will be of no use. Simply i would say that SS exposed the shia religion in their earlier days.about 20 years ago i read the pamphlet of SS,quoting shia beliefs against Sahab e Kiram(ra).I was shocked when i read that but i didn’t believe it initially but later as i investigated more i found that they are not different than shaitan rushdi and ss was right.
    I have been confronted many shias on this issue and the language they used against Hazrat e Shaikhen(RA), Ummul momineen hazrat Aisha(RA) and other respected and exalted sahaba e Kiram(RA) was unbelieveable.I was shocked,appaled and outraged by the obscene words they used against the beloved and revered personalities of Islam.
    Can you deny what baqar majlisi,kulyani, khumaini, akbar jara,ghulam hussain najfi (laanatullah alehem ajmaeen) wrote in their books and their obscene attacks on Sahaba e kiram (ra)?
    I believe that SS did a really very great job.You can call them enemies of pakistan,enemies of pakistan army and enemies of shia but i couldn’t understand that how one can call them enmies of Allah(swt), Nabi e Kareem(saw) or Sahaba e Kiram(ra).
    Frankly i do not like khuwarij.i have no sympathies with them but i hate the rawafid more than khuwarij.

    I know exactly where and with whom i stand.I give you the same advice.
    do you know what really heart breaking thing in this world? that this world is run and ruled by only one thing…DECEPTION
    “jo jaisa dikhta hay woh waisa hay naheen”

  16. @ Dr. Jawwad…

    However old you maybe, you are mostly likely not past 50 yet so yes, you are still a young man to me.

    I knew I said I wouldnt talk to you but couldnt help telling you something…
    I have mentioned before that I am of sunni lienage. I am not shia and do not subscribe to all aspects of the Shia school of thought.

    furthermore please note that It were the Muawiya’s ie, Sunni’s who started to abuse the Exalted companion Ali RA during the friday Khutba from the Grand Mosque at Damascus. This was the start of the spread of Poison son.
    This went on for 70 long years when Omer bin Abdul Aziz put a stop to this sick practice.

    SS kills innocent people and has been doing so for a very long time. So Yes, it seems that blinded by Hate son you have lost sight of who are the enemies of Allah SWT and HIS prophet PBUH.

    As I said, earlier, I wish you nothing but Hidayat and for Allah SWT to remove this Takfeer from your heart.

    This is the end of the matter.

  17. What Hazrat Muawiya(ra) did with Hazrat Ali(ra) was a matter between two Sahaba e Kiram(ra)..i believe that only Allah(swt) can decide no one else because it is a matter of two revered Sahaba e Kiram(ra). you can curse yazeed but not Hazrat Ameer Muawiyah(ra)…..it is not the matter of cursing Hazrat Ameer Muawiya(ra).this is a lame shia excuse for TABARRAH. My question is why shia curse Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) and Hazrat Umar Farooq(ra)? what did Hazrat e Shaikhen(RA) do?
    What did Hazrat Usman(ra) do?
    why shia attack the chastity of Ummul momineen(ra) in extremely appaling way?
    you said that “I am not shia and do not subscribe to all aspects of the Shia school of thought”.I say Bittism and shiaism are two branches of the same tree(I see no difference between grave worshiping and horse worshiping).Also i couldn’t understand that how a sunni muslim could possibly have sympathies with those who attacks on the greatness of Sahaba(ra).
    may be shia are innocent for you but not for me because i got the opportunity of getting first hand information from shia themselves.But i also believe that this crime should be punishable by death through constitutional amendment and the courts of law not by some people.

    In last i would say that this is not the right forum to discuss these issue.Kashifiyat and brother kashif hafeez siddiqi is doing a great job and i do not want to spoil his efforts by indulging myself in these kinds of discussions.


  18. @ Dr. Jawwad…

    I only believe in finding as much common ground between however many Muslims as I can.
    I dont focus on divisions. If someone bows his head in prayer to Almighty Allah SWT then that is enough for me to stand by his shoulder.

    We have enough challenges from outside which is why I try to reduce divisions within our own house.

    Maybe that is something you should think about. Bring Muslims together instead of asking for the death penalty for the entire Shia Community of Pakistan.
    How that helps us is a mystery to me but Im sure enemies of Islam and my home Pakistan are very happy to hear you talk like this. Where they dont have to lift a finger and just see us tear each other apart.
    Again, sometimes I wish that you people had stayed behind in India. You didnt want Pakistan to be built in 1947 and unfortunately are continuously working to undermine us even now.
    That is the real tragedy here.

    Remember son, if you want to scale heights as an Ummah then you will need to ignore the differences of sect and work to find unity amongst yourselves.
    If you want to stay forever oppressed and tied down then you are on the right path.

    We shall see where Takfeeri’s stand on the day of judgement InshAlah for my Lord will surely ask Takfeeri’s that on whose authority they decided who is Momin and who is not.

    There really isnt anything left to say.

    I just hope that if you are a real medical doctor that shia, Barelvi etc paitents are safe from your hands and that you treat them fairly.

