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Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Secular Or Islamist?

In Pakistan History, Pakistan's Ideology on August 15, 2010 at 12:43 am

By Wajeeh Khan

On the Christmas Eve of 2009, there was a statement given by Haji Adeel that stood as the headline of the next morning newspapers. Haji Adeel of ANP made a statement against the Heroic character of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He said:

1. Pakistan was meant to be a secular state for all people of Pakistan.

2.  Quaid-e-Azam Mahomed Ali Jinnah did not name Pakistan an Islamic Republic.  Pakistan should become the Republic of Pakistan.

3.  Quaid-e-Azam and Bacha Khan both believed in secularism.

4.   Denying Non-Muslims of Pakistan the right to become president or prime minister is discriminatory, wrong and against the basic principle of Pakistan.

This is not the first time that this kind of conspiracy has been done against Quaid-e-Azam. It has always been a hot topic right from the days he was striving to get Pakistan. It is really unfortunate that even the people belonging to Pakistan are now speaking against the heroic personality.

In 1979, late Chief Justice Muhammad Munir wrote a book named “From Jinnah to Zia” in which he claimed that Quaid-e-Azam never wanted an Islamic state rather he was asking for a secular state of Pakistan. Thankfully, Saleena Kareem has put forward an ultimate rebuttal to this book of Muhammad Munir. Her book’s name is “Secular Jinnah: Munir’s Big Hoax Exposed”.

“The new state would be a modern democratic state with sovereignty resting in the people and the members of the new nation having equal rights of citizenship regardless of religion, caste or creed.” Mr. Munir claims that these are the words of the Quaid from an interview to Reuters’ Doon Campbell. In reality these words appear nowhere in that particular interview, and in fact they appear nowhere at all (I(Saleena Kareem) spent years checking)”

It is really very unfortunate that a misconception is created about the Heroic Islamic personalities over and again. Just because of these misconceptions, the mind of our new generations are so diverted that they ask us WHETHER OR NOT QUAID WAS A MUSLIM?”

This topic has always been in the air. People belonging to no matter what religion or country have been talking about this issue for so long. But its really heart-rending to hear people belonging to Pakistan and Islam saying that Quaid was secular and wanted a secular country.

In response to Haji Adeel, S M Zafar said that Jinnah wanted equality of citizenship and freedom of religion and if that is amounted to secularism,  Jinnah was secular. He however said that under a parliamentary democracy there is nothing wrong with limiting the office of president to Muslims.   However there was no justification for any other office being closed to non-Muslims.

This is indeed the truth. Because actually Muslims are the only ones who actually believe in equality. If the rights to be president were given to Non-Muslims, probably, Pakistan would not have survived. And it is already clear from the era of Sub-continent that Hindus would never work in favor of Pakistan. Pakistan has never been secular but if the rights of presidency were given to the Non-Muslims, it would have been secular within a few years of its creation.

How is history distorted in Pakistan and given a spin to suit the Islamists is perhaps indicated by Aaj TV’s “Blackbox documentary” on Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan.   Jinnah had said‘The tolerance and goodwill that the Emperor Akbar showed to all the non-Muslims is not of recent origin. It dates back to thirteen centuries ago when our Prophet not only by words but by deeds treated the Jews and Christians after he had conquered them with the utmost tolerance and regard and respect for their faith and beliefs’

Aaj TV translated this as Shahinshah Akbar nay jo rawadari ghair muslimo ko dikhai wo hamaray liye namoona nahi

Its nothing more than a stigma on AAJ TV.

It is indeed illitration. I believe it is just because of lack of knowledge about the true life of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. If we look towards the life of Muhammed Ali Jinnah, we will realize that he was a true Muslim of firm faith and character.

We do not demand Pakistan simply to have a piece of land but we want a laboratory where we could experiment on Islamic principles.”(Address at Islamia College Peshawar 1946).

“The constitution of Pakistan will exactly be in accordance to the Islamic Principles”.

“Allah almighty has told us that our decisions regarding to the state will be governed under the light of Quran and Hadith”.

These are some of the qoutes of Quaid-e-Azam which are enough to prove that he had strong belief in Islam. He was not at all secular neither he wanted to create a secular Pakistan.

Apart from these quotations, there are several hundred other quotations proving Muhammad Ali Jinnah to be a Muslim. For instance, Jinnah’s Namaz e Jannazah were led by one of the most famous scholar of that time, Molana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani. Even at that time, there was a lot of rumours about Quaid being secular. So everyone was astonished to know that Molana Shabbir led his Namaz e Jannazah and criticized him. Then he told everyone, that the night before he saw Prophet (S.A.W) in his dream who told him that Jinnah was his companion.