    Fi amanullah Son. There is much more to the beauty of our Deen than Takfeer. I pray that one day you can discover it and take your fellow Muslims hand and stand with him.

  19. نهايت عمده

    لخ لعنت مبشر قادياني

  20. “لخ لعنت مبشر قادياني”

    why don’t we send e mails to express tv, express our anger and disoppointment against a qadiyani tv anchor person and his obnoxious attitude?

  21. @ Dr. Jawad Khan

    ‘against a qadiyani tv anchor person’

    Beta, He is not a Qadiyani. There is no evidence. It is as usual, a Tohmat.

    Which would mean that it is a Lie. Please resist the temptation to do this. It is not how a Good Muslim should conduct himself. No lying please.

  22. @Uncle Khilji!

    if not qadiyani then he may be a qadiyani supporter.
    What difference it makes.I found a qadiyani supporter more disgusting than qadiyani himself like Yassir Lateef Hamdani of Pak Tea House. When ever he talks about the religion, he sounds like under deep influence of “PAUWWA”.
    Same is true for you. You are not Shia(according to you) but have anger against Hazrat Ameer Muawiya(ra) as a “good will” and “support” for shias.
    What difference it makes.
    shah ka wafadar, wafadari men shah say ziyada hota hay.

  23. @ Dr. Jawwad…

    Firstly, you made a Tohmat against another Muslim without evidence that he is indeed a Qadiyani. So that intself is wrong.

    It might not make any difference for you but from an ethical and religious point of view it makes a huge difference.

    Please take a look at the difference between your angry self and my own words. I will never hate you because I believe in Talqeen and communication between Muslims that I agree with and Muslims that I dont agree with.
    If you wish for the Ummah to remain like it is. Sure go ahead. But if you want the Ummah to rise from the ashes then please stop this unholy Takfeer. Takfeer is also war against the Prophet PBUH son.

    I am no one’s blanket supporter.

    and I have no anger towards Muawiya RA. But he was not divine and was no Prophet or Nabi. A man. A man who made mistakes. I believe he made a mistake. That is my right and makes me commit no sin. We can learn from his good deeds as well as his mistakes.

    I have NOT expressed any anger towards him. You read that all by yourself and I can see that in your anger you dont realize it but you start to lie instantly. Please work on controlling your anger and listen and then respond. It will not kill you or anyone else.

    Furthermore, unlike you, I hate the idea of sects.

    while you are in love with Sects and the differences between Muslims, my own heart breaks when I see these differences and think to myself that instead of becoming one strong Ummah, we are scattered into little houses and are thus weak and insecure. That allows people to exploit us.
    Our current state maybe fine for you but it is not fine for me.

    Further more, My sympathies for Shia’s or anyone else are there merely because I have seen them getting killed in this country for a long time. They are a minority. Whenever you attack a Minority, that makes them close ranks and stick to their ideas with further force. It is upto the majority to make the minority feel safe. When they feel safe and cared for they will be open to your ideas and your messages as well.

    The same is the case with Ahmedi’s. You have every right to consider them as having strayed from Islam. But Beta, if you attack and persecute them it makes them stick harder to their beliefs. but…
    if you constantly preach positively. Carry out relentless Talqeen and show them that your heart is filled with brotherhood and you want them to come back to the right path then you will see a different result.
    But for that you need paitence and Sabr. Something that you dont have. Maybe you are young and this hate will one day evaporate from your heart. I dont know but I pray that Allah makes your heart big enough.

    Main sirf apnay Deen aur apnay Mulk ka wafadar hoon. Lekin tum to sirf firqawariyat aur takfeer kay wafadar ho.

    Tum wafadar ho un kay jo na rasool they aur na nabi hain. Main hoon wafadar apnay Allah SWT ka aur Us kay Habib SWA ka.

    Main ko mazhab, ko tafarka nahin manta nahin janta. Main sirf Momin hoon.

    Your words are disappointing to say the least. I pray that younger people like you cast aside any hate you have and embrace other Muslims if only to become stronger as an Ummah.

    • “Takfeer is also war against the Prophet PBUH”

      “The same is the case with AHMEDI” (amazing…. isn’t it? you are calling them ahmedi instead of qadiyani)

      “Furthermore, unlike you, I hate the idea of sects” (i suppose “jamat e ahmediya” is also a sect instead of a separate religion?)
      “Tum wafadar ho un kay jo na rasool they aur na nabi hain. Main hoon wafadar apnay Allah SWT ka aur Us kay Habib SWA ka.
      “Main ko mazhab, ko tafarka nahin manta nahin janta. Main sirf Momin hoon”

      “Your words are disappointing to say the least. I pray that younger people like you cast aside any hate you have and embrace OTHER MUSLIMS if only to become stronger as an Ummah”

      should i repeat what i have already said?
      No i shouldn’t…
      but i would say Mr.Khilji that kindly try to understand the religion you are following.Islam gives you a complete code of life. It gives you the rules to follow and a list of dos and donts.There is absolutely no problem when some one doesn’t follow the rules. You can make him understand with compassion and care and use advices with tender loving care.
      Problem arises when some one makes his own rules which are quite opposite and against the rules given by Allah(swt).This is the point when conflicts ignited and should ignite if there are sincere followers.
      My point is that compassion and care is only for those who believe but do not act.not for those who knowingly and willingly break the rules given by Allah(swt). its simple…isn’t it?


  25. thnx kashif bhai for valuable thought abt mubashir luqmaan.. think abt it…….
    be care al of u in those politician anker..that they raising a 25 anay issues in pak..huh

  26. i dont know why mubashir luqmaan continuate defend of qadyani mazhab..while another big muslims right issue still pending in…

    why mubashir luqman dont rais a missing person issues?????????


    the interesting term Luqman used is ” Marketing Islam ” 🙂 and thn added i am using modern terminology Marketing again 🙂 I wonder Dr.Israr (Late) ne usay tokka kiun nahi khair …with lack of subject matter and knowledge every 99% anchors just sit and start readin questions like we call ” Ratta ” jub hum school mai khoob ratta laga kar isay apni qabliyat samajhtai thai..:) 99% media is in control of the our enemy and they are playin well using all of us as a tool and victim both. we must counter that by atleast disussing it ..takai A’agahi aur Sha’oor tau kam se kam baidar ho logoun mai…Kadshif the Your articles have potential and depth to pierce into hearts of people and also worked as a mind openin tool ..please do keep writing …



  28. i think Khiji is right hamay zubaan achi hi ista’maal karna chahey aur yeh humai seekhaya gaya hai amal karain ya na karain yeh aik alag baat hai magar koshish karna aur apnai nafs se jihad sub se bara jihad hai …so plz avoid gali galooch …agar gali itna hi zaroori hai tau @*%*()#@@ likh dain bharas bhi nikal jaigee aur baat bhi puri hojaigee 😉

  29. agar gali itna hi zaroori hai tau @*%*()#@@ likh dain bharas bhi nikal jaigee aur baat bhi puri hojaigee

    Fantastic idea….
    Mubasgir luqman ki @*%*()#@@
    Qadiynion ki @*%*()#@@

  30. YLH ki @*%*()#@@

  31. 🙂 dr.saheb thats quick ..hahaha

  32. waisey in above comments sorry for my typin mistakes…bilawajeh the pata nahi kahan se agaya aur kashif ke naam ki spellin bhi …bhi mai one arm typist hun 🙂 my apologies…

  33. if u click on the above link u can understand the level of Luqman’s mentality, knowledge and wisdom …usin marketing term,
    strange comparisons and examples ! creatin confusions and fitna …Allah hidayat dai hum sub ko aur Luqman saheb ko …Aameen

  34. Assalāmu ῾alaykum wa Rahmatullāhi Wabarakātuh to all ,

    I need your comments about another serious matter Kashif and all members here please visit the link and see what Salman of Junoon sayin …now its our duty to respond all of us here …dr.jawwad, khilji u too also plz….


  35. i tried but my comments are not appeared there.

  36. dr.saheb @#$%^@ tau nahi likh dia tha kahien …:)

  37. dr.saheb kahien @#$%# tau nahi likh dia tha aap ne kahien 🙂

  38. no dear Amir, Not at all.
    The problem is that our so called paki liberals can not practice liberalism,freedom of speech and any opposition no matter how politely is done.
    You see the difference between the kashifiyat and Pak tea house( @#$%^@ ) or daily tribune(@#$%^@ )….Any potty mouth can say anything in kashifiyat but these low life liberals have zero tolerance for any argument against themselves.

  39. dr.saheb try again lot of interesting comments …

  40. Hummm !!! thats interesting… the forum was invaded by “brutal talibans” and all of sudden the environment has been changed…
    is your “conspiratory” hand behind that?? :))

  41. Apart from what mubashir has done, I do agree with the ayah of surah shura that indeed poets talk rubbish and so Iqbal…don’t you feel contradiction in his saying that
    khoodi ko kar buland itna k hur taqdeer say pehlay
    khuda banday say khud poochay bata teri raza kiya hay
    and on the other hand when Quad Azam asked people to return the title of SIR then it was Iqbal who denied giving the reason that he stipend will be stopped. some people go much more in the praise of Iqbal that they say that Iqbal’s poetry is tafseer of Quran…do rest of the ulamas have to write the tafseer of Quran that a drinker like Iqbal had to do this…Iqbal is controversal too because of his beliefs regarding Qadianis….as far as if someone wants to see Iqbal concept of Pakistan one can how mian yusuf Salahuddin (Iqbal’s grandson) wants to see Pakistan…Iqbal is not a God that we cant say anything against him….if we compare Iqbal as a ghazal poet does he has any comparison with the poets of his time like Hasrat Mohani….Iqbal never went to Jail and poets like Hasrat Mohani and other were kept in prison…In my view, Faiz is much greater poet than Iqbal….keep this in mind that Iqbal was a admirer of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani

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