Before his death, in July 1948, in the opening ceremony of State Bank, Jinnah stated that State bank is so important not only for Paksitan but for the entire Muslim world as it is going to establish an Islamic system of banking. Before his arrival to this ceremony, he was really sick and was in a miserable condition. Despite the doctors warning, Jinnah proceeded to the opening ceremony of State bank and advised the nation not to adopt the Western economic system as it was unable to solve the problems of mankind and advised them to lead the system according to the principles of Islam.

This is basically a misconception that Quaid was secular. From the above discussion, it is clear that Jinnah was purely Muslim and called for an Islamic state. From another point of view, it is also a conspiracy. There are several people set out to create misconception about the heroic Islamic personalities so that the new generation would never be able to know their actual worth. Even after 62 years, our youngsters ask us what did Quaid e Azam want? What was his moto? Why did he create Pakistan? What was his role? What was his character?

Is it not enough to prove that Quaid had firm faith in Islam that in England, to study law, he chose Lincoln Inn university just because at its door, he read it written that Muhammad (S.A.W) is the greatest law maker of this world.

These are just misconceptions and conspiracies. Its just that the words of Quaid are interpreted wrongly. His intellectual thoughts are not easily understandable. The way he talked to different kind of peoples and the things he said have deep meanings.

All we need to do is to concern to the intellectuals before spreading these kind of rumors about Jinnah. Becuase a stigma to him is an stigma to all of us. He was our great leader. And we are supposed to pay respect to him. Stand firmly against anyone who say such rubbish about our heroes.

Source : http://thedeepsilence.com/?p=327

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    • so y didnt he announce khilafah, y he continuously used the word DEMOCRACY for Pakistan???

    • I personally believe that Mr. Jinnah was not a Muslim at all, because if he would have been a Muslim there shouldn’t have been too much controversies regarding his creeds & faith. Furthermore, if the Muslims of subcontinent required their separate homeland where they could practice Islam without any difficulty what so ever, after acquiring it, this country should be declared as an Islamic state without any ambiguities of secularism, and where the government should not be a democratic one, instead a Khilafat would be ruling the country. As far as the personality of Mr. Jinnah is concerned he was a good human being, even better than most of the Muslims present in today’s world. Because what ever he did in the struggle of Pakistan is commendable, but Mr. Jinnah didn’t last long and ever since Muslims are running this state, and what ever we are doing now a days with our beloved country is shameful and proves that this nation never deserved an independent state, and Mr. Jinnah has nothing to do with this shameful era of more than sixty years.

  2. Kashif sahab, I find it hard to believe that Aaj TV can make such an error in translation. Every year this topic is made an issue in the media. We have to realize that is not a random occurrence. This is a well-planned, concerted effort on part of the secular/liberal brown sahibs who are in cohorts with America and the West to undermine Pakistan’s ideological basis. They seek to misinform Pakistan’s youth and are really trying tooth and nail to sow doubts in their minds as to the unique Islamic identity of Pakistan. An identity which hundreds of thousands of Muslims gave their lives to acquire. These secularists are given disproportionate air-time in Pakistan’s media and this is most definitely on purpose under the auspices of our “allies” in the West, notably the U.S. We must counteract these attacks on our nation’s identity with equal fervour by educating the people of Pakistan about the pains our ancestors went through to realize that was Pakistan. The dream of Mufakkir-e-Pakistan, Allama Iqbal.

    Pakistan is the only Muslim country in existence today that was built FOR Islam. There is absolutely no other ideological basis for Pakistan’s existence. As I posted in another blog, similar to yours, year after year, these secular elites try to shove down the throats of Pakistanis the idea of Pakistan as a “state for Muslims” as opposed to an “Islamic state”. Doing this, in effect, these people make a mockery of the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Muslims which made Pakistan possible with the help of the Almighty. The real questions to be asked of these misguided secularists when confronting them are:

    1) Why Pakistan? What was the need for establishing a separate state for Muslims in partitioning India if an Islamic state was not the raison d’etre of Pakistan?

    2) Are Muslims not living in India as Muslims? Do they not enjoy all the legal rights of Muslims? Then, why Pakistan?

    3) Islam is a deen. This means that it encompasses all aspects of human life: social, political, economic. This is the Islam explained in the Qur’an and this is the only picture of Islam that makes sense when we study the life of the Prophet. Can you refute this?

    4) Have you not learned from the ills of capitalist-secular democracies that secularism is NOT the way forward for human beings? Is objectifying women to the point of making them mere sex-symbols an advancement of human civilization? In what moral way does it liberate women? Is interest-based capitalism the way forward for economic systems worldwide that have been devastated, thanks to the blessings of interest-based capitalism?

    5) Can you deny the advances Muslims made under Islamic caliphates? Many of these “caliphates” were not even lawful in the Islamic sense as they were Islamic dynasties portraying their rules as caliphates. Still, Muslims made great leaps in science, philosophy, arts under such regimes. Why is this not possible today? Moreover, why is this not possible under lawful Islamic states that Muslims wish to establish today?

  3. Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Secular Or Islamist? « Kashifiat's Blog…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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